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Programs for WEWS-DT3 on Saturday, August 18, 2018
12:00 AM
That '70s Show Going Mobile (TV-14) Eric skips town to sort things out after having second thoughts about marrying Donna; Kelso's fatherhood preparations are cut short when Brooke's mom shows up.
12:30 AM
That '70s Show The Seeker (TV-14) Midge returns to town to offer some motherly advice to Donna; Kitty makes a shocking discovery after reading Hyde's birth certificate; Eric confronts Donna.
1:00 AM
Grace Under Fire Grace Under Class (TV-14) Grace voices her disapproval about the expensive gifts that Quentin's girlfriend is buying for him, which upsets Quentin.
1:30 AM
Grace Under Fire Down in the Boondocks (TV-14) Grace welcomes Quentin's girlfriend's mother to stay at her home, but the Kellys have trouble adjusting to her lifestyle.
2:00 AM
The Drew Carey Show Drew and the King (TV-14) While working as a security guard at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Drew discovers a previously unheard Elvis record; Drew and Christine decide to break up.
2:30 AM
The Drew Carey Show The Curse of the Mummy (TV-14) Drew becomes manager of Winfred-Louder after an incompetent Mr. Wick becomes convinced that Drew slept with his mother and begins drinking again.
3:00 AM
3rd Rock from the Sun Why Dickie Can't Teach (TV-PG) Tommy's search for a college leads him to sit in on one of Dick's classes; Sally tries to improve Don by getting him a new job with a successful businessman.
3:30 AM
3rd Rock from the Sun B.D.O.C. (TV-PG) Tommy leaves home to go to college, but Dick immediately tries to get him to move back; Sally and Harry interview possible replacements for Tommy.
4:00 AM
Year of the Dog (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A lonely executive assistant is thrown into a crisis when she takes in an abused dog and becomes a rabid animal rights activist.
6:00 AM
Cybill It's For You, Mrs. Lincoln (TV-14) When the lead actress playing Abe Lincoln's wife gets ill, Cybill gets her chance to be in the spotlight, but it may be too good to be true.
6:30 AM
Cybill Cybill, Get Your Gun (TV-14) After she is robbed, Cybill participates in a self-defense course, installs an obnoxious home alarm system, and deems Zoey the "safety man."
7:00 AM
Cybill Cybill Does Diary (TV-14) Cybill decides to produce an erotic video, but when she borrows Zoey's laptop to write the script, she accidentally emails her European diary to the producer.
7:30 AM
Cybill Sex, Drugs and Catholicism (TV-14) After taking a new hormone pill, Ira's libido is stronger than ever, but when he realizes that he's been on a placebo the whole time, he proposes to Holly.
8:00 AM
Grounded for Life Swearin' to God (TV-14) When Sean hears Sister Helen accidentally let an expletive slip, he exploits her embarrassment to get everything his family wants from the school.
8:30 AM
Grounded for Life Eddie and This Guy with Diamonds (TV-14) Sean lands in jail when he buys Claudia some diamond earrings from one of Eddie's "connections"; Lily protests a donkey basketball game put on by the nuns.
9:00 AM
Grounded for Life I Fought the In-Laws (TV-14) Claudia's visiting parents nearly drive Sean crazy with their little insults; a karaoke duet leads to a surprising kiss between Lily and Brad.
9:30 AM
Grounded for Life Dust in the Wind (TV-14) Sean and Eddie intend to honor their late cousin's request that his ashes be scattered from the old water tower they used to climb; Lily hooks up with a guy.
10:00 AM
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Galloping Thunder (TV-G) Jack travels to Kissimmee, Florida to get a behind-the-scenes look at the powerful, graceful and agile horses that are on display in the Arabian Nights show.
10:30 AM
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Second Chance (TV-G) Jack meets an extraordinary man who uses his training skills to work wonders with animals from the humane society and give them a second chance to shine.
11:00 AM
Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner The Road to Windjana (HD, TV-G) Tim sets out to look for tiger snakes on Kangaroo Island, explores Western Australia to find freshwater crocodiles and travels to Windjana Gorge.
11:30 AM
Dog Town, USA Parker and Barney (HD, TV-G) A Dachshund with dental problems and a Shih-Tzu with hurt paws are rescued from an overcrowded shelter in West Virginia.
12:00 PM
Dog Town, USA Search and Rescue (HD, TV-G) Dogtown behavior consultant Sherry Woodard launches a program that trains search and rescue dogs, and begins by working with a Border Collie mix named Ollie.
12:30 PM
Recipe Rehab Grilled Stuffed Pork (HD, TV-G) Chef Jaden and Chef Calvin take on the challenge of making the Stevens family's Grilled Stuffed Pork healthier without sacrificing any of its flavor.
1:00 PM
Houseguest (TV-PG, PG, **+) A dreamer who owes money to the mob for a failed business venture tries to hide by posing as the childhood friend of a straight-laced suburbanite.
3:30 PM
Wayne's World 2 (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) Wayne and Garth plan a music festival but there are problems, not the least of which is a sleazy record promoter stealing Wayne's girlfriend.
5:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show The Enabler (TV-14) Drew allows the booze-crazed Mr. Wick to feed his addiction in order to impress Winfred-Louder's potential investors; Oswald pursues an attractive nurse.
6:00 PM
The Drew Carey Show Pretty Baby (TV-14) Mimi insists that Drew stay away from Gus after the tot brandishes his middle finger at a baby beauty contest; Drew teaches Gus to say his first word.
6:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show A Shot in the Dark (TV-14) Drew mistakes Lewis for a jilted, and violent, ex-lover and accidentally shoots him in the leg; Marlo calls off her revenge on Drew after learning about Lewis.
7:00 PM
That '70s Show Time Is on My Side (TV-14) Eric and the gang go in search of a missing engagement ring; Bob tries to decide between Midge and Pamela; Donna goes from redhead to blonde.
7:30 PM
That '70s Show Let's Spend the Night Together (TV-14) Hyde gets a big surprise after he meets his real father; Eric and Donna attend a feminist rally; Kelso prepares for the arrival of his baby.
8:00 PM
That '70s Show (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (TV-14) Eric uses vandalism to enhance his plans to take a year off; Red ignores Kitty's wishes and buys a muffler shop; Kelso's daughter teaches him to respect women.
8:30 PM
That '70s Show Beast of Burden (TV-14) Hyde has a difficult time choosing between job offers from his dad and Red; Fez makes a splash with the ladies while working at a beauty parlor.
9:00 PM
Home Improvement Sisters and Brothers (TV-G) One of Jill's sisters wants to observe Jill's everyday life to help her decide if she really wants to get married; Tim's brother moves closer.
9:30 PM
Home Improvement A Marked Man (TV-G) Al tells Tim and Jill that one of their children may have stolen something, and they are devastated when they find the knife in Mark's pants.
10:00 PM
Home Improvement Wilson's Girlfriend (TV-G) Tim attempts to give Wilson some helpful guidance after Jill sets him up on a date; Brad tries everything he can think of to get rid of his acne.
10:30 PM
Home Improvement A Taylor Runs Through It (TV-G) Jill gets bored writing a speech for her cousin's upcoming wedding and goes water skiing with the boys, only to have a very unfortunate accident.
11:00 PM
That '70s Show It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (TV-14) Kitty decides to better herself with Tai Chi now that all the children are out of the house; Hyde battles with his first day of work.
11:30 PM
That '70s Show Rip This Joint (TV-14) Eric encourages the gang to pull a prank on a crazy neighbor, but it backfires; Kitty throws a "coming out" party for herself to raise her self-esteem.
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