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Rookie Blue Stung (TV-14) A suspect at a sting operation leads Dov and Chris to a booby-trapped meth house; Jo and Luke work on a surveillance job and have it out over their past.
The Good Wife The Bit Bucket (TV-PG) Alicia and Cary sue the NSA, unaware that they are monitoring the firm due to Diane's ties to a client; Eli works to secure Diane's Supreme Court nomination.
Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) A widowed father and his young daughter decide to work as live-in housekeepers for a woman with a young son, but their conflicting personalities produce chaos.
Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) A widowed father and his young daughter decide to work as live-in housekeepers for a woman with a young son, but their conflicting personalities produce chaos.
The Bill Cunningham Show I Hope and Pray I'm Your Daddy Today! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Suspecting men go to Bill for help so that they can take paternity tests and discover if they really are the fathers of their children.
Cougar Town Lonesome Sundown (TV-PG) Jules tries not to interfere as Travis makes one of his biggest decisions; Grayson tries to take an interest; a "council" is formed to mete out punishment.
Rules of Engagement Voluntary Commitment (HD, TV-14) After a long line of female assistants, Russell finally learns the advantages of a male aid; Audrey wagers with Jeff about her volunteer work with the elderly.
The King of Queens Silent Mite (TV-PG) Doug tries to prove to Carrie a diminutive thief merely flirted with her to draw attention away from the fact he was actually picking Doug's pocket.
Everybody Loves Raymond Fairies (TV-PG) Raymond has grave concerns about his sons' roles in an upcoming play after Debra allows them to be cast as a pair of well-dressed fairies.
The Bill Cunningham Show Murder, Mayhem, and Mistaken Identity (HD, New, TV-14) Devastated siblings join Bill Cunningham for help in piecing their back together again after tragedy strikes their family.
Cougar Town Damaged by Love (TV-PG) Jules and Bobby are unsure of how to comfort Travis; Grayson stands up to Jules; Ellie turns to Laurie for support after Andy's sister-in-law visits.
Rules of Engagement Dad's Visit (HD, TV-14) Audrey is dismayed when Jeff's chauvinist father extends his stay due to a sprained ankle; Russell's one-night stand won't leave.
The King of Queens Cologne Ranger (TV-PG) Doug hides the fact he enjoys wearing a brand of cologne Carrie has forbidden him to wear; Arthur tries to absolve his debt to Holly and Spence.
Everybody Loves Raymond Stefania Arrives (TV-PG) When Robert's gorgeous Italian girlfriend arrives in America, he learns that she isn't quite as charming as he first thought.
The Bill Cunningham Show From Housewife to Ho (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Both a concerned man and worried mother join the set as guests in an attempt to save their loved ones from continuing their lives as prostitutes.
Cougar Town Free Fallin' (TV-PG) Travis continues on his downward spiral and Jules decides to hit him with some tough love; Andy advises Bobby and Laurie; Ellie and Grayson are threatened.
Rules of Engagement Russell's Secret (HD, TV-14) Audrey promises to keep Russell's interest in Broadway musicals a secret in exchange for theater tickets; Adam and Jennifer take dance lessons.
The King of Queens Domestic Disturbance (TV-PG) Doug hires Spence's mother to be his own personal maid in order to get back at Carrie for hiring a housekeeper without bothering to consult him.
Everybody Loves Raymond Net Worth (TV-PG) Debra has a hard time thinking of go-carts as a serious investment opportunity and is upset when Ray invests $1,000 in the scheme his friend has concocted.
The Bill Cunningham Show Deadbeat Dads with DNA Drama! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A woman submits to a DNA test to see whether the abusive man she has called her dad for her whole life is her biological father.
Cougar Town Something Good Coming, Part 1 (TV-14) The gang plans a vacation after Travis moves to Hawaii; Grayson admits his desires for the future; Bobby becomes a vacation surrogate; Laurie devises a plan.
Rules of Engagement Twice (HD, TV-14) Frustrated by the fawning a co-worker received after announcing her pregnancy, Audrey pretends she is expecting so she can also get special treatment.
The King of Queens Pour Judgement (TV-PG) Carrie is hesitant to accept Doug's new gig as a part-time bartender until he starts bringing home large tips; Arthur plots a coup at the senior center.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Canister (TV-PG) Embarrassed to discover a canister of Marie's that she claimed to have returned, Debra hatches a scheme to dispose of the evidence.
The Bill Cunningham Show Best of Bill: Low Down, Deadbeat Parents! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Bill Cunningham showcases some of the worst parents that have appeared on the show.
Cougar Town Something Good Coming, Part 2 (TV-14) Travis's move to Hawaii leads to a group vacation; Grayson makes a big announcement; Bobby becomes a surrogate; Laurie hatches a plan.
Rules of Engagement Lyin' King (HD, TV-14) Jeff and Audrey lie to get out of going to Jennifer and Adam's party; Timmy keeps Russell in line after he offends NFL legend Jerry Rice.
The King of Queens Gym Neighbors (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie hire Lou Ferrigno as their personal trainer; Arthur learns he was cheated out of a consolation prize and does his best to try and collect.
Everybody Loves Raymond Separation (TV-PG) That her parent's quarrel has been a worry for Debra ever since she realized it, but she's still taken by surprise when she learns they have actually separated.
« Full Out (TV-G, NR) An aspiring Olympic gymnast struggles with her dreams after an almost fatal car crash yet soon finds reason to hope again in university.
