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The Bill Cunningham Show DNA Deception (HD, New, TV-14) A woman returns to the set after finding her ex-boyfriend was not the father of her child to have her current boyfriend take a paternity test.
Everybody Loves Raymond Cookies (TV-PG) Raymond discovers that another girl scout's mother has attempted to target Frank and Marie to sell cookies to, and he decides to engage in an all-out war.
'Til Death Anniversary Party (TV-PG) Seeing Stan dote on Vicki at their 25th anniversary party leads Eddie to learn to embrace his role in his marriage; Steph's dancing embarrasses Jeff.
'Til Death Check Mate (TV-PG) Joy and Eddie get left with a restaurant tab, sparking a war with Simona and Steven; Eddie finds his worklife is turning into a hell when Joy visits.
The Office The Incentive (TV-14) Robert California challenges the office to double their sales and suddenly everyone gets motivated to sell; Pam finds an unlikely pregnancy friend.
The Bill Cunningham Show Twisted Love Affairs (HD, New, TV-14) Guests who feel their rocky relationships are coming to a head seek help in mending their ties before they lose their partners for good.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Skit (TV-PG) Ray and Debra get big laughs when they do a Frank and Marie impersonation, but they aren't amused when the tables are turned.
'Til Death The Hockey Lie (TV-PG) A crisis in Steph and Jeff's marriage leads Eddie and Joy to wonder whether they are growing apart or more alike as they age.
'Til Death The Concert (TV-PG) Eddie befriends a new teacher and finds out they have a lot in common; Eddie and Joy reminisce about the songs they loved in the '80s.
The Office Lotto (TV-14) The warehouse guys win the lotto and quit; Andy and Darryl search for new warehouse employees while Jim, Erin, Dwight and Kevin get a taste of warehouse life.
« Jersey Girl (TV-14, PG-13, **+) After his wife dies during childbirth, a music publicist is left to raise his daughter on his own, and juggling parenthood with his career proves a challenge.
Catwoman (TV-PG, PG-13, *) A shy and sensitive artist is transformed into a superhuman hero with the strength and abilities of a cat after uncovering a corporate conspiracy at her office.
Castle The Blue Butterfly (HD, TV-PG) When a treasure hunter is killed, Castle and Beckett discover the case is linked to a homicide from 1947 involving a private detective.
White Collar Payback (TV-PG) The Marshals hunt an agent who is accused of giving up witness locations during trials, but Peter attempts to clear the agent's name when he learns the truth.
Glee Pilot (TV-PG) A high school teacher attempts to refuel his passion while reinventing the school glee club with a group of outcasts who don't realize their full potential.
The Bill Cunningham Show Families Reunited... Happy Endings? (HD, New, TV-14) Once neglected by their parents, guests join the set to confront their mothers and fathers in an attempt to learn why they were abandoned.
Everybody Loves Raymond Mother's Day (TV-PG) Debra and Marie get into a fight and stop speaking to each other. When Ray tries to resolve the problem, Debra decides that she prefers the new arrangement.
'Til Death The Colleague (TV-PG) Joy feels obligated to step in when Eddie and his new female friend start to bond a little too well for her liking.
'Til Death Merit Pay (TV-PG) Eddie attempts to get a raise in order to take Joy on a vacation, but his principal is not convinced; Doug's delusion continues to worsen.
The Office Garden Party (TV-14) Andy throws a garden party to impress Robert California, which Dwight thinks he's made a classy event, but Andy's family attends and makes him feel self-doubt.
The Bill Cunningham Show Enraged Families Face-Off (HD, New, TV-14) Guests join the set alongside their deadbeat mothers to demand answers as to why they have been neglected and abused growing up.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Bigger Person (TV-PG) When Ray and Frank exploit the feud between Debra and Marie, Robert decides that it has gone too far, and tries to fix things up.
'Til Death The Bachelor Party (TV-PG) The guys have a boys' night out after they discover that Jeff never had a bachelor party, but a lady friend takes the evening in an unexpected direction.
'Til Death The New Neighbors (TV-14) Joy and Eddie meet their new neighbors, and Eddie wonders what it is like to be with a younger woman; Eddie and Joy hold a yard sale.
The Office Spooked (TV-14) Erin has a hard time trying to make the Halloween party at the office exactly how Andy and Robert California want; Jim and Pam debate whether ghosts are real.
The Bill Cunningham Show Hateful Lies & Heartbreaking Accusations! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Guests submit to lie detector tests in order to prove to their partners that they are telling the truth as lies and deceit begin to tear apart couples.
Everybody Loves Raymond The First Time (TV-PG) After reminiscing over the first time that she slept with Ray, Debra decides to apologize to Marie, but Marie won't accept when a lie is uncovered.
'Til Death The Italian Affair (TV-PG) After being called a pack rat, Eddie flips through items he has kept and uncovers photos of his vacation in Italy with Joy where an unspeakable event occurred.
'Til Death The Wedding (TV-PG) With everyone nervous about Ally and Doug's big day, their sleep is haunted by nightmares of all the possible wedding disasters that could occur.
The Office Doomsday (TV-14) Dwight takes it upon himself to help with overall office efficiency by installing a doomsday device that will get them all fired if they find too many slip-ups.
