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The Bill Cunningham Show You're a Low Down Deadbeat Dad! (HD, New, TV-14) A man confronts his ex's new boyfriend; man has doubts about his child's real father.
Cougar Town All the Wrong Reasons (TV-PG) Ellie and Jules turn competitive over a hot tennis instructor; Laurie wants Travis to be her conscience; Andy and Grayson comfort Bobby.
Rules of Engagement The Young and the Restless (HD, TV-PG) Audrey bets Jeff that he couldn't land a younger woman's number and gives him one night without his wedding band to succeed.
Cougar Town Square One (TV-PG) Jules and Grayson begin to worry that they are going to make the same mistakes they have made in their past; Ellie and Laurie fight over who is sexier.
Everybody Loves Raymond No Roll! (TV-PG) Raymond purchases an adult-only board game to add spice to their love life when Debra complains that his selfishness in bed is inhibiting.
« Surrogates (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) People are using robots from home to live their lives, but when the first murder occurs in years, an agent leaves his surrogate to find the killer.
Noel (TV-14, PG, **+) Five separate residents of New York City come together from different walks of life, each in search of their own miracle on Christmas Eve.
Rookie Blue A Little Faith (TV-14) Andy, Dov and Traci end up being forced to tread carefully as they must avoid blowing Swarek's cover; Dov finds himself on a "ride along" with a drug dealer.
The Good Wife Taking Control (TV-14) Torn between her passion and potential future with Will and her marriage to Peter, Alicia is forced to make her choice between the two men.
Haven As You Were (TV-14) Audrey's new friends and acquaintances from the town of Haven decide to throw her a surprise birthday celebration at a nearby island hotel.
The Bill Cunningham Show You're a Deadbeat in the Hot Seat (HD, New, TV-14) Daughters talk to the mothers who abandoned them.
Cougar Town What Are You Doin' In My Life (TV-PG) Laurie tries to get her mother to cosign for a condo; Bobby is mugged by a woman; Travis comes to Barb's aid after her latest procedure.
Rules of Engagement Game On (HD, TV-PG) Audrey is not happy after her promotion announcement fails to receive as much of Jeff's attention as the Knicks game on TV.
The King of Queens Roast Chicken (TV-PG) Carrie forces Doug to give a card to his boss for twenty years of service and Doug's boss is so impressed that he wants Doug to roast him at a banquet.
Everybody Loves Raymond Jealous Robert (TV-PG) Ray and Debra attempt to get Robert back together with Amy by forcing him to feel jealousy about a blind date that they have set the woman up on.
The Bill Cunningham Show Reckless, Destructive, and Confronted (HD, New, TV-14) Families lead interventions with loved ones neglecting them and abusing drugs and alcohol.
Cougar Town Counting On You (TV-PG) Jules tries to prove that men and women can be friends with sexual overtones; Andy buys a motorcycle from Laurie, much to Ellie's dismay.
Rules of Engagement Jeff's Wooby (HD, TV-PG) Jeff is sad when he is asked to part with his old T-shirts from college, but Audrey comes up with a creative idea so that he doesn't have to miss them.
The King of Queens Pilot (TV-PG) Doug Heffernan gets a 70-inch TV to make his sport's basement dream complete, but the dream turns into a nightmare when Carrie's father moves into the basement.
Everybody Loves Raymond It's Supposed to Be Fun (TV-PG) Ray is shocked to discover that his son Geoffery is not adept at sports, but comes to understand that its more important to have fun.
The Bill Cunningham Show Loving Sisters vs. Sketchy Misters (HD, New, TV-14) Loved ones share secrets with family members, threatening relationships and causing pain.
Cougar Town Turn This Car Around (TV-14) A confident wine rep sets her sights on Grayson; Jules tries to give wine up for an entire month; Bobby's new dog proves to be competition for Andy.
Rules of Engagement Mr. Fix It (HD, TV-PG) Jeff tries a direct approach to resolving a conflict between Audrey and one of their neighbors, but he regrets his decision when he only aggravates the problem.
The King of Queens Head First (TV-PG) Doug takes Arthur out to a pool hall, where Arthur starts a barroom brawl. Carrie's just happy Doug invited him along and shows her appreciation in the bedroom.
Everybody Loves Raymond Raybert (TV-PG) Robert starts dating a woman who thinks that he's Ray, but things go wrong when the woman meets Debra and tells her that she's dating Ray.
The Bill Cunningham Show Stop Your Deadbeat Ways Before I Walk Away! (HD, New, TV-14) Grown children who were neglected, abandoned confront their parents.
Cougar Town Everything Man! (TV-PG) Grayson introduces his new girlfriend, and Jules tries to give him some friendly advice; Jules' new bathroom is the main attraction; Grayson finds inspiration.
Rules of Engagement Flirting With Disaster (HD, TV-PG) Jeff's loud snoring alienates Audrey, forcing her to sleep in another bed room, but when he finds freedom in his own room, he reverts back to his college days.
The King of Queens Fat City (TV-PG) After seeing a picture of Carrie's overweight mother, Doug hints to Carrie that it's time to diet now so as not to fatten up later in life.
Everybody Loves Raymond Season's Greetings (TV-PG) When a relative's Christmas card makes Marie jealous, she and Debra write one for their own family, but it only points out their shortcomings.
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5:30 PM
The Bill Cunningham Show Stop Partying and Start Parenting! (HD, New, TV-14) Young mothers with wild lifestyles are confronted by their families and friends.