Fame (TV-14, PG, **) While attending a performing arts high school, students must overcome adversity through song and dance, as they seek success as professional actors and singers.
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Rookie Blue The One That Got Away (TV-14) When a woman is brutally attacked on Andy's watch, she begins worrying that her personal issues are hindering her work performance.
The Good Wife Outside the Bubble (TV-PG) Alica represents a surrogate mother going against the biological parents wishes; Diane's Supreme Court candidacy begins to cause fighting inside the firm.
Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) A widowed father and his young daughter decide to work as live-in housekeepers for a woman with a young son, but their conflicting personalities produce chaos.
Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) A widowed father and his young daughter decide to work as live-in housekeepers for a woman with a young son, but their conflicting personalities produce chaos.
The Bill Cunningham Show Scandalous Sex & Shameful Secrets! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Lie detector tests expose the truth for couples suspicious that their partners are cheating.
Cougar Town A Mind with a Heart of its Own (TV-PG) Jules asks both Ellie and Laurie to be her maids-of-honor; Grayson attempts to ask Chick for Jules' hand in marriage, but Chick decides to have some fun.
Rules of Engagement House Money (HD, TV-14) Audrey convinces Jeff to do something fun with the profits from selling his car, though she regrets her advice after an extravagant night becomes costly.
The King of Queens Deconstructing Carrie (TV-PG) Doug bribes neighborhood construction workers in the hopes their boisterous flirting will help Carrie feel younger; Arthur alters Carrie's childhood photos.
Everybody Loves Raymond No Roll! (TV-PG) Raymond purchases an adult-only board game to add spice to their love life when Debra complains that his selfishness in bed is inhibiting.
The Bill Cunningham Show No More Rumors and Lies (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Couples get to the bottom of their cheating allegations by giving their partners lie detector tests.
Cougar Town Lover's Touch (TV-PG) Jules is deep into wedding planning mode until Travis is in an accident; the guys invent a game to cheer up Grayson, who is feeling neglected by Jules.
Rules of Engagement May Divorce Be with You (HD, TV-14) Audrey invites a friend to stay over as he goes through a difficult divorce, but his penchant for inappropriate hugging soon leads her to regret her decision.
The King of Queens Van, Go (TV-PG) Holly realizes an offer to redecorate her van served as a smokescreen for Carrie's true agenda; Doug is infuriated by a waitress' apparent laziness.
Everybody Loves Raymond Ray's Ring (TV-PG) While away on a business trip, Ray inadvertently loses his wedding band and at the airport he is approached by a flirtatious woman, who thinks he's single.
The Bill Cunningham Show Zero Trust and LDT Busts! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Guests are determined to earn their loved one's trust so they submit lie detector tests, but the results are shocking.
Cougar Town Full Moon Fever (TV-PG) Bobby falls for Travis' photography professor, but Travis refuses to introduce them; Laurie falls for a guy she's never met, via twitter.
Rules of Engagement Poaching Timmy (HD, TV-PG) Timmy and Audrey scheme to find a solution to both of their problems; Jeff tries to recreate the conditions that led to a Giants win.
The King of Queens The Black List (TV-PG) Doug brushes up on his African-American history after it appears Deacon is growing closer to a new friend; Carrie has problems at the salon.
Everybody Loves Raymond Jealous Robert (TV-PG) Ray and Debra attempt to get Robert back together with Amy by forcing him to feel jealousy about a blind date that they have set the woman up on.
The Bill Cunningham Show Dirty Histories...DNA Mysteries (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Guests want the truth about their loved ones' histories and make them take lie detector tests to set the record straight.
Cougar Town A One Story Town (TV-14) Jules and the gang decide Bobby needs some help romancing Angie, so they commence "Operation: Kiss-the-Girl"; Ted and the Peons come to town.
Rules of Engagement Old Timer's Day (HD, TV-14) Jeff invites Audrey to watch him play softball to prove that he is still young and spry, but a sneeze during his at-bat quickly undoes his plans.
The King of Queens Catching Hell (TV-PG) Carrie pretends Spence is her husband after Doug accidentally spills food on one of her biggest clients; Holly's uncle steals the spotlight from Arthur.
Everybody Loves Raymond It's Supposed to Be Fun (TV-PG) Ray is shocked to discover that his son Geoffery is not adept at sports, but comes to understand that its more important to have fun.
The Bill Cunningham Show Relationship's on Fire! Your Mate's a Cheating Liar! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Couples entangled in lies and accusations of cheating get answers from lie detector tests.
Cougar Town Something Big (TV-14) As Jules is trying to work through Grayson's past, an encounter with an ex ends with him finding out that he is the father of a baby he never knew about.
Rules of Engagement The Challenge (HD, TV-PG) Russell challenges Jeff and Adam to a contest in order to see whether the single, married, or engaged man has the best chances of "sealing the deal" with women.
The King of Queens Ice Cubed (TV-G) Carrie is wracked by guilt over a checkout error after she becomes stranded inside a church during a snowstorm; Doug gives in-law advice to a stranger.
Everybody Loves Raymond Raybert (TV-PG) Robert starts dating a woman who thinks that he's Ray, but things go wrong when the woman meets Debra and tells her that she's dating Ray.
« Breakaway (TV-14, PG-13) Rajvinder Singh has been a hockey enthusiast since the age of twelve and went to the extent of discarding his family and education.
Iron Eagle (TV-14, PG-13, *+) When a U.S. Air Force pilot is shot down and taken prisoner in the Middle East, his teenage son and a veteran hijack two Air Force jets for a rescue mission.
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