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« Domestic Disturbance (PG-13, **+) At the insistence of his troubled teenage son, a divorced boat builder decides to investigate whether his former wife's new husband is a murderer.
Chicago P.D. Push the Pain Away (TV-14) The intelligence team is called to the scene of a shooting at an athletic club, where they must take down the gunmen before anyone else gets hurt or killed.
NCIS: New Orleans The River Styx, Part 1 (TV-14) Pride and Lasalle visit the Republic of South Ossetia to find an FBI special agent who was taken hostage after a failed mission to capture Apollyon's leader.
Chicago P.D. Life is Fluid (TV-14) The team is searching for number one on Chicago's Most Wanted list who is also a heroin kingpin; Halstead tries to talk to Lindsay.
Chicago P.D. Natural Born Storyteller (TV-14) While searching for a member of a gang, Burgess and Roman find the body of a missing eight-year-old boy and the team begins an investigation for the murderer.
NCIS: New Orleans Swift, Silent, Deadly (TV-PG) Pride and the NCIS team are forced to conduct a manhunt that covers the entire city for a particularly trained and highly credentialed special ops Marine.
Chicago P.D. Fathers and Sons (TV-14) While Ruzek goes undercover, he finds out that his father works for a suspected dealer, which forces him to figure out if his dad is involved.
The King of Queens Altar Ego (TV-PG) The guys take an emergency road trip after Spence finds out his ex is getting hitched in Tennessee; Arthur yells at a pudding vendor at the senior center.
How I Met Your Mother I'm Not That Guy (TV-14) A corporate firm courts Marshall with dinner and drinks to let him know that they are taking him into consideration as partner on their staff.
The King of Queens Hartford Wailer (TV-PG) Doug's attempt at romance uncovers Carrie's "work retreat" for what it really is, and Danny and Spence's plan to get into a Billy Idol concert backfires.
How I Met Your Mother The End of the Aisle (TV-14) With just a half-hour left before the wedding, Robin and Barney both begin to experience a sense of panic regarding their upcoming nuptials.
Chicago P.D. True or False (TV-14) An alderman's wife is bludgeoned to death; in efforts to elicit a confession, Upton reveals a dark story that pertains to her childhood.
The King of Queens Icky Shuffle (TV-PG) Doug agrees to take Carrie's place on Arthur's shuffleboard team after she falls ill; Carrie grows overly accustomed to Holly caring for her.
How I Met Your Mother Dowisetrepla (TV-PG) Marshall discovers that Lily is hiding a little financial secret from everyone when they apply for a loan to buy their first apartment together.
The King of Queens Acting Out (TV-PG) Carrie is ready to put Arthur in a retirement home after he sets the basement on fire, but Doug makes a discovery that forces him to reconsider.
How I Met Your Mother Last Forever: Part One (TV-14) Following the wedding, Ted bids farewell to the group, but fate has other plans; Robin and Barney decide to drop an unexpected bombshell on the group.
Chicago P.D. Trigger (TV-14) The Intelligence unit suspects that a local mosque leader may have a role in the bombing of an Army recruitment station; a second explosion transpires.
The King of Queens Awful Bigamy (TV-PG) Doug re-evaluates his opposition to letting Holly move into the house after realizing the benefits of having two women in the house to cater to his every whim.
How I Met Your Mother Spoiler Alert (TV-PG) Ted believes that his new girl is wonderful, and the gang really upsets him after they point out her horrible, deal-breaking flaw.
The King of Queens Fight Schlub (TV-PG) Doug strikes up a friendship with a driver from a rival company at the cost of his coworkers' respect, only to find that he has been lured into a trap.
How I Met Your Mother Last Forever: Part Two (TV-14) The group reveals their life changes as they reunite for a night at MacLaren's; Robin has a change of heart; Ted finishes his story of meeting the Mother.
Chicago P.D. Black and Blue (TV-14) Atwater faces a difficult decision between doing what's necessary to solve a young dealer's murder and doing what's best for the community.
The King of Queens Dugan Groupie (TV-PG) Doug tries to further his own career after Carrie's promotion begins to interfere with their time together; Arthur feels paranoid.
How I Met Your Mother Slapsgiving (TV-PG) The slap bet clock returns haunt Barney, and Lily and Marshall host their first Thanksgiving together as a married couple.
The King of Queens Major Disturbance (TV-PG) Deacon changes the ending of a story, leaving him too scared to spend the weekend with the Heffermans; Arthur figures out a way to make money in carpooling.
How I Met Your Mother Pilot (TV-14) A man meets a woman at a bar, but after their first date he realizes that finding his future wife may take a lot more work than he had originally expected.
Chicago P.D. Descent (TV-14) Antonio oversteps a boundary that puts the entire crew in danger.
The King of Queens Lost Vegas (TV-G) Doug agrees to attend a health spa with Carrie in the hopes she will return the favor by allowing him to visit Las Vegas with the guys.
How I Met Your Mother The Yips (TV-14) With many beautiful models surrounding him, Barney searches for his lost "mojo" while in attendance at the Victoria's Secret Fall Fashion Show after-party.
The King of Queens Brace Yourself (TV-PG) Doug has Deacon's son draw a stick figure of Carrie in hopes that it will make her want to purchase an enhancement that the two of them could benefit from.
How I Met Your Mother Purple Giraffe (TV-14) In order to spend more casual time with Robin, the woman of his dreams, Ted throws a series of parties at his apartment and attempts to invite her.
