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Programs for WEWS-DT3 on Monday, August 21, 2017
12:00 AM
Night Court Opportunity Knock Knocks, Part 1 (TV-14) Dan begins to look forward to a life of luxury after he marries a rich woman; Harry considers his options outside of the courtroom.
12:30 AM
Night Court Opportunity Knock Knocks, Part 2 (TV-14) Dan begins to look forward to a life of luxury after he marries a rich woman; Harry considers his options outside of the courtroom.
1:00 AM
Roseanne Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places (TV-PG) When Roseanne and Jackie are denied the bank loan that would've helped them open a restaurant together, they decide to turn to Bev for help.
1:30 AM
Roseanne Halloween IV (TV-PG) Roseanne is visited by the ghosts of Halloween past, present and future after losing her holiday spirit and staying at home alone.
2:00 AM
The Drew Carey Show Pilot (TV-14) Drew's best friend, Kate, breaks up with her live-in boyfriend and comes to Drew in need of a job; Mimi gets upset when Drew won't hire her.
2:30 AM
The Drew Carey Show Miss Right (TV-14) Drew's efforts to date an attractive co-worker are stymied when Mr. Bell and the rest of Drew's co-workers take notice; Mr. Bell hires Mimi as his assistant.
3:00 AM
Grace Under Fire Grace vs. Wade (TV-14) After slipping on the icy sidewalk at Wade and Nadine's house, Grace visits a therapist who helps with her thoughts about her marital dispute.
3:30 AM
Grace Under Fire The Holidays (TV-14) Grace must deal with her depressed ex-mother-in-law and the invitation she received to the Christmas dance with Dougie.
4:00 AM
Spin City Mustang Mike (TV-14) Mike borrows the Mayor's 1966 Mustang to go on a joyride with Caitlin; when Caitlin becomes too busy to write speeches, the duty is once again passed to James.
4:30 AM
Spin City My Dinner with Caitlin (TV-14) Mike decides to host a Christmas party with just him and Caitlin, but she misunderstands the invitation and ends up arriving with a date of her own.
5:00 AM
Spin City A Tale of Two Sisters (TV-14) Caitlin becomes jealous of Mike's new girlfriend; Stuart suddenly becomes interested in art after learning that there are nude models in art class.
5:30 AM
Spin City Casino (TV-14) Paul doesn't buy enough raffle tickets for the city's charity raffle, so he and Mike must make up difference in funds by gambling in Atlantic City's casinos.
6:00 AM
Grounded for Life Mustang Lily (TV-14) Sean ruins his chance of getting a loan from Claudia's father when he loses Lily's car in a street race; Henry and Jimmy try to get money from the Tooth Fairy.
6:30 AM
Grounded for Life Cat Scratch Fever (TV-14) Sean decides to hire his old high school crush as the bartender; Lily goes crazy after telling Dean she loves him without being able to hear his response.
7:00 AM
Grounded for Life Drive Me Crazy (TV-14) Sean sabotages Lily's behind-the-wheel driving test, and she fails it for the second time; Claudia tries to keep Henry and Jimmy from playing a violent game.
7:30 AM
Grounded for Life Just Like a Woman (TV-14) When Sean has problems changing the flat tire on his car, he is mocked and forced to dress in women's clothing as a trucker is flagged down for help.
8:00 AM
Empty Nest It's Not Easy Being Green (TV-PG) Harry helps Laverne hand out candy to children on Halloween night; Carol and Patrick are mugged on their way home from a costume party.
8:30 AM
Empty Nest Dirty Harry (TV-PG) Carol convinces Harry to join her on an appearance on the Geraldo Rivera show; a young patient tries to get taller so he can ride an amusement park ride.
9:00 AM
Empty Nest Timing is Everything (TV-PG) Harry hopes to transition his old friendship with a woman into a romance; Carol needs Charley's help assembling some exercise equipment.
9:30 AM
Empty Nest Thanksgiving at the Westons (TV-PG) Laverne is hesitant to accept the Westons' invitation to attend their Thanksgiving dinner, after thinking back to the events that took place the year before.
10:00 AM
Empty Nest The Body Beautiful (TV-PG) Harry discovers one of his patient's ailments are being caused by their use of steroids; Carol is jealous that Patrick is staring at a nude model all day.
10:30 AM
Empty Nest Overboard (TV-PG) Charley's cruise is set off course by a violent storm, and he's left stranded at sea for days; Carol and Patrick apply for jobs at the same place.
11:00 AM
Empty Nest Emily (TV-PG) Emily returns from college, and Carol sets her up with one of Patrick's friends; Emily's wealthy boyfriend refuses to accept that their relationship is over.
11:30 AM
Empty Nest The Sting (TV-PG) Emily's boyfriend is running an illegal gambling ring, and wants the FBI to put a stop to him before he gets her in trouble; Laverne teaches Charley CPR.
