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Programs for WVIZ-DT1 on Monday, November 18, 2019
12:00 AM
Austin City Limits Kane Brown; Colter Wall (HD, New, TV-PG) Country singer Kane Brown plays hits from his album "Experiment"; Canadian Colter Wall sings cowboy and Western songs from his LP "Songs of the Plains."
1:00 AM
Masterpiece Poldark V (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Demelza discovers that the French are smuggling arms; Ross is determined to get revenge; Caroline puts her insecurities aside so that she can support Kitty.
2:00 AM
Masterpiece Poldark V (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Several months later, with their lives on the line, Ross and his friends must launch their most daring plan yet in order to save themselves and the country.
3:00 AM
Prince Charles at 70 (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Filmmaker John Bridcut observes the life of Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British throne, by following him over the course of 2018.
4:00 AM
In Their Own Words Queen Elizabeth II (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The life of Queen Elizabeth II is explored through intimate interviews, a look at historic moments from her reign and some of her most memorable quotes.
5:00 AM
The Great British Baking Show Masterclass 4 (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Mary and Paul bake challenges from the final weeks of the competition; wheat-free rye loaf; pretzels; Sussex pond pudding; religieuse; opera cake.
6:00 AM
Let's Go Luna! Stairway to Art Day; Melvini Madness (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Andy helps fix the stairs of a family trailer; Carmen meets with a ranger in the Tijuca Rainforest, and she discovers that butterflies can be strong and mighty.
6:30 AM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Dress Up Day; Bathtime (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Nick and Sally play dress up, but Sally accidently tears her princess dress, the children decide to play in the mud and get extremely dirty.
7:00 AM
Odd Squad Drop Gadget Repeat; 20 Questions (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) When the agents get stuck in a time loop, they must figure out how to escape; when a villain creates a backwards bubble, the agents get 20 questions to stop it.
7:30 AM
Ready Jet Go! Solar System Bake-Off; Kid-Kart Derby (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Mindy and Carrot prepare desserts based on the solar system for a cooking competition; a rival has suspicions about the engine that Jet built.
8:00 AM
Pinkalicious & Peterrific Face Painting; Sailing Away (Repeat, TV-G) Pinkalicious discovers that her face paint won't wipe off in time for Picture Day; Pinkalicious and Peter's teddy bears float away in homemade paper boats.
8:30 AM
Curious George Where's the Firedog?; Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) George's canine friend is always running way, which leads to a stay at the animal shelter; the singing germ is back, and the Man comes down with a cold.
9:00 AM
Peg + Cat The Allergy Problem; I Do What I Can: The Musical! (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Cat leaves home, so Peg teams up with Ramone in order to find her friend; Peg and Cat present a show about a boy who accomplished 30 great things.
9:30 AM
Sid the Science Kid A Rainbow Every Day! (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) After a heavy rain, Sid sees a rainbow in the sky, but it quickly disappears; Sid and his friends decide to study the science behind rainbows.
10:00 AM
Sesame Street Mechanics in Space (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Rudy begins to pretend that he is an alien from outer space, but he needs Abby and Elmo's mechanical help when his spaceship won't start.
10:30 AM
Nature Cat Garden Impossible; Agents of the Great Outdoors (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Daisy helps Petunia build a garden in the city so that she can join a gardening club; the gang go on a mission to find out if animals talk to each other.
11:00 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood It's Love Day!; Daniel's Love Day Surprise (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Daniel and his friends celebrate Love Day with cards, songs, dances and jokes; to show his grandpa how much he loves him, Daniel hides hearts for him to find.
11:30 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood It's Time to Go; Daniel Doesn't Want to Stop Playing (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) It is time to go home, but Katerina and Daniel don't want to stop playing; Daniel is playing with his trolley and doesn't want to stop to work on his project.
12:00 PM
Dinosaur Train Shiny and Snakes; Tiny Loves Flowers (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Shiny tries to overcome her fear of snakes when she is challenged to confront a Sanajeh; Tiny's buttercups wilt, so Mom takes her to Big Pond to find more.
