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Chicago P.D. The Docks (TV-14) Voight and Platt reveal the truth about their pasts in the wake of Antonio's situation; Jin passes the blame when he is caught using Voight's computer.
The King of Queens Educating Doug (TV-G) Doug becomes the class clown when Carrie enrolls them in a college course after worrying that they are becoming stupid and boring.
How I Met Your Mother Who Wants to Be a Godparent? (TV-14) Lily and Marshall are having a difficult time deciding whom to chose as Marvin's godparents, so they put the gang to the test to see who would be the best pick.
The King of Queens Lush Life (TV-PG) Doug likes the new, "laid back Carrie" when she starts getting drinks after work with the girls and doesn't pester him about his diet when she gets home.
How I Met Your Mother Zoo or False (TV-14) When Marshall gets mugged, Lily decides she wants to get a gun, forcing Marshall to come up with an elaborate story about the mugging to make her feel safe.
Chicago P.D. A Beautiful Friendship (TV-14) Antonio works the desk while he is recovering, while Atwater gets comfortable with his new job on intelligence; Lindsay reaches out to Voight for assistance.
The King of Queens Supermarket Story (TV-G) Arthur convinces Carrie to make a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner; at the store, Carrie pesters another shopper for tips but her methods border on stalking.
How I Met Your Mother The Autumn of Break-Ups (TV-14) Ted looks to Marshall and Lily for advice when he and Victoria hit a speed bump in their relationship; Barney chooses a dog to be his wingman.
The King of Queens Patrons Ain't (TV-PG) Carrie and Doug make a $500 donation to Deacon's son's school, but when there is a mixup with the donation amount, they try to keep the good recognition.
How I Met Your Mother Home Wreckers (TV-14) After seeing his mother's affectionate relationship at her wedding, Ted begins to question his own life, which leads him to make an impulsive decision.
« Short Circuit (TV-PG, PG, **+) A military robot designed for carnage decides to become a pacifist after a lightning bolt grants him the ability to think for himself.
Chicago P.D. Don't Bury This Case (TV-14) Severide is brought to the station for questioning after his car was involved in a deadly crash; Lindsay considers meeting her father.
NCIS: New Orleans X (TV-14) The NCIS team and a member of Naval Intelligence investigate the disappearance of a Navy entomologist and the theft of a deadly type of virus.
Chicago P.D. You Wish (TV-14) When a sex offender's body is found severely mutilated, the intelligence team suspects he may have been the victim of a private police force.
Chicago P.D. Sanctuary (TV-14) Rixton and Atwater pursue two suspects fleeing from the scene of a murdered jogger, but their chase leads them to the doors of a church.
NCIS: New Orleans Radio Silence (TV-14) A Navy Captain is killed while on-air with a local radio station; Pride's daughter visits to talk about her plans for the future.
Chicago P.D. Call It Macaroni (TV-14) Internal Affairs keeps a close eye on Voight as the investigation of Sheldon Jin's murder goes forward; Burgess and her new partner butt heads.
The King of Queens Best Man (TV-PG) After begging Doug to attend the wedding of her childhood friend, Carrie finds out that Doug knows the truth about her past relationship with the groom.
How I Met Your Mother Splitsville (TV-14) Robin is hesitant to break up with Nick, so Barney takes matters into his own hands; Marshall and Lily are desperate to find some alone time together.
The King of Queens Bun Dummy (TV-PG) Doug doesn't want Carrie to wear her hair in bun, her new favorite style, at his high school reunion; He wants everyone to be jealous that he married a hottie.
How I Met Your Mother Twin Beds (TV-14) After Ted and Barney profess their love for Robin, she realizes that she is finally over them; Marshall and Lily decide to get twin beds at home.
Chicago P.D. Get My Cigarettes (TV-14) A series of murders that leave the victims with a dollar bill pinned to their bodies leaves the Intelligence Unit scrambling for answers.
The King of Queens Dog Days (TV-PG) The Heffernans' seemingly perfect neighbors must keep their nocturnal dog quiet or else; Arthur thinks his life was used as inspiration for Charlie Brown.
How I Met Your Mother The Stamp Tramp (TV-14) Marshall does a favor for his old law school classmate Brad, but when the interview goes awry, it leaves Marshall having to do damage control with his boss.
The King of Queens Shrink Wrap (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie decide to put an end to Carrie and Arthur's constant fights and send Arthur to a psychotherapist, but maybe it's not Arthur who needs therapy.
How I Met Your Mother Robots Vs. Wrestlers (TV-PG) When Ted, Marshall, Lily and Barney crash a party at an upscale New York City apartment, Ted mingles with snooty guests and shows off his intellectual side.
Chicago P.D. The Weigh Station (TV-14) Halstead has an eye-opening reality check regarding the bounty on his head when an innocent bartender is accidentally shot during an attempted hit.
The King of Queens Hungry Man (TV-PG) To have time for a cocktail party for Carrie's firm that he doesn't want to attend, Doug skips lunch, but at the 'drinks only' party his hunger takes over.
How I Met Your Mother Twelve Horny Women (TV-14) Marshall must take on his old friend/nemesis Brad, in the biggest case of his career; the gang looks back at their own skirmishes with the law as a teenager.
The King of Queens Eddie Money (TV-PG) Doug takes $100 from the "emergency funds jar" to make a bet and when he wins $5,000, he can't let Carrie find out so he sets out to spend it all one day.
How I Met Your Mother The Wedding Bride (TV-PG) When Ted takes a date to see a new movie, he is shocked when the story is based on his life, and that it is written by the man Stella left him for at the altar.
