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The Bill Cunningham Show Family Sins & Secrets (HD, New, TV-14) Bill Cunningham speaks with families who have wicked secrets, but they believe that coming clean with the truth may help repair their damaged relationships.
Cougar Town When The Time Comes (TV-PG) Jules tries to force Grayson to say "I love you" to her; Ellie and Laurie team up against Andy; Bobby is upset by the gang's confession.
Are We There Yet? The Mr. Almost Episode (TV-PG) Nick meets up with a former friend from his college days, and he is soon inspired to partake in a doomed endorsement with Deion Sanders.
Rules of Engagement Fun Run (HD, TV-14) Jeff refuses to give donations to co-workers' charities only to learn that Audrey needs donations for a 10K run; Russell gets a taste of his own medicine.
Rules of Engagement Pimp My Bride (HD, TV-14) Jeff buys the Camaro of his dreams; Russell agrees to host a photo shoot for Audrey in the hopes of meeting a model; Adam and Jennifer set a wedding date.
The Bill Cunningham Show Suspicious Minds ... Trust or Bust? (HD, New, TV-14) Bill Cunningham speaks with couples who are struggling with accusations of infidelity, and they have come to the show to get proof.
Cougar Town Wake Up Time (TV-PG) Jules has an unsettling realization after Travis and his girlfriend break up; Ellie gets asked for advice from Sara; Andy compares himself to his son.
Are We There Yet? The Liar, Liar Episode (TV-PG) Suzanne manages to catch her husband in the midst of a bad lie, and she is compelled to demand the truth from everyone in the house going forward.
Rules of Engagement Refusing to Budget (HD, TV-14) Russell gets his utilities shut off in his apartment, Timmy convinces him to start a budget; Audrey has a mentee who wants to learn about publishing.
Rules of Engagement Flirting (HD, TV-PG) Jeff flirts back with a female colleague, only to find that she is open to having an affair with him; Russell sends Timmy to retrieve his phone after a fling.
The Bill Cunningham Show Evil Moms...Broken Bonds! (HD, New, TV-14) Bill Cunningham speaks with children who accuse their mothers of being malicious and uncaring as opposed to loving and nurturing.
Cougar Town Letting You Go (TV-PG) Jules has mixed feelings about Travis going off to college, and Grayson offers his support; Laurie questions her relationship; Andy longs for freedom.
Are We There Yet? The Play Date Episode (TV-PG) Suzanne convinces Nick to accompany her on a double-date with some friends, but the women end up arguing about their family priorities.
Rules of Engagement The Home Stretch (HD, TV-14) When Jeff learns that a guy is giving Audrey her home pilates classes, he wants to make a change; Adam tells Jennifer specifics about his football past.
Rules of Engagement Ghost Story (HD, TV-PG) Audrey is upset at Jeff that he does not believe she saw her grandmother's ghost; Russell tries to convince Timmy not go through with his arranged marriage.
The Bill Cunningham Show Immaculate Conception or DNA Deception (HD, New, TV-14) Mothers may be surprised by DNA test results when they try to identify the fathers of their children.
Cougar Town Feel a Whole Lot Better (TV-PG) Jules and Grayson flirt with being friends with benefits; Andy hires a nanny for Ellie; Travis manages to benefit from Bobby's schemes to make extra money.
Are We There Yet? The Good Cop, Bad Cop Episode (TV-PG) Suzanne notices a troubling pattern in her and Nick's different parenting styles, leading her to insist that he deny their children everything for a week.
Rules of Engagement Uh-Oh It's Magic (HD, TV-14) Russell takes a date to the magic show where a magician makes her disappear; Audrey unknowingly slips up and tells Brenda's girlfriend about the baby.
Rules of Engagement The Four Pillars (HD, TV-PG) To make Audrey happy, Jeff begrudgingly agrees to see a couples therapist; Russell develops a crush on Timmy's fiancée.
