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« A Perfect Christmas (TV-G, NR, **+) A couple celebrating their first Christmas together invites both sets of parents to join them, but each of the newlyweds is hiding a secret.
Chicago P.D. The Number of Rats (TV-14) Benson continues to assist Voight with the investigation of a rape and murder case that is similar to a case that she worked on a decade earlier.
NCIS: New Orleans Close to Home (TV-14) The NCIS team puts an informant in protective custody during a murder investigation; Pride needs help from his brother in order to become trusted by informant.
Chicago P.D. Push the Pain Away (TV-14) The intelligence team is called to the scene of a shooting at an athletic club, where they must take down the gunmen before anyone else gets hurt or killed.
Chicago P.D. Born Into Bad News (TV-14) When retired Commander Perry's nephew gets caught in the middle of a unit of corrupt officers, he asks Voight to help extract the young policeman.
NCIS: New Orleans Foreign Affairs (TV-14) The team partners with an ADFIS agent when an Australian Royal Navy Lieutenant in charge of an international negotiation on nuclear weapons is murdered.
Chicago P.D. Allegiance (TV-14) Halstead and Atwater go undercover; Voight calls in a favor as a desperate final attempt in hopes to clear Olinsky's name for the murder of Bingham.
The King of Queens Awful Bigamy (TV-PG) Doug re-evaluates his opposition to letting Holly move into the house after realizing the benefits of having two women in the house to cater to his every whim.
How I Met Your Mother A Change of Heart (TV-14) Barney suddenly realizes that he's having feelings for Nora, which makes him worry about his heart; Robin starts to date a new guy that acts like a dog.
The King of Queens Paint Misbehavin' (TV-PG) Carrie creates a faux pax by telling Doug she finds Deacon sexy and when the group plays paintball for Deacon's birthday, it turns into an all out war.
How I Met Your Mother Woooo! (TV-14) Robin rediscovers a group of single girls who like to go out and party; Ted pitches Barney a design for his company's new headquarters.
Chicago P.D. Homecoming (TV-14) Tensions begin to escalate as the Intelligence unit seeks justice for Olinsky after someone stabs him while he is in prison; Antonio has his loyalty challenged.
The King of Queens Dugan Groupie (TV-PG) Doug tries to further his own career after Carrie's promotion begins to interfere with their time together; Arthur feels paranoid.
How I Met Your Mother Legendaddy (TV-14) When Barney finally meets his father for the first time, he's shocked to learn how his life turned out; the gang points out each other's "gaps" in life.
The King of Queens Hi Def-Jam (TV-PG) Doug feels he can't watch the Super Bowl without HDTV once he's seen it and when he finds out Carrie's boss owns one he plots to get invited over for the game.
How I Met Your Mother The Naked Man (TV-14) Ted believes he may have found a simple way to get a date into bed after he walks into the apartment to find Robin's date sitting on the couch completely nude.
Chicago P.D. New Normal (TV-14) Bad heroin causes overdoses; Voight's suspension causes Intelligence to be down a member; Antonio assumes control, but Ruzek undermines his authority.
The King of Queens Lost Vegas (TV-G) Doug agrees to attend a health spa with Carrie in the hopes she will return the favor by allowing him to visit Las Vegas with the guys.
How I Met Your Mother The Exploding Meatball Sub (TV-14) Marshall quits his job at Goliath National Bank to take a volunteer position at an environmental organization; Ted and Zoey have opposing positions on Arcadia.
The King of Queens Deacon Blues (TV-PG) While picking up takeout, Doug bumps into Deacon with another woman, leading Carrie to explain that cheating is still cheating even if you keep your clothes on.
How I Met Your Mother The Fight (TV-PG) Feeling pathetic after getting left at the altar, Ted joins Barney, who is looking to impress Robin, in picking a fight with some guys who took their booth.
Chicago P.D. Endings (TV-14) After Intelligence finds out what actually caused the high-rise fire, they race against the clock to find the man responsible; things get personal for Halstead.
The King of Queens Furious Gorge (TV-G) The opportunity for some free doughnuts and chips succeeds in luring Doug into a support group for men trapped in abusive relationships.
How I Met Your Mother Hopeless (TV-14) Barney tries to bond with his father, so he asks the gang to help make him seem more interesting by lying about their own lives; Robin runs into a crush.
The King of Queens Horizontal Hold (TV-PG) Carrie has doubts about her marriage after Deacon and Kelly separate; she and Doug agree to put sex on hold until they learn to talk things out.
How I Met Your Mother Benefits (TV-14) Ted and Robin become "friends with benefits" to resolve some of their roommate conflicts; Marshall is taunted by magazine pictures of reality stars.
Chicago P.D. Bad Boys (TV-14) Politics interfere as the crew tries to rescue a teenage girl after she is kidnapped by a robbery gang; Voight and Platt attempt to exonerate Olinsky.
The King of Queens Entertainment Weakly (TV-PG) Doug grows jealous of a new driver's ability to do various impersonations; Carrie's productivity takes a hit when her assistant quits.
How I Met Your Mother The Perfect Cocktail (TV-14) While Marshall and Barney argue over the destruction of the hotel, Robin and Lily look to mix up a cocktail that will force them to make up.
The King of Queens Package Deal (TV-PG) Doug is unsatisfied with IPS and hears that FedEx drivers make double the amount he does so he tries to barter for a raise but gets fired instead.
How I Met Your Mother The Possimpible (TV-PG) After realizing that she must get a job within four days or risk being deported to Canada, Robin agrees to let Barney produce a video resume for her.