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« Soledad A limousine driver named Victor lives an isolated existence until one evening he is forced to defend a client from being sexually assaulted by her prom date.
Chicago P.D. Debts of the Past (TV-14) Someone tries to injure Voight, but he survives and is positive the person is someone he and Olinsky once put away and is determined to find him.
NCIS: New Orleans The River Styx, Part II (TV-14) Pride and the team are separated from one another after they track down Apollyon; the team pursues a mole who relays vital information to Apollyon.
Chicago P.D. You Never Know Who's Who (TV-14) The new Street Deputy Crowley keeps a close eye on Ruzek after a mission that was undercover goes wrong and his future with the unit is on the line.
Chicago P.D. A Dead Kid, a Notebook, and a Lot of Maybes (TV-14) The team wants to find a teenage boy, whose alarming drawings they found, before he ends up becoming a risk to the students at his prominent school.
NCIS: New Orleans Quid Pro Quo (TV-14) NCIS investigates a lethal accident at a naval base and soon learn that a contagious super virus has been released, which threatens to infect the entire city.
Chicago P.D. Brotherhood (TV-14) Voight and Ruzek engage in conflict over how to deal with the aftermath that stems from the Antonio situation; a string of violent carjackings turns deadly.
The King of Queens Name Dropper (TV-PG) Doug is pressured into taking an invasive examination after he fakes a heart attack to prevent Carrie from realizing he cannot remember her co-worker's name.
How I Met Your Mother The Platinum Rule (TV-PG) Before Ted takes his doctor out for a nice evening on the town, his friends recommend that he take a step back and listen to their own past experiences.
The King of Queens Moxie Moron (TV-PG) When O'Boyle checks into rehab, Doug and Deacon are asked to fill in; however, Doug thinks that he may not be right for the job once the office loses control.
How I Met Your Mother The Sweet Taste of Liberty (TV-14) A trip to the airport to meet women turns into a flight to Philadelphia for Ted, and Lily takes off her engagement ring to see if she's still got it.
Chicago P.D. Trust (TV-14) The murder of a defense attorney after a fundraising event makes the Intelligence unit have to confront the world of campaign finance.
The King of Queens Off-track...Bedding? (TV-PG) Doug's father leaves town for a toy train convention and his mother begins to spend some time alongside Arthur, causing awkwardness for him.
How I Met Your Mother No Tomorrow (TV-PG) While celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Barney, Ted decides to act as if the world were going to end the next day, so he abandons his inhibitions.
The King of Queens Ruff Goin' (TV-PG) Doug makes an appearance at a neighborhood party to which he and Carrie were not invited, and to prove that they are good people, he adopts a dog.
How I Met Your Mother Return of the Shirt (TV-PG) The discovery of an old t-shirt leads Ted to attempt to reconnect with an old flame, while Barney pays Robin to say ridiculous things on the air.
Chicago P.D. Outrage (TV-14) Halstead's history with a convicted criminal, who is recently released from prison, jeopardizes the squad's chances to put him back behind bars.
The King of Queens Awed Couple (TV-PG) Doug runs into trouble when he realizes he can't get in contact with the friends he met with Carrie, Neal and Marcy because he doesn't know their phone number.
How I Met Your Mother Ten Sessions (TV-PG) Ted attempts to land a date with Stella, his dermatologist, but she repeatedly turns him down; Stella's receptionist Abby becomes infatuated with him.
The King of Queens Mama Cast (TV-PG) While buying some ice cream from the ice cream man, Doug notices a "for sale" sign and buys the truck, and in turn, gets harassed by another ice cream man.
How I Met Your Mother Okay Awesome (TV-14) While Robin takes Ted and Barney to a hot new club, Lily and Marshall attempt to act like mature adults, but find that they aren't quite ready to grow up.
Chicago P.D. Night In Chicago (TV-14) When Atwater sets out undercover to pursue the longtime head of a criminal enterprise, he finds himself involved in a situation where he is challenged.
The King of Queens Silent Mite (TV-PG) Doug tries to prove to Carrie a diminutive thief merely flirted with her to draw attention away from the fact he was actually picking Doug's pocket.
How I Met Your Mother The Bracket (TV-PG) An unknown woman is ruining Barney's love life and reputation, so he uses tournament brackets to narrow down the suspects and identify the offender.
The King of Queens Home Cheapo (TV-PG) After the Williamses purchase a new vacation home with all of the money they have saved up, the Heffernans accuse them of being cheap.
How I Met Your Mother The Slutty Pumpkin (TV-14) Ted returns to a rooftop Halloween party in hopes of finding a promiscuous girl dressed as a pumpkin that he had met years earlier.
Chicago P.D. Ties That Bind (TV-14) The squad heads to a Wisconsin gun show to pursue a supplier who manufactures machine guns that appear to be intended to kill police officers.
The King of Queens Cologne Ranger (TV-PG) Doug hides the fact he enjoys wearing a brand of cologne Carrie has forbidden him to wear; Arthur tries to absolve his debt to Holly and Spence.
How I Met Your Mother Cleaning House (TV-14) Barney convinces the gang to help his mom move out of her home, they learn that she's been protective of events throughout his life; Ted gets upset with Robin.
The King of Queens Affair Trade (TV-PG) An obsessed woman who swears that she spent a romantic weekend with Doug keeps calling the house, and Doug tries everything to get her to stop.
How I Met Your Mother Legendaddy (TV-14) When Barney finally meets his father for the first time, he's shocked to learn how his life turned out; the gang points out each other's "gaps" in life.
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