The Bill Cunningham Show Help Me Save my Gangster Lover (HD, New, TV-14) A woman brings her gangster boyfriend to the show to help convince him to give up his gangster lifestyle.
Cougar Town Finding Out (TV-PG) Jules and Grayson try to find a way to break the news that they are dating to Bobby; Travis feels the wrath of a woman scorned after forgetting an anniversary.
Are We There Yet? The Test Taker Episode (TV-PG) Kevin allows himself to become embroiled in an incident of utter dishonesty after he is convinced to help tutor a troubled youth for a coming test.
Rules of Engagement Singing and Dancing (HD, TV-14) Timmy decides to join an a cappella group but would like to keep it a secret from Russell; Jeff and Audrey find out that they have an annoying new neighbor.
Rules of Engagement Indian Giver (HD, TV-PG) Audrey is surprised by Jeff's interest in her favorite show until she discovers the reason why; Timmy has second thoughts about his arranged marriage.
« Did You Hear About the Morgans? (TV-14, PG-13, **) After a tragedy occurs to New York couple, they relocate to small town Wyoming, where they are forced out of their element while determining their future.
Dog Jack (PG-13) "Dog Jack" is the story of a slave boy and his dog who escape the master's plantation, join the union army, and have to face their former master ...
The Good Wife Wrongful Termination (TV-14) Louis Canning returns to face off against Alicia when the firm represents families of workers who committed suicide due to miserable working conditions.
The Middle The Name (TV-PG) Frankie's sister offers to take charge of the Heck household while she studies for finals; Cassidy's ex-boyfriend pays a visit, much to Axl's displeasure.
Mike & Molly Joyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb (TV-14) Mike decides that he wants to be lazy on the couch and not leave the house, causing Molly to want to go out on the town with her sister, Victoria.
Glee Theatricality (TV-14) Will encourages the glee club to express themselves through the music of Lady Gaga; Rachel has a life-changing experience; Tina embraces her inner Goth.
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The Bill Cunningham Show Sibling Drama and a Fearful Mama (HD, New, TV-14) Siblings are in conflict over their stepdad; a mother is so worried about her out-of-control teenage daughter that it makes her sick.
Cougar Town All Mixed Up (TV-PG) Jules has an instant connection with her new shrink, but she makes an unfortunate discovery; Ellie is jealous; Laurie, Travis have a moment; Bobby acts out.
Are We There Yet? The Staycation Episode (TV-PG) Nick puts a figurative wrench in Suzanne's spring break plans, forcing him to try and atone by catering to her needs around the household.
Rules of Engagement Zygote (HD, TV-14) Jeff and Audrey see a fertility specialist with their surrogate and discover a zygote; Russell and Timmy decide to go on double dates one more time.
Rules of Engagement 3rd Wheel (HD, TV-PG) Unbeknownst to Jeff, Audrey lies to Liz by telling her that she is on Jeff's list of women he would sleep with if Audrey were no longer around.
The Bill Cunningham Show You Made Us Break Up, But I Want To Make Up! (HD, New, TV-14) Past guests return to the show desiring to give their lovers a second chance and they leave their fate up to lie detector test results.
Cougar Town Let Yourself Go (TV-14) Jules plans to spend time with Travis before he leaves; Laurie teaches Bobby how to use the Internet; Andy hatches an elaborate plan to deceive Ellie.
Are We There Yet? The Thief Episode (TV-PG) Lindsey asks Nick for money to go to a concert but he refuses, so she resorts to stealing it from Gigi, but when Gigi finds it missing she accuses Kevin.
Rules of Engagement The Set Up (HD, TV-14) Russell discovers that Timmy has a sister and aims to do anything to impress her; Jeff and Audrey decide to set their neighbor Liz up on a blind date.
Rules of Engagement Snoozin' for a Bruisin' (HD, TV-PG) When Jeff and Audrey switch sides of the bed, Jeff inadvertently rolls over and strikes Audrey in the face, landing her in the hospital.
