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« Fools Rush In (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A Manhattan engineer on a project in Las Vegas marries a nightclub employee after she becomes pregnant, and they contend with their very different families.
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (TV-14, PG, ***+) While aboard the Enterprise for a routine inspection, Admiral Kirk is forced into action when Khan returns seeking revenge for his years of exile.
The Good Wife (TV-PG) The wife of a publicly disgraced politician resumes her former career as a defense lawyer in order to support her family and to regain a purpose in her life.
White Collar Veiled Threat (TV-PG) Peter and Neal go undercover as wealthy bachelors in an attempt to track down a woman who gets close to affluent men and then murders them for their fortunes.
Glee The Power of Madonna (TV-14) Mr. Schuester uses Madonna's music to teach a lesson to both guys and girls; Sue gets a makeover courtesy of Mercedes and Kurt.
The Bill Cunningham Show SOS: Drug- Crazed and Out of Control! (HD, New, TV-14) The sister of a reality TV star joins the show to discuss how her sister's heroine addiction is hurting the family and the show reaches out to try to help.
Cougar Town Pilot (TV-14) A divorced single mother in her forties explores the truths about dating and aging in modern society along with her friends and spurred on by her neighbor.
Are We There Yet? The Suzanne Gets Arrested Episode (TV-PG) Suzanne gets arrested after her need to prove her point goes too far, and while it leads her to being changing her ways, the change may not be for the better.
Rules of Engagement Fun Run (HD, TV-14) Jeff refuses to give donations to co-workers' charities only to learn that Audrey needs donations for a 10K run; Russell gets a taste of his own medicine.
Rules of Engagement Hard Day's Night (HD, TV-PG) Jeff becomes embarrassed when an issue comes up during a massage given by Jennifer, and Russell is bullied while trying to hit on a teacher.
The Bill Cunningham Show Hey Mister ... Stop Cheating on my Sister! (HD, New, TV-14) Siblings of women who are being treated poorly by their boyfriends join the show to expose these men that they date for the cheaters that they are.
Cougar Town Into the Great Wide Open (TV-PG) Against the advice of her best friend, Jules attempts to keep up with some hard-partying 20-somethings and makes a complete fool of herself.
Are We There Yet? The Green Episode (TV-PG) The family decides to live an environmentally conscientious lifestyle, but they soon discover how difficult it is to always put the environment first.
Rules of Engagement Refusing to Budget (HD, TV-14) Russell gets his utilities shut off in his apartment, Timmy convinces him to start a budget; Audrey has a mentee who wants to learn about publishing.
Rules of Engagement Kids (HD, TV-PG) Adam and Jennifer's romantic weekend getaway may be ruined after a fight begins; Jeff and Audry "talk baby"; Russell has plans for an older woman.
The Bill Cunningham Show The Greedy & Needy Lifestyle of Sugar Babies (HD, New, TV-14) The guests think that they are clever in the way that they abuse people for money, but their families are convinced that their lifestyle is doomed to fail.
Cougar Town Don't Do Me Like That (TV-PG) As their 10th date approaches, Jules finds herself attending to her family and friends instead of focusing on her boyfriend; Bobby must be a responsible dad.
Are We There Yet? The My First Job Episode (TV-PG) Lindsey is excited about entering the professional world when she gets a job at a local burger place, but trouble ensues when she gives away free food.
Rules of Engagement Little Bummer Boy (HD, TV-14) Russell borrows a holiday concept of gift-giving from Adam, to the surprise of others; Audrey wants to make people laugh at Jeff's holiday party.
Rules of Engagement Game On (HD, TV-PG) Audrey is not happy after her promotion announcement fails to receive as much of Jeff's attention as the Knicks game on TV.
The Bill Cunningham Show Don't Deny ... DNA Doesn't Lie (HD, New, TV-14) One couple refuses to get married until their paternity tests are revealed, while another woman suspects her man is sneaking around behind her back.
Cougar Town You Wreck Me (TV-PG) Jules regrets setting Bobby and Grayson up for a golf lesson after they become friends; Laurie takes a client and surprises herself.
Are We There Yet? The Expensive Purse Episode (TV-PG) Nick refuses to let Suzanne buy the high-priced purse she likes, but when he later decides to get it for her as a gift, he doesn't realize she has other plans.
Rules of Engagement The Home Stretch (HD, TV-14) When Jeff learns that a guy is giving Audrey her home pilates classes, he wants to make a change; Adam tells Jennifer specifics about his football past.
Rules of Engagement Jeff's Wooby (HD, TV-PG) Jeff is sad when he is asked to part with his old T-shirts from college, but Audrey comes up with a creative idea so that he doesn't have to miss them.
The Bill Cunningham Show If You Took Them To Bed, We'll Never Wed! (HD, New, TV-14) Guests couples who are about to get married suspect that there is unfaithfulness in their relationships, so they subject their partners to lie detector tests.
Cougar Town I Won't Back Down (TV-PG) Jules tries to get Grayson to say she is sexy, and Laurie and Ellie help put him in his place; Ellie feels like she has lost her looks after giving birth.
Are We There Yet? The Control Issue Episode (TV-PG) After Nick talks about her controlling manner, Suzanne decides to take a break and let the family control everything, which forces them to realize something.
Rules of Engagement Uh-Oh It's Magic (HD, TV-14) Russell takes a date to the magic show where a magician makes her disappear; Audrey unknowingly slips up and tells Brenda's girlfriend about the baby.
Rules of Engagement Baby Talk (HD, TV-PG) When Audrey begins to bond with their unborn baby, a paranoid Jeff starts to panic and believes that she is trying to form an alliance against him.