Cougar Town Wake Up Time (TV-PG) Jules has an unsettling realization after Travis and his girlfriend break up; Ellie gets asked for advice from Sara; Andy compares himself to his son.
Rules of Engagement Audrey's Sister (HD, TV-PG) Hearing that her marriage is in trouble, Russell takes Audrey's sister on a date, leaving Audrey upset and thinking that he will try to sleep with her.
The King of Queens Richie's Song (TV-PG) Doug tries unsuccessfully to hint to Richie that his wife is cheating on him; Arthur becomes neurotic about getting a refund on a "shady" deodorant.
Everybody Loves Raymond Snow Day (TV-PG) Snowed in at Frank and Marie's, Ray, Debra, and Amy have a good time, until Debra ruins the mood with a comment to Frank.
« House Arrest (TV-PG, PG, **) Feuding parents on the verge of getting a divorce are locked in the basement by their children who refuse to let them out until they resolve their differences.
Stop-Loss (TV-14, R, ***) An American soldier tries to readapt to the life he left behind, but when he is ordered back into active duty, he questions loyalties to his family and country.
Rookie Blue God's Good Grace (TV-14) Andy investigates Swarek's disappearance, tracing clues that could lead her to him in time; one officer is incriminated as a result of the investigation.
The Good Wife Breaking Fast (TV-14) A multi-million dollar malicious prosecution suit leads to an explosive confrontation between Alicia and Glenn Childs; Alicia's brother, Owen, remarks on Peter.
Mike & Molly Molly's Out of Town (TV-14) Mike decides to go on a junk food binge in order to cope with missing Molly while she is out of town; Carl thinks about leaving Chicago.
The King of Queens Cello, Goodbye (TV-PG) Since Carrie started working at a successful Manhattan law firm, Doug feels inadequate and wonders why his wife ever chose a guy like him.
The Bill Cunningham Show Twisted Sisters Fight Back! (HD, New, TV-14) Women go face to face with their sisters that have hurt them in the past.
Cougar Town Feel a Whole Lot Better (TV-PG) Jules and Grayson flirt with being friends with benefits; Andy hires a nanny for Ellie; Travis manages to benefit from Bobby's schemes to make extra money.
Rules of Engagement Bag Ladies (HD, TV-14) Adam and Russell discuss their great sex lives, leaving Jeff feeling left out, and prompting his request of becoming more creative in the bedroom to Audrey.
The King of Queens The Rock (TV-PG) A guilty-feeling Carrie and Doug end up reminiscing about the day of their proposal after a high appraisal for her engagement ring leads them to sell it.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Breakup Tape (TV-PG) Debra wants to know why Ray has kept a tape from his former girlfriend, and is forced to divulge all of the gifts from former beaus she has retained.
The Bill Cunningham Show Singled Out: The Unwanted Child (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Children confront the mothers that abandoned them, and ask why they were the only one of the siblings that was abandoned.
Cougar Town Breakdown (TV-PG) Jules decides to snoop and reads Travis' graduation speech; Ellie does something nice for Laurie; Bobby tries not to embarrass Travis.
Rules of Engagement Old School Jeff (HD, TV-14) Audrey fears that Jeff will embarrass himself when he skips a wedding and goes out on the town with the guys for a night of drinking and partying.
The King of Queens Road Rayge (TV-PG) Doug bumps into local celebrity Ray Barone at the DMV; To impress him, Doug helps him cheat on his driving test but gets caught and loses his license.
Everybody Loves Raymond Talk to Your Daughter (TV-PG) Ray talks to his daughter, prepared to tell her about sex, only to be bewildered when he finds that she is now curious about more profound issues.
The Bill Cunningham Show Your Bro-mance is Killing Our Romance (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Host Bill Cunningham conducts lie detector tests on men who are being accused of lying and cheating.
Cougar Town Finding Out (TV-PG) Jules and Grayson try to find a way to break the news that they are dating to Bobby; Travis feels the wrath of a woman scorned after forgetting an anniversary.
Rules of Engagement Fix Ups & Downs (HD, TV-14) After opening his big mouth and letting out an off-handed comment, Jeff ruins a match-making scheme made by Audrey and Jennifer.
The King of Queens Educating Doug (TV-G) Doug becomes the class clown when Carrie enrolls them in a college course after worrying that they are becoming stupid and boring.
Everybody Loves Raymond A Vote for Debra (TV-PG) When Debra decides to run for school board president, Ray is divided between wanting her to succeed and wanting her to take care of the kids.
The Bill Cunningham Show Murder, Deception & DNA! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Family members experess their anger with the women relatives picked as partners and insist on DNA test results.
Cougar Town All Mixed Up (TV-PG) Jules has an instant connection with her new shrink, but she makes an unfortunate discovery; Ellie is jealous; Laurie, Travis have a moment; Bobby acts out.
Rules of Engagement A Visit From Fay (HD, TV-14) Adam's mom stops in for a visit, and after only a few hours of being around her, Jennifer begins to pick up on her weird habits.
The King of Queens Supermarket Story (TV-G) Arthur convinces Carrie to make a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner; at the store, Carrie pesters another shopper for tips but her methods border on stalking.
Everybody Loves Raymond Call Me Mom (TV-PG) Both Marie and Lois get into a series of jealous spats while competing to have their children-in-law give them the title of "mom."
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