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« RV (TV-PG, PG, **+) A man plans a getaway with false intentions in a rented RV for his problematic family, but along their journey they become tolerant with each other.
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (TV-MA, R, ***) An eccentric oceanographer leads his crew and estranged son on a dangerous mission to find the elusive jaguar shark that ate his beloved partner.
Rookie Blue Big Nickel (TV-14) Andy and Swarek's frustrations explode during a prison transport; Dov and Gail seek answers; Chris and Traci help Barber reconstruct missing notes.
The Good Wife Runnin' With the Devil (TV-14) Alicia questions the potential motives of a lawyer she has to work with on a case; Kalinda trains a new investigator; Cary decides to make a risky move.
Who's the Boss? Older Than Springtime (TV-PG) Angela gets a complete makeover after she is told that she is too old for a footwear commercial, including big 80s hair and makeup.
Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) A widowed father and his young daughter decide to work as live-in housekeepers for a woman with a young son, but their conflicting personalities produce chaos.
The Bill Cunningham Show Families in Despair over a Naughty Affair (HD, New, TV-14) Couples upset over alleged affairs are given the answers they need with DNA and pregnancy test results.
Cougar Town Turn This Car Around (TV-14) A confident wine rep sets her sights on Grayson; Jules tries to give wine up for an entire month; Bobby's new dog proves to be competition for Andy.
Rules of Engagement Cats & Dogs (HD, TV-PG) When Liz decides that she wants to finally have a baby, she turns to Russell as her last resort; Jeff gives Timmy some advice about acting like an alpha dog.
The King of Queens No Retreat (TV-PG) Carrie is excited to attend her company's retreat but Doug is dreading it and in a fit of boredom he lies to Carrie's boss and tells him he has climbed Everest.
Everybody Loves Raymond Cruising with Marie (TV-PG) When Frank fakes an injury to avoid going on a cruise vacation with Marie, Ray takes his place and is mistaken for her lover.
The Bill Cunningham Show Happily Ever After or a Complete Disaster? (HD, New, TV-14) Couples being torn apart by accusations of cheating get answers from lie detector tests.
Cougar Town Everything Man! (TV-PG) Grayson introduces his new girlfriend, and Jules tries to give him some friendly advice; Jules' new bathroom is the main attraction; Grayson finds inspiration.
Rules of Engagement A Wee Problem (HD, TV-PG) Jeff tries everything possible to make Brenda laugh when he discovers that she has a "wee" problem due to her pregnancy; Timmy surprised with his new boss.
The King of Queens Oxy Moron (TV-PG) Carrie is hurt that Doug thinks of himself first when their plane makes an extremely rough landing and he takes the only available oxygen mask for himself.
Everybody Loves Raymond Big Shots (TV-PG) Raymond tries to use his influence as a sportswriter to impress Robert when they meet the '69 Mets at the Baseball Hall of Fame.
The Bill Cunningham Show Deadbeat Moms & Devastated Daughters (HD, New, TV-14) Bill Cunningham speaks with women who are going to be reunited with their long-lost mothers, and to discuss the emotional outcome of these meetings.
Cougar Town Wake Up Time (TV-PG) Jules has an unsettling realization after Travis and his girlfriend break up; Ellie gets asked for advice from Sara; Andy compares himself to his son.
Rules of Engagement Unpleasant Surprises (HD, TV-PG) Jen forces the guys to put together a surprise bachelor party for Adam; Jen decides to paint a mural for Audrey and Jeff's nursery that turns out to be graphic.
The King of Queens Ticker Treat (TV-PG) After Arthur smashes Doug's pumpkin and forbids Halloween, an angry Doug decides to go overboard with decorations, causing Arthur to have a heart attack.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Getaway (TV-PG) Ray and Debra take a trip to Vermont, trying a little too hard to please each other in the romance department, and Uncle Robert is left babysitting the kids.
The Bill Cunningham Show My Husband Is Not the Father of Your Baby! (HD, New, TV-14) Women who insist their husbands are not the fathers of other women's children get answers from DNA test results.
Cougar Town Letting You Go (TV-PG) Jules has mixed feelings about Travis going off to college, and Grayson offers his support; Laurie questions her relationship; Andy longs for freedom.
Rules of Engagement Timmy Quits (HD, TV-PG) Jeff tries to prove to Audrey that Heidi, a former college friend of his, never had feelings for him; Timmy quits after learning about a pet tracking device.
The King of Queens Lyin' Hearted (TV-PG) Carrie searches for items Arthur needs at the hospital before having heart surgery and she discovers her father kept her college acceptance letter.
Everybody Loves Raymond Working Girl (TV-PG) Ray is upset when Debra gets a job and he has to help with housework, but when she gets fired, he helps get her job back, which displeases her.
The Bill Cunningham Show Your Sneaky Plan Won't Get Rid of My Man (HD, New, TV-14) Couples discuss their experiences with other people attempting to sabotage their relationship and break them apart, and confront those who are against them.
Cougar Town Feel a Whole Lot Better (TV-PG) Jules and Grayson flirt with being friends with benefits; Andy hires a nanny for Ellie; Travis manages to benefit from Bobby's schemes to make extra money.
Rules of Engagement 100th (HD, TV-PG) Brenda happens to go into labor on the day that Jennifer and Adam are finally tying the knot; Russell and Timmy make an attempt to reconcile their past issues.
The King of Queens Depo Man (TV-PG) Carrie worries that Doug will embarrass himself when her boss asks him to testify in a court case as the expert witness; Danny and Spence fight over Holly.
