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Daily | 14 Day
« General Hospital (HD, New, TV-14) Ava starts to become desperate; Julian realizes that his actions bear consequences; Nelle distances herself from Michael.
Steve Harvey (HD, TV-PG)
The NOW Cleveland (HD)
News 5 at 5pm (HD)

Daily | 14 Day
« Quincy, M.E. The Shadow of Death (TV-PG) After a nurse is found murdered, Quincy searches for the identity of the killer while also trying to help the victim's distraught roommate cope with depression.
Murder, She Wrote Thicker Than Water (TV-PG) Sheriff Mort Metzger turns to Jessica for help after his kid brother Wayne is named the prime suspect in the murder of his employer.
Murder, She Wrote Lines of Excellence (TV-PG) Jessica enrolls in an elite computer school; however, it turns out to be a user-unfriendly nest of jealousy, blackmail and murder.
Little House on the Prairie Blind Journey, Part 2 (TV-PG) Harriet Oleson travels to help move Adam and Mary's school for the blind to Walnut Grove in hopes that the school's new associate is a socialite.

Daily | 14 Day
Spin City Goodbye, Part 1 (TV-14) Mike goes to a therapist to discuss his relationship problems; the Mayor's political career is jeopardized by Nikki's newest boyfriend.
Grace Under Fire Sleeping Together (TV-14) Rick and Grace decide to take their relationship to another level and spend the night together, but they second-guess their decision for fear of commitment.
Grace Under Fire Emmet's Secret (TV-14) Rick and Grace have a getaway weekend in St. Louis, where they visit a gay bar and find Emmet and his friend, Danny.
Empty Nest There's No Accounting (TV-PG) Barbara finds it difficult to appreciate her new boyfriend's propensity to show great amounts of affection, but Carol becomes a big fan of it.
Empty Nest Barbara the Mom (TV-PG) Barbara has difficulty relating to her friend's little children; Carol gets into trouble during a volunteer project observing Panda Bears.
Grounded for Life Day Tripper (TV-14) Lily conspires to get even with Brad by crushing his new girlfriend's chances of becoming the first female on the school's football team.

Daily | 14 Day
Family Feud (New, TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.
T.D. Jakes (HD, TV-G) Bishop T.D. Jakes discusses modern social topics, including relationships, finances and health and provides a unique perspective on surviving in today's world.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (HD, New, TV-PG) Musician Demi Lovato discusses her mental health awareness campaign "Be Vocal"; a seven-year-old former guest returns to the show.
Dr. Phil Neighbor Shooting: Self-Defense or an Angry Husband Out for Revenge? (HD, New, TV-PG) The residents of a Texas suburb were shocked and stunned by a violent shootout in a quiet neighborhood; a man named Hector Campos shot his neighbor.

Daily | 14 Day
« Crime Watch Daily (HD, New, TV-PG) A college professor who went to prison for the murder of his wife is released; a nurse who was accused of patient abuse manages to stay employed.
Judge Judy Stealing Power!; Rats in the House! (HD, New, TV-G) A woman who was left homeless after a water heater and copper piping was stolen from her home sues her landlord for emotional distress.
Judge Judy Voter Fraud and Rabbits?!; Judge Reveals Secret to Living Longer! (HD, New, TV-G) Claims of voter fraud and stolen pets come into play when a woman and her foster child settle their dispute in court; liability damages are disputed.
FOX 8 News at 4PM (HD, New) The day's top news headlines are examined by the FOX 8 News Team, along with the local events, sports, weather, traffic and other timely updates.
FOX 8 News at 5PM (HD, New) The latest news events of the day are examined by the FOX 8 Evening News Team, along with up-to-the-minute business updates, sports, weather and traffic.

Daily | 14 Day
« The Talk (HD, New, TV-14) Actress Laverne Cox from "Doubt"; "Top Talker" and "Entertainment Tonight" host Cameron Mathison.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (New, TV-PG) An unending series of contestants make use of three unique lifelines as they attempt to answer increasingly difficult trivia questions.
Jeopardy! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A returning champion and two challengers test their buzzer skills and their knowledge in a wide range of academic and popular categories.
Cleveland 19 News at 4PM (New)
Cleveland 19 News at 5PM (New)

Daily | 14 Day
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Name that Sound; Fabulous Feathers (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) The Cat's cricket friend teaches the kids how crickets make noise; Sally needs feathers for her hat, so the kids visit a peacock and learn about feathers.
Curious George George's Home Run; Monkey on Ice (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) George steps in as a pinch runner for Marco after he is injured during their Little League game; George builds an igloo that leaves him freezing cold.
Clifford the Big Red Dog The Kibble Crook; Screaming for Ice Cream (HD, TV-Y) T-Bone lies about eating all of Cleo's new dog food; Emily throws an ice cream party to help Charley deal with his father being away.
Arthur Arthur Read: Super Saver!; Tibbles to the Rescue! (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Arthur begins to worry about his family's financial situation, so he looks for ways to help his parents save money; D.W. helps Tommy and Timmy.
WordGirl Win a Shiny New Car; The People vs. Ms. Question (HD, Repeat, TV-Y7) Becky attempts to save her mother from being tricked on a new game show; WordGirl confuses a lawyer and helps her mother carry out personal justice.
Wild Kratts Chameleons on Target (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) When a lemur steals one of Aviva's inventions, the Kratt brothers use the unique abilities of the chameleon to get the device back.

Daily | 14 Day
« The People's Court (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) A frenzy caused by the act of renting tuxedos.
Hot Bench Stabbing, Stealing and Smoking Crack?! (HD, New, TV-G) A stabbing claim between a sister and a sister-in-law results in accusations of drug use in the back seat of a car.
Hot Bench Sexually Frustrated Frying Pan Assault?! (HD, New, TV-G) A man claims that he was assaulted by a woman that he and his five teenage daughters had moved in with, but she claims he owed her thousands of dollars.
Judge Mathis (HD, New, TV-PG) A man is suing the mother of their child and claims that she was not giving their daughter her medication and that he had to call Child Protective Services.
The People's Court (HD, New, TV-PG) That state of a vehicle's fender brings about boiling anger.

Daily | 14 Day
Justice with Judge Mablean
The Robert Irvine Show The Engagement Is Off Until I Know the Truth (TV-14) A woman must prove that she hasn't cheated before her fiance will agree to return her engagement ring.
Lauren Lake's Paternity Court
Lauren Lake's Paternity Court
The King of Queens Gorilla Warfare (TV-PG) Doug tries to compose a romantic poem after Carrie discovers the line he spoke to win her heart was actually embarrassing dialogue from a second-rate movie.
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