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Programs for WVIZ-DT1 on Wednesday, February 21, 2018
12:00 AM
We'll Meet Again Freedom Summer (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Fatima wants to thank Thelma for having courage in the face of racism; Sherie searches for a friend who inspired her to fight for social justice.
1:00 AM
Frontline Bitter Rivals: Iran and Saudi Arabia Part 1 (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The revolution in Iran, the reaction in Saudi Arabia, and the wars in Afghanistan, Lebanon and Iraq fuel a dangerous rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
3:00 AM
The This Old House Hour (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Liz and Norm lay composite decking; the team installs a quartz countertop; Roger tends to a freshly seeded lawn; Tom visits a computer-based workshop.
4:00 AM
Rick Steves' Europe Southeast England (Repeat, TV-G) Rick explores the southeast coast of England, where he visits Canterbury's famous cathedral, Dover's Roman foundation, and Portsmouth's historic ships.
4:30 AM
A Craftsman's Legacy The Basket Weaver (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Host Eric Gorges pays a visit to basket weaver Ron Paquin, who teaches others the fine craft of bark basket weaving, and together he and Eric build baskets.
5:00 AM
The Great British Baking Show Pastry (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The last six bakers in the competition are tasked with reinterpreting suet puddings, preparing choux buns filled with pastry cream and creating puffed pastries.
6:00 AM
Sid the Science Kid Shadow Smile! (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Sid begins to wonder why his shadow does not have eyes and a face, so he and his friends decide to investigate shadows at The Science Center.
6:30 AM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Dress Up Day; Bathtime (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Nick and Sally play dress up, but Sally accidently tears her princess dress, the children decide to play in the mud and get extremely dirty.
7:00 AM
Odd Squad The Cherry-On-Top-Inator; Sir (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) The agents recall a time when a beloved gadget helped them with a sticky situation; the agents bring someone with an odd problem back to headquarters.
7:30 AM
Ready Jet Go! Mission to Mars; Sounds Abound (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Jet and Sydney interrupt Sean as he does some of his backyard training that could lead to a mission to Mars; Sean tries to work on his science project.
8:00 AM
Pinkalicious & Peterrific Fairy House; Pinkabotta & Peterbotta (Repeat, TV-G) Pinkalicious and Peter build a house to attract fairies, but they turn out to be noisy; Pinkalicious and Peter create a robot that leaves them with a mess.
8:30 AM
Curious George Go West, Young Monkey: Meet the New Neighbors (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) The last railroad pin for The Doorman's train set is missing; George visits a new Vietnamese grocery store and has trouble finding the items on his list.
9:00 AM
Peg + Cat The Potty Problem; The Butter Problem (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Peg and Cat try to teach Big Mouth how to use the toilet; Peg and Cat want to enter a butter-sculpting event, but they must first learn some vital math skills.
9:30 AM
Sid the Science Kid Discovering Darkness (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Sid wakes up early in the morning when it is still dark outside, leading him and his friends to explore and study what happens when a light source is blocked.
10:00 AM
Sesame Street The Kindness Kid (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) A man comes to visit Sesame Street in the hopes of spreading kindness wherever he can, which prompts Grover to try and be kind to others, too.
10:30 AM
Nature Cat The Great Grasshopper Race; Fall for Hal (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Hal's grasshopper friend Dustin Hopman jumps into the woods before a big race; Hal is sick for the first scavenger hunt of the fall season and cannot go.
11:00 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood It's Time to Go; Daniel Doesn't Want to Stop Playing (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) It is time to go home, but Katerina and Daniel don't want to stop playing; Daniel is playing with his trolley and doesn't want to stop to work on his project.
11:30 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Safety Patrol; Safety at the Beach (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) The kids learn about traffic signs and how to stay safe on a walk; Daniel and Katerina wander too far from Mom Tiger while playing on the beach.
12:00 PM
Dinosaur Train Double-Crested Trouble; Erma and the Conductor (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) After meeting two competitive brothers, Buddy and Tiny decide to teach them how to work together; the family heads to Big Pond to watch a meteor shower.
12:30 PM
Splash and Bubbles Deflated Dunk; Kelp Forest Keepers (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Tired of being the "nervous friend," Dunk decides that he will no longer puff up; Splash, Dunk and Bubbles clash with Tidy over having fun in the kelp forest.
1:00 PM
Super Why! The Three Billy Goats Gruff (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Red is mad when Gramma refuses to let her have cake; the Super Readers try to get the Troll's side of the story in a tale about goats that cross a bridge.
1:30 PM
Pinkalicious & Peterrific Slumber Party; Puptastic (New, TV-G) At a slumber party, Pinkalicious imagines a dragon to help her homesick friend; the Plums' poodle turns pink while Pinkalicious and Peter are babysitting it.
2:00 PM
Sesame Street Snazzy Society (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Mando, Chris and Leela try to teach Segi that being different can be worth celebrating after she reads a book about her favorite character.
2:30 PM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Trees Company; Now You See Me (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Sally and Nick spend time playing in their treehouse, so the Cats takes the opportunity to teach them about different animals that live in trees.
3:00 PM
Curious George Go West, Young Monkey: Meet the New Neighbors (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) The last railroad pin for The Doorman's train set is missing; George visits a new Vietnamese grocery store and has trouble finding the items on his list.
3:30 PM
Clifford the Big Red Dog Teacher's Pet; Islander of the Year (HD, TV-Y) T-Bone worries that his friends will leave him behind on their first day of school; the library host the annual essay writing contest.
4:00 PM
Arthur To Eat or Not to Eat; S.W.E.A.T. (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Elwood City gets a new candy bar, but it soon becomes clear the treat has strange side effects; the kids learn how to relax before taking their aptitude test.
4:30 PM
WordGirl The Invisi-bill Hand; Birthday Town (HD, Repeat, TV-Y7) A villain becomes extremely upset when he doesn't get public attention for his injustice, so WordGirl uses his desperate need for fame to trick him.
5:00 PM
Wild Kratts Ker-honk (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) The brothers take over as leaders of a proboscis monkey troop when the alpha male is injured, and they discover the creatures' unique form of communication.
5:30 PM
Wild Kratts Mimic (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Chris and Martin find cheetahs while studying animals that can mimic, but when one is captured, they must find a way to free her before it's too late.
6:00 PM
The PBS NewsHour (HD, New) Highly regarded anchors and senior correspondents present a commercial-free hour of in-depth reporting on various significant occurrences around the world.
7:00 PM
Nightly Business Report (HD, New, TV-G) Susie Gharib and Tyler Mathisen talk with leading business experts and look at up-to-date market reports, company information and economic news.
7:30 PM
Ideas (HD, New, TV-G) Presented is a news report that explains the stories and events and serves as a source of information about subjects that are important to people in Ohio.
8:00 PM
Nature The Last Rhino (HD, New, TV-PG) While scientists and animal experts race to save the northern white rhinoceros from extinction, people tell the story of Sudan, the last male of the species.
9:00 PM
NOVA Secrets of the Sky Tombs (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A team of scientists climb the Himalayas to explore ancient mountain tombs left behind by the first people to settle in the mountain range.
10:00 PM
Impossible Builds The Floating House (HD, New, TV-G) A team in Dubai attempts to combine the best of terrestrial and marine design in order to build a house that floats above and below the surface of the ocean.
11:00 PM
BBC World News The British Broadcasting Corporation presents the very latest on international news stories and breaking headlines from around the globe.
11:30 PM
Amanpour on PBS (HD, New) CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour engages in conversations with global leaders and decision-makers about current events.
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