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Programs for WVIZ-DT1 on Sunday, June 24, 2018
12:00 AM
Alvin Ailey American Dance (HD, Repeat, TV-G) At the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performs "Revelations," "Chroma," "Grace" and "Takademe."
2:00 AM
Songs at the Center Light (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Music group Light performs selections of "Gallery of Echoes," a media production that includes original music, fine art, videos and a spoken word.
2:30 AM
Sun Studio Sessions The Country Duo (Repeat, TV-PG) Up-and-coming bands and musicians perform at the Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, where legendary performers recorded their timeless hits.
3:00 AM
The Kate Barb Jungr (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Award-winning British singer Barn Jungr performs her take on healing songs arranged with help from respected jazz pianist Laurence Hobgood.
4:00 AM
Front And Center Sheryl Crow (HD, New, TV-G) Nine-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow celebrates her return to the stage with a performance in the Iridium in New York City.
5:00 AM
Antiques Roadshow Omaha (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A Humphreys' medicine cabinet, an oil painting by the artist Gregoire Boonzaier from 1939 and an archive of Mormon books from the mid-1800s are appraised.
6:00 AM
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Learning, Part 3 (HD, TV-Y) Mister Rogers hangs a chain that is made from paper in the kitchen and living room; Lady Aberlin believes she may have found the source of the wind.
6:30 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood It's Love Day!; Daniel's Love Day Surprise (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Daniel and his friends celebrate Love Day with cards, songs, dances and jokes; to show his grandpa how much he loves him, Daniel hides hearts for him to find.
7:00 AM
Curious George George's Photo Finish; Monkey Mystery Gift (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) A dinosaur skeleton is missing four bones, and Mr. Quint's pictures may help George find them; George and Allie try to guess what is inside a box.
7:30 AM
Cyberchase Totally Rad (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Digit acts as the coach, when the kids decide to challenge the extreme team to a skate-off after the Hacker declares himself king.
8:00 AM
Nature Cat Ocean Commotion, Part 2 (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) While Hal celebrates the three-year anniversary of the day he got his favorite chew toy, Nature Cat accidentally drops the toy down the storm drain.
8:30 AM
Sesame Street Abby Helps Clear Things Up (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Prince Charming is forced to see the eye doctor, but he quickly becomes very anxious about going and Abby helps him deal with his fears.
9:00 AM
Splash and Bubbles One Big Ocean: Parts 1 and 2 (HD, Repeat, TV-G) The Reeftown kids ride the currents across the ocean to help a young sea turtle, learning along the way about the interconnectivity of all creatures.
9:30 AM
Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick Alec Byrne: London Rock, The Unseen Archives (New, TV-G) Host Barry Kibrick showcases the never-before-seen work of Alec Byrne, who managed to capture iconic images of legendary musicians.
10:00 AM
City Club Forum (New, TV-G) Business leaders, religious experts, authors and other panelists take and answer unfiltered and unrehearsed questions from a live audience.
11:00 AM
Ideas (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Presented is a news report that explains the stories and events and serves as a source of information about subjects that are important to people in Ohio.
11:30 AM
Second Opinion: Taking Charge of Your Health Care Drug Overdose (Repeat, TV-PG) Dr. Peter Salgo discusses the topic of drug addiction with a panel of medical doctors, and a couple whose son died of a heroin overdose.
12:00 PM
The State of Ohio (New, TV-G) Host Karen Kasler presents the most recent news about taxes, voting, education and other topics, featuring interviews with leaders, experts and citizens.
12:30 PM
Applause (Repeat, TV-G) The region's cultural and artistic landscapes are explored through live performances, on-location reports and interviews with artists and cultural groups.
1:00 PM
The This Old House Hour (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A homeowner inherits her childhood home; Mike Rowe discusses the need for skilled tradespeople; Richard installs a new type of water softener.
2:00 PM
Rick Steves' Europe Venice and its Lagoon (Repeat, TV-G) Venice was named "The Most Serenely Beautiful One" because of its seductive charm found in its art treasures, back-street wonders, and famous lagoon.
2:30 PM
Weekends with Yankee Labors of Love (HD, New, TV-G) Hosts Richard Wiese and Amy Traverso explore the most popular tourist destinations in New England, from cities to countryside locales.
3:00 PM
Roadtrip Nation: Beating the Odds (HD, New, TV-PG) Three roadtrippers speak with professionals in education, sports, music and politics to find out how they achieved their personal and professional goals.
4:00 PM
Earthcaster (HD, Repeat, TV-G)
5:00 PM
Doc Martin Sickness and Health (Repeat, TV-PG) Martin and Louisa enjoy a lovely wedding ceremony and delight in their honeymoon suite; Ruth gets baby advice from the always well-read Mike.
6:00 PM
PBS NewsHour Weekend Famed Skater Tony Hawk Turns 50 (HD, New) Soon after celebrating his 50th birthday, skateboarding icon Tony Hawk speaks with Christopher Booker about his legacy and the experience of getting older.
6:30 PM
BBC Newsnight BBC reporters and correspondents provide news reports and market forecasts, conducting in-depth analysis of current events and rigid interviews of politicians.
7:00 PM
Masterpiece Downton Abbey III (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The residents must deal with the Irish civil war and the battle for women's suffrage; Anna and Bates are kept apart from each other by a mystifying conspiracy.
8:00 PM
Masterpiece Poldark II (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) George launches his second plan to dispose of Ross; Jud pays dearly for his treachery; Francis and his cousin discover that they share certain ideas.
9:00 PM
Masterpiece Endeavour V: Muse (HD, New, TV-14) A Fabergé egg attracts an international thief; Morse and Thursday investigate a series of gruesome deaths; Endeavour struggles to mentor a detective constable.
10:30 PM
Secrets of Scotland Yard (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Modern-day sleuths within Scotland Yard reveal what it takes to become a detective, and later, shocking details of past detectives are uncovered.
11:30 PM
20 Seconds of Courage: Fighting The Opioid Addiction In Rural Ohio (HD, Repeat)
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