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« Race To Witch Mountain (TV-PG, PG, **+) A cab driver attempts to protect two children with special abilities from a relentless organization wanting to use the siblings for their own malicious deeds.
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TV-PG, G, **+) As a new captain prepares to take the helm of the Enterprise, Kirk and crew are called back into action to investigate a deadly entity headed for Earth.
The Good Wife Conjugal (TV-14) Alicia agrees to a conjugal visit with Peter in order to get information from him regarding a case she was recently assigned to.
The Middle The Yelling (TV-PG) Frankie makes a deal with the kids to stop yelling and nagging if they do their homework without question; Mike takes a night job with Bob.
Mike & Molly (TV-PG) An overweight couple finds love at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, and together they try to successfully overcome the culinary temptations of overindulgence.
Glee (TV-14) A young, optimistic teacher attempts to inspire a ragtag group of performers in the glee club to come together and restore the choir's tarnished reputation.
The Bill Cunningham Show Shattered Family Showdown (HD, New, TV-14) Bill Cunningham speaks with family members who are seeking answers as to why they feel unwanted and abandoned by their loved ones.
Cougar Town A Woman in Love (It's Not Me) (TV-PG) Jules turns to her friends for help ending her relationship smoothly after Josh professes his love for her; Bobby, Grayson and Andy golf.
Are We There Yet? The Lemon Squeeze Episode (TV-PG) The family's normal morning routine is disrupted by fighting, which leads Gigi to suggest an old sorority exercise that she hopes will help calm them down.
Rules of Engagement Zygote (HD, TV-14) Jeff and Audrey see a fertility specialist with their surrogate and discover a zygote; Russell and Timmy decide to go on double dates one more time.
Rules of Engagement Cooking Class (HD, TV-PG) Jeff and Audrey decide to join Adam and Jen's healthy cooking class, but things get heated and turn into a competition after Jen insults Audrey's cooking.
The Bill Cunningham Show Online Secrets and Sexting Trysts (HD, New, TV-14) People who are accusing their partners of cheating say that they are willing to put their trust issues to rest if their partners can pass a lie detector test.
Cougar Town Two Gunslingers (TV-PG) Jules invites her two best friends to join her on a wild birthday out of town, only to have an encounter with her nemesis and her husband.
Are We There Yet? The Tit for Tat Episode (TV-PG) Nick's career is threatened when the station hires a new woman, and Suzanne takes it upon herself to make sure that her husband keeps his much-loved job.
Rules of Engagement Anniversary Chicken (HD, TV-14) Jeff decides to surprise Audrey by remembering their anniversary, but ends up getting surprised; Timmy is forced to be Russell's interpreter on a date.
Rules of Engagement Liz Moves In (HD, TV-PG) Audrey lets Liz temporarily move in with her and Jeff, but that plan quickly irritates Audrey when Liz takes Jeff's side on everything he says.
The Bill Cunningham Show Dump Your Dangerous, Deadbeat Lover (HD, New, TV-14) People who believe their family members are in dangerous relationships beg their loved ones to leave before something bad happens.
Cougar Town Here Comes My Girl (TV-PG) Travis invites his girlfriend to dinner to meet everyone for the first time, and Jules gets excited; Bobby and Grayson have something in common.
Are We There Yet? The V.I.P Tickets Episode (TV-PG) Nick gets tickets to a restricted sporting event and decides to invite Martin, and his decision to invite his friend before his wife upsets Suzanne.
Rules of Engagement The Set Up (HD, TV-14) Russell discovers that Timmy has a sister and aims to do anything to impress her; Jeff and Audrey decide to set their neighbor Liz up on a blind date.
Rules of Engagement Catering (HD, TV-PG) Audrey tries to impress the attendees of an event that Brenda asked help catering for, only to find out that they are more impressed with Jeff's bartending.
The Bill Cunningham Show Secret Affairs & DNA Scares (HD, New, TV-14) Bill Cunningham is joined by couples who take DNA tests and learn secrets that could potentially destroy their relationships permanently.
Cougar Town (TV-14) A recently divorced single mother explores the honest truths about dating and aging in a culture that is obsessed with perfecting beauty and keeping youth.
Are We There Yet? The Career Day Episode (TV-PG) Nick talks to Kevin's class for Career Day, but while talking about connections, he accidentally leads the kids to believe that they don't need to study.
Rules of Engagement Beating the System (HD, TV-PG) Jeff and Audrey learn that their surrogate has become pregnant, changing both of their lives; Timmy takes on the role of wedding planner for Adam and Jennifer.
Rules of Engagement Role Play (HD, TV-PG) Jeff schemes up a plan to get into a popular restaurant with a long waiting list that he promised to take Audrey to; Liz & Russell go to a Sex Addicts meeting.
The Bill Cunningham Show Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! (HD, New, TV-14) Bill Cunningham speaks with people in relationships who are trying to convince their partners that they are not cheating right in front of their face.
Cougar Town (TV-14) A recently divorced single mother explores the honest truths about dating and aging in a culture that is obsessed with perfecting beauty and keeping youth.
Are We There Yet? The Nick Gets Promoted Episode (TV-PG) Nick is excited when he receives a promotion to co-host, and after learning that the other host is egotistical and lazy, he sets out to prove his worth.
Rules of Engagement The Jeff Photo (HD, TV-14) When an old photo of Jeff appears in an art gallery, it brings back some old memories that cause Jeff to make some changes in his life; Russell has a slump.
Rules of Engagement Taking Names (HD, TV-PG) Jeff and Audrey ask Russell if he will provide them with a list of names of women he has slept with in the past so they can avoid using it for their baby.
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