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The Bill Cunningham Show Crazy Co-Workers... You're Fired! (HD, New, TV-14) Employers who have had enough drama in the work place come to the Bill Cunningham Show for help before the pink slip comes out.
Cougar Town The Trip to Pirate's Cove (TV-14) Andy hopes Ellie's alter ego will attract tourists during Buccaneer Week, and her other personality also affects Jules; Laurie begins baking risqué cakes.
Rules of Engagement Voluntary Commitment (HD, TV-14) After a long line of female assistants, Russell finally learns the advantages of a male aid; Audrey wagers with Jeff about her volunteer work with the elderly.
The King of Queens Where's Poppa (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie, hoping for a little privacy and romance, send Arthur away for the weekend to work at Doug's cousin Danny's pizza parlor.
Everybody Loves Raymond In-Laws (TV-PG) Raymond asks his parents to try to get along when his in-laws come over for dinner, but the two families' backgrounds end up being too different.
The Bill Cunningham Show Cheaters Caught and Put To Shame! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Cheaters who have been convicted of being unfaithful must spin the "Wheel of Shame" in order to determine which humiliating fate awaits them.
Cougar Town Hard on Me (TV-14) Embarrassed by a recent article, Andy organizes a race to salvage his reputation, and Jules asks her dad to get everyone in shape; Grayson fulfills a dream.
Rules of Engagement Dad's Visit (HD, TV-14) Audrey is dismayed when Jeff's chauvinist father extends his stay due to a sprained ankle; Russell's one-night stand won't leave.
The King of Queens Time Share (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie spend time with their annoying neighbors out of guilt after the neighbors separate and offer their time share in the Hamptons to them.
Everybody Loves Raymond Captain Nemo (TV-PG) Relationships are strained when Debra feels that Ray is spending too much time with his basketball team after replacing Robert as team captain.
The Bill Cunningham Show Sex, Lies and Videotaped Confessions (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Men and women who have done wrong to their loved ones confess to them through videotaped confessions.
Cougar Town Time to Move On (TV-14) Andy and the guys make a cat video; Jules worries about Travis' job prospects; to get Stan into a new school, Ellie and Laurie pretend to be a couple.
Rules of Engagement Russell's Secret (HD, TV-14) Audrey promises to keep Russell's interest in Broadway musicals a secret in exchange for theater tickets; Adam and Jennifer take dance lessons.
The King of Queens Maybe Baby (TV-PG) After playing with Deacon's 3-year-old, Doug realizes he wants to be a father, and when Carrie is resistant to the idea, a romantic tryst helps the decision.
Everybody Loves Raymond Debra's Sick (TV-PG) With Debra at home sick, Raymond must rearrange his schedule to make it to the kids' pediatrician appointment, but the kids and work don't mix well.
The Aviator (TV-14, PG-13, ***+) The wealthy son of a Texas inventor finds fame and romance from the 1920s to the 1940s as both a Hollywood executive and an aeronautical entrepreneur.
Rookie Blue Mercury Retrograde (TV-14) Andy and her training officer go undercover to find a missing informant, and Andy learns how far her training officer will cross the line.
The Good Wife Here Comes the Judge (TV-14) Will and Alicia's attempt to protect their client could turn every judge in Chicago against them; Grace is affected by the death of a classmate.
Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) A widowed father and his young daughter decide to work as live-in housekeepers for a woman with a young son, but their conflicting personalities produce chaos.
Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) A widowed father and his young daughter decide to work as live-in housekeepers for a woman with a young son, but their conflicting personalities produce chaos.
The Bill Cunningham Show Stop Fueling the Fire... You're a Dirty Liar! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Family relationships are tested when they receive the results of their lie detector tests, exposing scandals of love, sex, loyalty, and betrayal.
Cougar Town Mystery of Love (TV-14) Jules tries to prove she and Grayson are the perfect couple; Andy tries to look like a cool dad; Ellie may finish a teen novel she began working on years ago.
Rules of Engagement Family Style (HD, TV-14) Jeff gets annoyed when Brad's partner, Jackie, helps himself to some of Jeff's dinner during a double date; Russell dates a psychiatrist.
The King of Queens Female Problems (TV-PG) Carrie becomes inseparable from a friendly female neighbor, and a jealous Doug wishes that his wife would spend more time with him.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Game (TV-PG) Arguments erupt over a board game after the cable goes out, and Ray discovers that his father hooked up the illegal connection.
The Bill Cunningham Show Lying Lust, Twisted Trust! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A couple wrapped up in a love triangle, and a woman who believes her man is having an affair with her best friend take lie detector tests to find the truth.
Cougar Town Too Much Ain't Enough (TV-14) Jules asks Andy to help her with a get-rich-quick scheme; Grayson wants to appear cool in front of Travis' new friends; Bobby has trouble with his new bag.
Rules of Engagement Sex Toy Story (HD, TV-14) After Jennifer hosts a party at which sex toys are offered for sale, Jeff wonders if he and Audrey are missing out on something in their personal life.
The King of Queens Assaulted Nuts (TV-PG) While goofing off at work, after claiming he is too busy to go with Carrie during lunch to get a loan, Doug shoots himself in the groin with a staple gun.
Everybody Loves Raymond Recovering Pessimist (TV-PG) After he wins a writing award, Debra convinces Ray to be more upbeat, but when he does so, his family accuses him of being self-centered.