Everybody Loves Raymond Robert Moves Back (TV-PG) Robert is unable to get any time alone with his girlfriend, so he moves back in with Raymond, which fails to solve his problem.
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« The Tuxedo (TV-PG, PG-13, **) A chauffeur tries on his wealthy boss' tuxedo and discovers that he is wearing a garment filled with powerful gadgets that enable him to do martial arts.
Walk the Line (TV-14, PG-13, ***+) A young boy who is raised on a humble cotton farm pursues his dream of performing music as a country-singing star, but drug addiction interferes.
Rookie Blue In Blue (TV-14) The rookies find out whether or not they have passed their evaluations and get to keep their badges; Andy's resolve is shaken by a girl's suspicious death.
The Good Wife Death of a Client (TV-14) Alicia is persuaded to waive attorney/client privilege to help the police when her client is murdered and someone close to her may now be targeted.
Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) A widowed father and his young daughter decide to work as live-in housekeepers for a woman with a young son, but their conflicting personalities produce chaos.
Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) A widowed father and his young daughter decide to work as live-in housekeepers for a woman with a young son, but their conflicting personalities produce chaos.
The Bill Cunningham Show Let it Go... Your Addiction is Out of Control! (HD, New, TV-14) A woman's family holds an intervention, trying to get her to quit smoking PCP, which has led to her losing her baby, getting kidnapped, and getting shot.
Cougar Town Breakdown (TV-PG) Jules decides to snoop and reads Travis' graduation speech; Ellie does something nice for Laurie; Bobby tries not to embarrass Travis.
Rules of Engagement The Young and the Restless (HD, TV-PG) Audrey bets Jeff that he couldn't land a younger woman's number and gives him one night without his wedding band to succeed.
The King of Queens Double Downer (TV-PG) Carrie was planning a romantic weekend for she and Doug, but they end up going to Atlantic City to meet friends who don't even show up, but Doug's boss does.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Can Opener (TV-PG) When Raymond and Debra get into a fight over the new can opener each tells their side of the story to the other family members, causing family warfare to erupt.
The Bill Cunningham Show Stop Playing Games, I'm Not to Blame! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Quarrelling sisters and a couple that experience an awful loss visit the show to get help putting an end to years of blaming each other.
Cougar Town All Mixed Up (TV-PG) Jules has an instant connection with her new shrink, but she makes an unfortunate discovery; Ellie is jealous; Laurie, Travis have a moment; Bobby acts out.
Rules of Engagement Hard Day's Night (HD, TV-PG) Jeff becomes embarrassed when an issue comes up during a massage given by Jennifer, and Russell is bullied while trying to hit on a teacher.
The King of Queens Ovary Action (TV-PG) When the time is perfect to start trying for a baby, Doug's parents come to visit, compromising his and Carrie's privacy; Doug's dad likes the dog walker.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Will (TV-PG) Raymond and Debra can't seem to make anyone in their family happy after an attempt to draw up the circumstances of their living will.
The Bill Cunningham Show Rumors, Lies and DNA You Can't Deny! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) DNA test results end feuding of two families doubting paternity.
Cougar Town Let Yourself Go (TV-14) Jules plans to spend time with Travis before he leaves; Laurie teaches Bobby how to use the Internet; Andy hatches an elaborate plan to deceive Ellie.
Rules of Engagement Kids (HD, TV-PG) Adam and Jennifer's romantic weekend getaway may be ruined after a fight begins; Jeff and Audry "talk baby"; Russell has plans for an older woman.
The King of Queens Food Fight (TV-G) Doug takes an interest in Spence's new chef girlfriend and becomes addicted to her food and Carrie gets jealous and demands he stop the food affair.
Everybody Loves Raymond Cousin Gerard (TV-PG) Raymond hires his very annoying cousin to work for him, but he soon finds out that people don't think the two of them are so very different.
The Bill Cunningham Show I Won't Rest Until You Take the DNA + LDA Tests (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A lie detector test is used to assess a woman's claims of her cousin and sister sleeping with her boyfriend; a man undergoes a paternity test.
Cougar Town Makin' Some Noise (TV-14) Jules adjusts to living on her own, and focuses on Grayson; Travis turns to Bobby for advice; Ellie is determined not to like the new nanny.
Rules of Engagement Game On (HD, TV-PG) Audrey is not happy after her promotion announcement fails to receive as much of Jeff's attention as the Knicks game on TV.
The King of Queens Dougie Nights (TV-PG) Doug's enjoying hanging out with the singles in the clubs while he is trying to get Deacon back in the swing of things after his separation.
Everybody Loves Raymond No Thanks (TV-PG) Debra decides to try harder to get along with Marie while they cook a Sunday dinner; Ray, Frank and Robert go to a car show.
The Bill Cunningham Show Bad Moms Or Bad Kids? (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Mothers and their children face off and seek help from Bill Cunningham to find out who is responsible for years of feuding.
Cougar Town The Damage You've Done (TV-PG) Grayson decides to tell Jules the truth about Laurie and himself; Jules tries to project her anger; Laurie professes her love; Bobby's obsession; Travis doubts.
Rules of Engagement Jeff's Wooby (HD, TV-PG) Jeff is sad when he is asked to part with his old T-shirts from college, but Audrey comes up with a creative idea so that he doesn't have to miss them.
The King of Queens No Orleans (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie find a check for $1,500 that was never cashed in an old wedding present and ask the people to re-write the check so they can vacation.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Christmas Picture (TV-PG) Debra and Marie's disagreement on who should be in a family photo ruins Ray's plan to give his parents the ultimate Christmas gift.
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