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Daily | 14 Day
« Jimmy Kimmel Live (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Actress Emily Blunt from "Mary Poppins Returns"; actor Taron Egerton from "Robin Hood"; musical guest Kane Brown performs.
Nightline (HD, TV-PG)
Page Six TV (HD, TV-PG) The hosts share a daily dose of entertainment gossip and news from politics, finance, real estate, culture and media with contributing experts and insiders.
Access (HD, TV-PG) Actor Michael B. Jordan; actress Viola Davis; "ACCESS Loves the '90s" series: Destiny's Child.
Right This Minute (HD, TV-PG) The interactive news program presents video from eyewitnesses around the world, revealing the latest in dramatic, thought-provoking, social and popular events.
ABC World News Now (HD) ABC News' overnight news transmission features breaking news from across the globe as well as ongoing tête-à-têtes on issues both significant and mundane.

Daily | 14 Day
« The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (TV-14, PG, ***) A drifter builds a saloon in a desolate part of old west Texas and then creates a town around it, appointing himself the town judge and ruling by fiat.
The Left-Handed Gun (TV-14, NR, **+) After his employer at a cattle ranch is murdered by a corrupt sheriff and his henchmen, an uneducated young man vows vengeance and becomes Billy the Kid.

Daily | 14 Day
That '70s Show Winter (TV-14) Kitty gets into hot water with the social elite of her Christmas event when Kelso accidentally nabs a box of donated toys at the precinct.
That '70s Show Don't Lie to Me (TV-14) Jackie constructs an elaborate hoax about being engaged to Fez after meeting a woman with the perfect life; Donna and Eric conspire to ruin Kelso's romance.
That '70s Show Can't You Hear Me Knocking (TV-14) The guys are convinced the government is spying on them after Kelso makes an ill-timed phone call to the White House; Donna attends Jackie's karate class.
That '70s Show Street Fighting Man (TV-14) Red's rowdy behavior at a Packers game causes the gang to be ejected from the stadium; Jackie and Hyde try to work through their emotional issues.
The Drew Carey Show Drew in Court (TV-14) Drew struggles to stay afloat in a work environment gone mad as his harassment suit approaches, still resolved to represent himself before the law.
The Drew Carey Show Lewis' Sister (TV-14) Confusion sets in when Janet, Lewis's sister and an old crush of Drew's, moves back to Cleveland; Drew and Kate try to work around their "no-dating" policy.

Daily | 14 Day
« The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (HD, New, TV-14) Actor Michael Shannon; comic Tig Notaro; musical guests The Struts and Kesha perform.
Late Night with Seth Meyers (HD, New, TV-14) Actor Stanley Tucci; musical guest Pale Waves performs; drummer Caitlin Kalafus sits-in with the 8G Band.
Last Call with Carson Daly (HD, New, TV-14) Country music singer Martina McBride; "22 July" stars Jonas Strand Gravli and Seda Witt; musical guest Barns Courtney performs.
Sister Circle (HD, New, TV-14) Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson from "Chad Loves Michelle"; "Family Thanksgiving Recipe Week" continues with a recipe from Trina and her mom Evelyn Braxton.

Daily | 14 Day
Two and a Half Men A Lungful of Alan (HD, TV-14) A female friend from Alan's high school days arrives in town and does her best to force the two brothers to compete for her affections.
Seinfeld The Betrayal (HD, TV-PG) Elaine and the gang head to India to attend a wedding; Jerry betrays George by sleeping with his prospective girlfriend; Kramer grapples with a malignant wish.
FOX 8 News at 10PM (HD, Repeat) Late breaking news events and top stories of the day are updated by the FOX 8 Nightly News Team along with the latest weather and tomorrow's forecast.
Seinfeld The Raincoats, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Kramer makes a new deal with Jerry's father to sell beltless raincoats to a secondhand clothing shop; Elaine's latest boyfriend talks strangely.
Live PD: Police Patrol Live PD: Police Patrol #184 (HD, TV-14) Viewers are given an unfiltered look at the daily life-and-death situations law enforcement officers face in cities and towns across America.

Daily | 14 Day
« The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (HD, New, TV-14) Actor-comic Ricky Gervais; journalist Bianna Golodryga from "CBS This Morning"; chef Flynn McGarry.
The Late Late Show with James Corden (HD, New, TV-14) Actress Melissa McCarthy; actor Richard E. Grant; actor Mark Wahlberg tries comedy; comic Ian Karmel performs.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
CBS Overnight News (New) The latest overnight updates on national news are presented by the CBS Overnight News team, along with weather forecasts and updates on sport events.

Daily | 14 Day
« Amanpour and Company (HD, New) Host Christiane Amanpour has wide-ranging, in-depth conversations with leaders and influencers about politics, business, technology, art, science and sports.
Ideas (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Presented is a news report that explains the stories and events and serves as a source of information about subjects that are important to people in Ohio.
Nature A Squirrel's Guide to Success (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Top squirrel scientists make groundbreaking discoveries, revealing the incredible memory of the fox squirrel and the gray squirrel's usefulness in robotics.
NOVA Thai Cave Rescue (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The remarkable story of how a Thai boys' soccer team got trapped in a cave system and how rescuers miraculously rescued all 12 boys and their coach is told.

Daily | 14 Day
Mom Six Thousand Bootleg T-Shirts and a Prada Handbag (HD, TV-14) After realizing she can't cover the cost of needed vehicle repairs, Christy ends up making a new friend with even bigger personal problems.
TMZ (HD, New, TV-PG) The companion to popular website presents the latest news and gossip about celebrities' lives, including births, deaths, couplings and breakups.
Dateline Poison (HD, TV-14) When a successful lawyer suddenly vanishes, the authorities uncover a secret love triangle involving a mysterious occurrence and a secret identity.
Dateline Written in Blood (HD, TV-14) A message written in blood is the only clue investigators have to learn who stabbed a woman to death, and it's up to a forensic specialist to solve the mystery.

Daily | 14 Day
Pawn Stars The Offer (TV-PG) The guys view a custom 1956 Chevy drag racing car; Chumlee may be volunteered to test a magician's "saw" box; Corey's days at the shop may be numbered.
Dish Nation (TV-14) Radio teams from across the U.S. allow cameras to film their daily broadcasts in order to capture headlines, pop culture talks and candid moments.
Cops (TV-PG) When an injured suspect sees an opportunity, the chase is on; a man tries bossing around the officers when he's caught with a number of unpleasant items.
Cops (TV-PG) When an injured suspect sees an opportunity, the chase is on; a man tries bossing around the officers when he's caught with a number of unpleasant items.
Divorce Court Council vs. Peoples (TV-PG) A man who has been fired from two jobs over allegations of sexual misconduct says he's innocent of the charges, but his fiancée, Tasha, doesn't believe him.
The Verdict with Judge Hatchett (TV-PG) Judge Glenda Hatchett presides over a small-claims court, listening to the case from all sides before determining what is truthful and making a final judgement.
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