12:00 PM
The Drew Carey Show Nature Abhors a Vacuum (TV-14) After firing an incompetent employee, Drew struggles to block Mr. Bell's covetous advances on Kate; Lewis and company trash Drew's house after a rowdy party.
12:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show No Two Things in Nature are Exactly Alike (TV-14) Drew is in hot water when an employee takes offense at one of his cartoons and files a harassment suit against him; Kate contends with her brutish ex.
1:00 PM
The Drew Carey Show Drew Meets Lawyers (TV-14) When Drew has difficulty finding a suitable attorney to represent him in Nora's harassment suit, he convinces Kate to seek out legal advice from an ex.
1:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show Drew in Court (TV-14) Drew struggles to stay afloat in a work environment gone mad as his harassment suit approaches, still resolved to represent himself before the law.
2:00 PM
The Drew Carey Show Lewis' Sister (TV-14) Confusion sets in when Janet, Lewis's sister and an old crush of Drew's, moves back to Cleveland; Drew and Kate try to work around their "no-dating" policy.
2:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show Drew and Mrs. Louder (TV-14) Drew loses a cushy promotion as Mrs. Louder's personal assistant when she interrupts an office party tryst between Drew and Lisa.
3:00 PM
The Drew Carey Show Science Names Suck (TV-14) Tensions rise when an old high school buddy threatens to usurp Kate's place with Drew and the gang, until the pair begin dating.
3:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show The Electron Doesn't Fall Far from the Nucleus (TV-14) Drew is frustrated when his father returns to town to accept an achievement award from his lodge, and begins nitpicking about Drew's career choices.
4:00 PM
Night Court P.S. Do I Know You? (TV-14) Roz has been writing back and forth with a pen pal, but she dreads the day he comes to meet her for the first time because of the half-truths she's told him.
4:30 PM
Night Court The 1992 Boat Show (TV-14) Lisette wonders what her erotic dreams of Harry mean, while Roz becomes the interest of a gossip columnist, much to Dan's chagrin.
5:00 PM
Night Court All You Need Is Love (TV-14) An eccentric man begins his first night as a night court judge, and when a woman is brought in accused of trying to shoot her husband, he uses a coin to judge.
5:30 PM
Night Court Santa Goes Downtown (TV-14) A man, who believes he is Santa Claus, is in night court on charges of trespassing, but he may actually have the chance to change the life of a troubled teen.
6:00 PM
Night Court The Former Harry Stone (TV-14) Some of the staff have a bet going about Harry's age, and when Lana searches employee records to find the answer, she learns he has a criminal record.
6:30 PM
Night Court Welcome Back, Mama (TV-14) Harry lays down his judgment on the untrustworthy woman who runs a beauty contest; a woman arrives in the court who says she is Harry's mother.
7:00 PM
Night Court The Eye of the Beholder (TV-14) A volunteer organization refuses to allow Bull to join them because of what he looks like, which pushes him into a depressed mood about his appearance.
7:30 PM
Night Court Death Threat (TV-14) The courtroom immediately turns into complete turmoil when a rock thrown through the window holds a note threatening Harry's life and a bomb is uncovered.
8:00 PM
Roseanne Ladies' Choice (TV-PG) Roseanne and Jackie are surprised when Nancy announces that she and Marla are gay lovers; Bev decides that she will be moving into the Lanford retirement home.
8:30 PM
Roseanne Stand on Your Man (TV-PG) The gals go to self defense class after a frightening man shows up to the new diner's grand opening; hearing that Nancy is gay, Arnie questions his manhood.
9:00 PM
Roseanne Good Girls, Bad Girls (TV-PG) Darlene begs Roseanne to let her go see one of her favorite bands, but she becomes very skeptical when she finds out it's Molly who has the tickets.
9:30 PM
Roseanne Of Ice and Men (TV-PG) DJ becomes the terror of the rink after he takes up hockey; Roseanne involves herself with Fisher and Jackie to get them back together.
10:00 PM
Roseanne It's No Place Like Home for the Holidays (TV-PG) A snowstorm blows through the city and traps everyone inside where they currently are situated, leaving Dan and D.J. to cook dinner at the house.
10:30 PM
Roseanne Crime and Punishment (TV-14) DJ gets in trouble with Dan for taking Darlene's offensive comic book to school; Dan has a powerful reaction when Roseanne learns that Fisher has beaten Jackie.
11:00 PM
Roseanne War and Peace (TV-14) Dan returns home from his stay in jail to numerous rumors about how he ended up there, but no one truly knows what exactly happened that night.
11:30 PM
Roseanne Lanford Daze (TV-PG) Darlene doesn't like the Lunch Box or the food they serve, but when she is caught vandalizing the restaurant, she is forced to sell their food at the fair.
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