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The Bill Cunningham Show I Refuse to Keep Being the Black Sheep of the Family! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Family members who feel like outcasts confront their loved ones in an effort to improve their relationships.
Cougar Town Too Good to be True (TV-14) Travis starts an open-mic event at Coffee Bucks, and Andy does a comedy routine; Tom's daughter visits, and he may not be able to live up to her expectations.
Rules of Engagement House Money (HD, TV-14) Audrey convinces Jeff to do something fun with the profits from selling his car, though she regrets her advice after an extravagant night becomes costly.
The King of Queens Parent Trapped (TV-G) Deacon and Kelly ask Doug and Carrie to be their baby's godparents but Carrie is reluctant of the responsibility until they see a new couple take their place.
Everybody Loves Raymond Neighbors (TV-PG) When his noisy and nosy parents irritate the neighbors, they demand a meeting with Raymond to find a solution to the problem.
The Bill Cunningham Show One Night Stands and DNA Demands (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Men seek answers from women they say have lied to them, taking paternity tests.
Cougar Town Refugee (TV-14) Jules and Bobby assume alter egos in order to find Bobby's missing boat; Andy tries to win over his new boss; Travis and Laurie try to decorate her home.
Rules of Engagement May Divorce Be with You (HD, TV-14) Audrey invites a friend to stay over as he goes through a difficult divorce, but his penchant for inappropriate hugging soon leads her to regret her decision.
The King of Queens Dire Strayts (TV-PG) When Ray Barone and Debra come over for a BBQ, Carrie and Debra bond over their insensitive husbands while Doug and Ray just want to watch the game on TV.
Everybody Loves Raymond Why Are We Here? (TV-PG) A flashback episode explores the time when Ray and Debra learned they were having twins, and why they live across the street from his parents.
The Bill Cunningham Show Best Friend Beware... Confess Your Secret Affair! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A woman confronts her male cousin that she thinks is sleeping with her boyfriend; a man accuses his girlfriend of having an affair with his best friend.
Cougar Town Like a Diamond (TV-14) Jules gets into an accident with a stranger, and the man decides to ask her out; Bobby begins prepping for a huge snowstorm, even though it isn't very likely.
Rules of Engagement Poaching Timmy (HD, TV-PG) Timmy and Audrey scheme to find a solution to both of their problems; Jeff tries to recreate the conditions that led to a Giants win.
The King of Queens Doug Out (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie take Arthur to a Mets game to make up for calling him a demented circus monkey but wind up in the stadium jail.
Everybody Loves Raymond Father Knows Least (TV-PG) Raymond is surprised to discover that he has mastered the techniques of his parenting class when he uses them on his parents and daughter.
« Falling Up (TV-MA, NR, **+) A nursing student takes a job as a doorman during hard times, and finds himself falling in love with the daughter of a wealthy resident family.
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (TV-MA, R, ***) An eccentric oceanographer leads his crew and estranged son on a dangerous mission to find the elusive jaguar shark that ate his beloved partner.
Rookie Blue Signals Crossed (TV-14) Andy gets her undercover skills tested in a citywide sting operation; Andy and Dov put an informant's life in danger during an attempt to impress Boyko.
The Good Wife Battle of the Proxies (TV-14) Will defends a man accused of murder as Alicia helps the prosecution in the trial of another man accused of the same crime in a nearby county.
Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) A widowed father and his young daughter decide to work as live-in housekeepers for a woman with a young son, but their conflicting personalities produce chaos.
Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) A widowed father and his young daughter decide to work as live-in housekeepers for a woman with a young son, but their conflicting personalities produce chaos.
The Bill Cunningham Show I'll Pass the LDT, Your Relative Didn't Sleep With Me! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Couples who have accused their partner of cheating with a close relative undergo lie detector tests to find the truth.
Cougar Town We Stand a Chance (TV-14) Tom selects the crew's next vacation destination; Jules' physical yields surprising results; Bobby signs himself and Grayson up for a contest.
Rules of Engagement Flirting (HD, TV-PG) Jeff flirts back with a female colleague, only to find that she is open to having an affair with him; Russell sends Timmy to retrieve his phone after a fling.
The King of Queens Roamin' Holiday (TV-PG) Carrie invites her friend Susie and her husband, Mike, to stay over for the Thanksgiving holiday; Mike bores Doug to tears so Doug convinces Spence to move in.
Everybody Loves Raymond Anniversary (TV-PG) Ray is shocked to learn that his parents were separated for a year, but wonders if it was such a bad thing when he considers how unhappy they are.
The Bill Cunningham Show Having an Affair With Your Mother! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Betrayals, schemes, and lies are revealed when loved ones come clean.
Cougar Town Pilot (TV-14) A divorced single mother in her forties explores the truths about dating and aging in modern society along with her friends and spurred on by her neighbor.
Rules of Engagement Ghost Story (HD, TV-PG) Audrey is upset at Jeff that he does not believe she saw her grandmother's ghost; Russell tries to convince Timmy not go through with his arranged marriage.
The King of Queens I, Candy (TV-PG) Carrie finds it comical at first when Doug's whole attitude changes after a waitress flirts with him, but she's not amused when she sees how attractive she is.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Children's Book (TV-PG) Debra decides to write a children's book, and tries to get Raymond to help, but instead, he turns it into a competition with their daughter as the judge.
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