The Bill Cunningham Show Wham, Bam... If You're Cheating, Scram! (HD, New, TV-14) Guests on the show are ready to leave immediately if they discover that their partners are cheating.
Cougar Town Makin' Some Noise (TV-14) Jules adjusts to living on her own, and focuses on Grayson; Travis turns to Bobby for advice; Ellie is determined not to like the new nanny.
Are We There Yet? The Suzanne's Surprise Party Episode (TV-PG) Nick wants to help Suzanne overcome a distressful childhood phobia, but his plan backfires and she ends up experiencing the traumatic incident all over again.
Rules of Engagement Beating the System (HD, TV-PG) Jeff and Audrey learn that their surrogate has become pregnant, changing both of their lives; Timmy takes on the role of wedding planner for Adam and Jennifer.
Rules of Engagement The Reunion (HD, TV-PG) Audrey attends her 20th high school reunion and is intent on proving how great her life is in New York City; Russell accidentally ruins Timmy's dinner party.
The Bill Cunningham Show You're A Lying, No-Good Dad! (HD, New, TV-14) A family joins the show to work out a 20 year old dispute that may be keeping a father and daughter apart.
Cougar Town The Damage You've Done (TV-PG) Grayson decides to tell Jules the truth about Laurie and himself; Jules tries to project her anger; Laurie professes her love; Bobby's obsession; Travis doubts.
Are We There Yet? The Bad Dream Episode (TV-PG) After watching a popular horror film, Kevin begins to have terrifying nightmares that disrupt his, Suzanne and Nick's peaceful sleep.
Rules of Engagement The Jeff Photo (HD, TV-14) When an old photo of Jeff appears in an art gallery, it brings back some old memories that cause Jeff to make some changes in his life; Russell has a slump.
Rules of Engagement Free Free Time (HD, TV-PG) After Audrey's weekly girls' night out gets cancelled, Jeff seeks out time alone; Russell discovers that Timmy has a lot of pent up aggression toward him.
The Bill Cunningham Show Double Crossed by My Lover! (HD, New, TV-14) Gusts of the show are tired of their lovers' shenanigans and are ready to leave if a lie detector test reveals that they have been cheating.
Cougar Town Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) (TV-PG) Laurie teams up with Grayson to get Jules the best gift ever; Andy suggests a night of dancing; Travis introduces Bobby to a Netti Pot.
Are We There Yet? The Cooking Episode (TV-PG) After Nick makes a comment about how easy it is to cook, Suzanne decides to challenge her husband to a family cooking competition in their kitchen.
Rules of Engagement The Power Couple (HD, TV-14) Jeff is threatened when he finds out that Audrey got a raise and makes almost as much as he does; Russell enlists Timmy to find out what Liz sees in a man.
Rules of Engagement The Score (HD, TV-PG) Jeff spends the evening trying to avoid learning the New York Rangers score; Russell is mortified at the game when Timmy roots against the home team.
« Larger Than Life (TV-PG, PG, *+) A motivational speaker receives an elephant as his inheritance and is forced to transport the gigantic creature across the country in search of a good owner.
Glory (TV-14, R, ***+) The first voluntary Civil War unit composed entirely of black Americans gains an inexperienced Northerner as their new commanding officer.
The Good Wife In Sickness (TV-14) Lockhart/Gardner represents a patient in a liver transplant case against a rival attorney; Alicia deals with the emotional fallout of Peter's one-night stand.
The Middle Dollar Days (TV-PG) Frankie is finding it difficult to land a job after graduating from dental assisting school; Sue starts to offer some unsolicited advice to Axl and his band.
Mike & Molly Samuel Gets Fired (TV-14) After Samuel gets fired from his job and loses his apartment in the aftermath, Mike extends an olive branch by offering to let him stay his place.
Glee Auditions (TV-14) The glee club returns to their status as underdogs and the school is subjected to further budget cuts, leading the kids to recruit new members.
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