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Chicago P.D. Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw (TV-14) The team investigates the disappearance of two teenage girls, getting a break in the case when Halstead, Antonio and Lindsay manage to uncover a huge lead.
The King of Queens Court Date (TV-PG) Prompted by a fear of higher insurance, Doug tells Carrie to accept a date with the cop who wrote her a ticket, causing Arthur to think she's having an affair.
How I Met Your Mother Lobster Crawl (TV-14) Robin is determined to hook up with Barney one last time, no matter what it takes; Ted begins to spend more time as Marvin's new nanny.
The King of Queens Two Thirty (TV-PG) Doug thinks his new dentist, who used to have crush on Carrie, is inflicting pain on him for marrying her; Arthur is forced to see a psychotherapist.
How I Met Your Mother Doppelgangers (TV-14) Marshall and Lilly make a secret pact to start trying to have a baby if they see Barney's doppelganger; Robin gets an offer on her dream job.
Chicago P.D. An Honest Woman (TV-14) Voight is attacked and kidnapped while trying to help Olive, and the Intelligence Unit begins looking into his whereabouts when he is a no-show at work.
The King of Queens White Collar (TV-PG) Doug receives a promotion to work behind a desk after his supervisor falls ill, but he finds that he would rather be out driving a truck.
How I Met Your Mother The Over-Correction (TV-14) Robin starts to become suspicious of Barney's recent relationship with Patrice; Marshall is shocked to discover that his mother is moving on with her love life.
The King of Queens Window Pain (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie get new neighbors but make a negative impression when an argument they have can literally be heard all over the neighborhood.
How I Met Your Mother Big Days (TV-14) Ted runs into Cindy, a girl that he used to date but is also the roommate of his future wife; Robin is heartbroken over Don; Marshall wants to start a family.
« Short Circuit 2 (TV-PG, PG, **+) A military robot ventures into the big city to help an inventor mass produce miniature robots for a toystore owner and gets mixed up with jewel thieves.
Chicago P.D. Seven Indictments (TV-14) The Intelligence team tries to identify a charred body found at the scene of a home explosion, as well as tend to a young child who was found injured.
NCIS: New Orleans Crab Mentality (TV-14) The team investigates a slew of murders that are connected to a certain construction company; Hannah is blackmailed with evidence from her mission in Oman.
Chicago P.D. Emotional Proximity (TV-14) Tensions rise within the Intelligence team after word gets out that Olinsky's daughter was caught in the blaze that was started by an arsonist.
Chicago P.D. Remember the Devil (TV-14) Intelligence is told about a woman running barefoot through the woods and in searching for her, they find a kidnapping victim locked inside a shipping crate.
NCIS: New Orleans If It Bleeds, It Leads (TV-14) Brody suspects her sister's death is connected to an incident in which a party bus fatally hit a sailor; the team celebrates St. Patrick's Day.
Chicago P.D. Prison Ball (TV-14) Ruzek and Atwater go undercover as inmates to investigate the murder of a 10 year-old girl, while Voight and Olinsky look into leads outside of the prison.
The King of Queens Where's Poppa (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie, hoping for a little privacy and romance, send Arthur away for the weekend to work at Doug's cousin Danny's pizza parlor.
How I Met Your Mother The Final Page, Part 1 (TV-14) Ted struggles with the dilemma of whether he should tell Robin about Barney's plans to propose to Patrice; Marshall and Lily run into an old college friend.
The King of Queens Arthur, Spooner (TV-PG) Carrie gets neurotic when put in charge of a group of "misfits" at night which makes Doug lonely, but he finds that Arthur makes an acceptable replacement.
How I Met Your Mother Unfinished (TV-PG) Ted declines Barney's offer to design the new GNB building, so Barney tries to woo him; Robin is still not over her relationship with Don and drunk dials him.
Chicago P.D. They'll Have To Go Through Me (TV-14) Intelligence teams up with New York's special victims unit to put an end to a pedophile ring; Burgess and Roman look for the hospital shooter.
The King of Queens Time Share (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie spend time with their annoying neighbors out of guilt after the neighbors separate and offer their time share in the Hamptons to them.
How I Met Your Mother The Final Page, Part 2 (TV-14) Ted debates whether or not he should tell Robin about Barney's plans to propose to Patrice; Marshall and Lily run into an old friend from their college days.
The King of Queens Kirbed Enthusiasm (TV-PG) Doug is asked to help coach Deacon's son's football teaml; While coaching, Deacon's son expresses to Doug that he should try out for a semi-pro team.
How I Met Your Mother Subway Wars (TV-PG) The gang teases Robin about not being a "real" New Yorker, so she sets out to prove them wrong by racing them to a restaurant to catch a glimpse of Woody Allen.
Chicago P.D. Assignment of the Year (TV-14) Antonio's off-duty security job ends tragically when one of the people who he was tasked with protecting is gunned down; Halstead and Lindsay go undercover.
The King of Queens Maybe Baby (TV-PG) After playing with Deacon's 3-year-old, Doug realizes he wants to be a father, and when Carrie is resistant to the idea, a romantic tryst helps the decision.
How I Met Your Mother Band or DJ? (TV-PG) When Robin finds out that Barney never asked her father for his permission before proposing, she insists that he seek his approval before going public.
The King of Queens Holy Mackerel (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie bump into Father McAndrew and are shamed into attending church services, meanwhile, unbeknownst to anyone, Arthur puts the house up for sale.
How I Met Your Mother Architect of Destruction (TV-14) Ted falls for a girl who's passionate about saving a landmark building that's about to be torn down to make room for his dream project.
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