12:30 PM
Splash and Bubbles Lights Out!; Catching Some ZZZs (HD, Repeat, TV-G) When Lu's light goes out, the kids decide to show her a world filled with light; when Bubbles finds out that Zee is nocturnal, she tries to stay awake with her.
1:00 PM
Super Why! Mathis' Book of Why (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Pig and Princess scan the sky for rainbows but they can't figure out where they are and why they cannot find them, and the gang jumps into the Book of Why.
1:30 PM
Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum (HD, New, TV-Y) As three young friends encounter problems, they turn to the Secret Museum, which allows them to travel back in time to learn from real historical figures.
2:00 PM
Sesame Street Walking the Dog (HD, New, TV-Y) Elmo wants to be a dog walker just like Grover, so his friends help him practice by pretending to be different kinds of dogs.
2:30 PM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! The Search for String; Mirror Mirror (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) The piece of string that Nick and Sally are pulling their train with breaks; Nick and Sally want to watch a bird build a nest, but they can't get close to it.
3:00 PM
Curious George George Meets Allie-Whoops!; Hundley's Great Escape (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) George shows Mrs. Renkins' granddaughter what it means to be a monkey; Hundley wants to return a baby's toy, but George wants to play.
3:30 PM
Clifford the Big Red Dog Cleo Comes to Town; False Friends (HD, TV-Y) Cleo remembers back to when she first moved to Birdwell Island; Cleo decides to ignore Clifford and T-Bone in favor of spending time with a new friend.
4:00 PM
Arthur The Director's Cut; Crime and Consequences (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) After meeting a film director, George decides to make his own movie; George inadvertently breaks the class' woodworking project, but Binky gets blamed for it.
4:30 PM
WordGirl The Wrong Side of the Law, Part 1; The Wrong Side of the Law, Part 2 (HD, Repeat, TV-Y7) A criminal convinces the police that WordGirl stole a collection of figurines, and she must prove her innocence before going after the real culprit.
5:00 PM
Molly of Denali Sap Season; Book of Mammoths (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Auntie Midge, Molly and Tooey get stranded on water with barrels of sap; inspired by a questionable book, a tourist sets out to find a living woolly mammoth.
5:30 PM
Wild Kratts Seahorse Rodeo (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) The Kratts are investigating a herd of seahorses they found near a coral reef when they discover that Donita is hoping to include them in her new fashion trend.
6:00 PM
The PBS NewsHour (HD, New) Highly regarded anchors and senior correspondents present a commercial-free hour of in-depth reporting on various significant occurrences around the world.
7:00 PM
Nightly Business Report (HD, New, TV-G) Susie Gharib and Tyler Mathisen talk with leading business experts and look at up-to-date market reports, company information and economic news.
7:30 PM
Rick Steves' Europe Milan and Lake Como (Repeat, TV-G) Rick Steves travels to Italy where he takes a look at fashion, diners, cemeteries and opera houses in Milan and a lake side village on Lake Como.
8:00 PM
Antiques Roadshow Orlando (HD, Repeat, TV-G) The appraisers value a 1946 photo and prints signed by Albert Einstein, an Agassiz pendant watch, circa 1905, and a gold-and-bronze Chinese vase, circa 1850.
9:00 PM
American Masters N. Scott Momaday (HD, New, TV-PG) Pulitzer Prize-winning author and poet N. Scott Momaday became a formative voice for the Native American Renaissance with his novel "House Made of Dawn."
10:30 PM
The Art Detectives Belfast (Repeat, TV-14) Art detective Bendor Grosvenor and art historian Jacky Klein research the history behind unattributed works of art to figure out who created them.
11:30 PM
Amanpour and Company (HD, New) Host Christiane Amanpour has wide-ranging, in-depth conversations with leaders and influencers about politics, business, technology, art, science and sports.
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