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« Noel (TV-14, PG, **+) Five separate residents of New York City come together from different walks of life, each in search of their own miracle on Christmas Eve.
Chicago P.D. Natural Born Storyteller (TV-14) While searching for a member of a gang, Burgess and Roman find the body of a missing eight-year-old boy and the team begins an investigation for the murderer.
NCIS: New Orleans Vindicta (TV-14) Pride and the team pursue a dangerous underground organization of former intelligence agents and take vengeance for the death of someone close.
Chicago P.D. Debts of the Past (TV-14) Someone tries to injure Voight, but he survives and is positive the person is someone he and Olinsky once put away and is determined to find him.
Chicago P.D. Climbing Into Bed (TV-14) The new Street Deputy Crowley keeps a close eye on Ruzek after a mission that was undercover goes wrong and his future with the unit is on the line.
NCIS: New Orleans Insane in the Membrane (TV-14) The New Orleans team is put on a case while taking part in the annual Red Dress Run after a Navy Petty Officer is found dead from a drug overdose.
Chicago P.D. Ride Along (TV-14) A ride along goes wrong; Burgess must make a difficult decision between following the advice of Voight, or a potential new ally.
The King of Queens Awed Couple (TV-PG) Doug runs into trouble when he realizes he can't get in contact with the friends he met with Carrie, Neal and Marcy because he doesn't know their phone number.
How I Met Your Mother Landmarks (TV-14) When Ted is faced with an important decision that might affect his future with Zoey, the gang decides to step up and express their true feelings about her.
The King of Queens Separation Anxiety (TV-PG) Deacon babysits while Kelly goes to the movies with Carrie but while there, one of Carrie's co-workers shows interest in Kelly which makes Deacon jealous.
How I Met Your Mother Sorry, Bro (TV-PG) Lily and Marshall are prompted to voice their dislike for Ted's pompous college girlfriend when she comes to town and reunites with him.
Chicago P.D. Trigger (TV-14) The Intelligence unit suspects that a local mosque leader may have a role in the bombing of an Army recruitment station; a second explosion transpires.
The King of Queens Cologne Ranger (TV-PG) Doug hides the fact he enjoys wearing a brand of cologne Carrie has forbidden him to wear; Arthur tries to absolve his debt to Holly and Spence.
How I Met Your Mother Challenge Accepted (TV-14) Robin and Barney bond when they intervene in Ted's relationship; Marshall fears that he may have food poisoning; Ted performs his Best Man duties.
The King of Queens Inner Tube (TV-G) Doug lies to Carrie that he has to work late, but dreams that night he is on the Wheel of Fortune and the puzzle is "Doug Heffernan is a big fat liar."
How I Met Your Mother The Front Porch (TV-14) Ted discovers that Lily not only planted the earring in his bed that led Karen to dump him, but she is responsible for many of his past break-ups as well.
Chicago P.D. Black and Blue (TV-14) Atwater faces a difficult decision between doing what's necessary to solve a young dealer's murder and doing what's best for the community.
The King of Queens Domestic Disturbance (TV-PG) Doug hires Spence's mother to be his own personal maid in order to get back at Carrie for hiring a housekeeper without bothering to consult him.
How I Met Your Mother The Best Man (TV-14) Ted and Barney reminisce about an old friend's wedding, including Marshall's impromptu toast; Robin thinks about telling Barney her feelings for him.
The King of Queens Departure Time (TV-PG) Doug's parents ask for a visit at the airport while on layover and unbeknownst to Doug, they want him to sign their living wills and ultimately "pull the plug."
How I Met Your Mother Old King Clancy (TV-14) After a bank cancels plans to construct the new headquarters building that Ted was hired to design, Barney and Marshall lie to keep him from finding out.
Chicago P.D. Descent (TV-14) Antonio oversteps a boundary that puts the entire crew in danger.
The King of Queens Pour Judgement (TV-PG) Carrie is hesitant to accept Doug's new gig as a part-time bartender until he starts bringing home large tips; Arthur plots a coup at the senior center.
How I Met Your Mother The Naked Truth (TV-14) Marshall gets the job offer of his dreams, but worries that the videos he made in the past will come back to haunt him; Ted can't decide who to take to a ball.
The King of Queens Swim Neighbors (TV-PG) The neighbors are upset when Carrie rejects an idea of a combined back yard so they erect an aboveground pool that overlooks Carrie's back yard.
How I Met Your Mother Murtaugh (TV-PG) After learning that Ted has made a list of things he feels the gang is too old to do, Barney sets out to complete them all in one day to prove him wrong.
Chicago P.D. Brotherhood (TV-14) Voight and Ruzek engage in conflict over how to deal with the aftermath that stems from the Antonio situation; a string of violent carjackings turns deadly.
The King of Queens Gym Neighbors (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie hire Lou Ferrigno as their personal trainer; Arthur learns he was cheated out of a consolation prize and does his best to try and collect.
How I Met Your Mother Ducky Tie (TV-14) Ted runs into an old girlfriend and tries to make amends for cheating; Marshall and Lily make a bet with Barney that could result in him wearing a goofy tie.
The King of Queens S'no Job (TV-PG) Arthur spends his time filing out comment cards; Doug is asked to find work for his wayward cousin and turns to O'Boyle to help him.
How I Met Your Mother Mosbius Designs (TV-PG) An unemployed Ted starts an architecture firm out of his apartment, but the intern he picks up to help starts to get a little too close to some of his friends.
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