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The Bill Cunningham Show The Best of DNA Drama! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Bill Cunningham reflects on some of the most beloved moments between baby daddies and their paternity results in celebration of DNA Thursday.
Everybody Loves Raymond Homework (TV-PG) When Ray complains about his kids' excessive workload, he gets stuck with curriculum review and needs Marie to bail him out.
'Til Death Clay Date (TV-PG) Eddie and Joy realize they have only themselves to blame when they learn about Allison's disappointing educational plans.
'Til Death Joy's Mom (TV-PG) Eddie attempts to ease the tension after Joy's mother comes to visit; a publisher wants to make Eddie's manuscript into a children's picture book.
The Office Pam's Replacement (TV-14) When Pam takes maternity leave, she has Dwight try to prove that Jim finds her temp attractive; Robert California asks to join Andy, Darryl and Kevin's band.
The Bill Cunningham Show Sex Secrets... Time to Reveal All! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Guests who claim that they are ready to cut their lovers loose after putting up with the promises of quitting the sex business only for them to fall through.
Everybody Loves Raymond Who Am I? (TV-PG) When Ray doesn't enjoy a night out with his friends, Debra thinks he might be growing up, but Ray thinks he should join his father's lodge.
'Til Death That's Ridiculous (TV-PG) Eddie's week of freedom doesn't turn out quite the way he hoped when Joy and Allison take off to Florida for a wild Spring Break party.
'Til Death Sell the House (TV-14) Eddie and Joy consider a smaller home, but Doug and Ally don't want to be on their own; Mr. White overstays his welcome after getting dumped.
The Office Gettysburg (TV-14) Attempting to motivate and inspire everyone in the office, Andy decides to take them on a field trip to Gettysburg; those who stay behind brainstorm for ideas.
« The Bounty (TV-PG, PG, **+) Conflicting viewpoints between the captain and the first mate over naval discipline leads to the famous mutiny aboard the British ship The Bounty.
Cold Mountain (TV-MA, R, ***) A Confederate soldier seeks to be reunited with the love he was forced to leave behind by the onset of the Civil War, as she struggles to survive on her own.
Castle Pandora (HD, TV-PG) Castle and Beckett chase a killer who is part of an international conspiracy; a CIA agent who has a complex past with Castle joins the case.
White Collar Power Play (TV-PG) Peter and Neal discover a shady collusion scheme involving power companies that is causing blackouts to plague the city of New York.
Glee Acafellas (TV-PG) Will forms an all-male acapella vocal group; the glee club hires a choreographer for Nationals; Mercedes falls in love; Josh Groban surprises Will.
The Bill Cunningham Show Deceptive Daughters... Mad Moms! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Mother-daughter duos whose relationships are on the rocks join the set to speak to each other about the past, and confess to their lies.
Everybody Loves Raymond The First Six Years, Part 1 (TV-PG) A special clip show that features numerous celebrity guests serves as a glimpse back on the highlights of the first six seasons of the show.
'Til Death Webby's Not Happy (TV-PG) When Eddie's single friend comes by and shares tales of his wild adventures, Joy makes it her mission to get him into a committed relationship.
'Til Death Ally's Pregnant (TV-PG) Ally and Doug announce that they are going to be parents, and Joy has a meltdown over becoming a grandmother, so Eddie calls in the reinforcements.
The Office Mrs. California (TV-14) Robert California brings his wife into the office and tries to find a position in which she can work; Dwight opens up a gym inside the building.
The Bill Cunningham Show I'm Not a Terrible Teen Mom! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Mothers face off with their accusatory loved ones who claim they are irresponsible after the women had gotten pregnant as teenagers.
Everybody Loves Raymond The First Six Years, Part 2 (TV-PG) The outlandish footage and behind-the-scenes perspectives continue, with numerous celebrity guests and highlighted moments from the first six seasons.
'Til Death Speed Bumps (TV-PG) A failed attempt at talking herself out of speeding ticket causes Joy to consider buying new lingerie and even plastic surgery; Kenny battles for dog custody.
'Til Death Smart Phone (TV-14) Eddie is annoyed when his students use their phones in class, but Mr. White introduces him to the 21st century, and soon Joy has to compete for attention.
The Office Christmas Wishes (TV-14) Andy shoots for the best holidays ever by trying to fulfill the wishes of everyone in the office; Robert California seeks solace through drinking.
The Bill Cunningham Show Terrifying Temper Tantrums (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Guests bring their exasperated loved ones to the set to confront them about their behaviors before things can get any worse than just a tantrum.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Thought That Counts (TV-PG) Ray always seems to have anxiety at gift-giving time and when Robert offers a great gift idea for Debra, but he fails to mention Robert, taking all the credit.
'Til Death The Buffer (TV-PG) When Kenny is thrown out of his apartment by his ex-wife, Eddie and Joy open the doors of their home to a friend in need.
'Til Death Big Man, Little Man (TV-14) Eddie feels self-conscious while hearing others talk about their endowments, and Joy tries to comfort him; Doug and Ally have their first sonogram.
The Office Trivia (TV-14) Andy desperately searches for a way to follow through with his goal of doubling office sales; Dwight visits Sabre headquarters for an opportunity.
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