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The King of Queens No Orleans (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie find a check for $1,500 that was never cashed in an old wedding present and ask the people to re-write the check so they can vacation.
The Goldbergs Who Are You Going to Telephone? (TV-PG) Beverly wants to celebrate Halloween with the kids, but they all make plans; Adam wants to hang out with eighth-graders but doesn't realize their intentions.
Mike & Molly Weekend with Birdie (TV-PG) After Mike decides to bring a wandering puppy into the home for the weekend, Molly's struggle to bond with the dog causes her to question her mothering skills.
Mike & Molly (TV-PG) A blue collar couple gets married and starts a new life together that involves a career change and dealing with drama from friends and family.
The Goldbergs Crazy Calls (TV-PG) Murray and Pop-Pop begin a message battle after getting their first answering machine; Erica, Barry and Pops try to end the argument.
Last Man Standing High Expectations (TV-PG) When Mike and Vanessa won't allow Eve to quit soccer, she rebels against them by getting drunk at a party.
The King of Queens Missing Links (TV-PG) When Doug and Carrie get free tickets to her firm's golf tournament, they invite Deacon and he invites a woman that Carrie doesn't exactly click with.
The Goldbergs Call Me When You Get There (TV-PG) Barry got his driver's license, but before he can take out the car, Beverly lays down the rules such as calling her whenever he gets to his destination.
Mike & Molly The Wreck of the Vincent Moranto (TV-14) When Vince goes back on his promise to help finish the boat project he and Mike were working on together, Mike is forced to confront bad memories of his father.
Mike & Molly The First and Last Ride-Along (TV-14) After deciding to change careers, Molly gets the idea to join Mike on a ride-along to perform research for a crime novel that she plans to write.
The Goldbergs Stefan King (TV-PG) Adam decides to start writing horror stories after being inspired by Stephen King; Beverly finds out that the monster in Adam's story is based off of her.
Last Man Standing Mother Fracker (TV-PG) After Vanessa gives a complex presentation about her work for an oil company at Eve's career day, the class accuses her of destroying the Earth.
The King of Queens Hero Worship (TV-PG) After Doug's uncle offers him the money, he thinks about starting his own sandwich shop, but Carrie is not so sure of Doug's ability to run a business.
The Goldbergs The Kremps (TV-PG) The Kremps are the Goldbergs new neighbors, a seemingly perfect family that keeps to themselves and is well put together, leading to Beverly inviting them over.
Mike & Molly Baby, Please Don't Go (TV-14) When Molly finds that one of her former students is now homeless and pregnant, she decides to invite the young woman into her home.
Mike & Molly Sex and Death (TV-14) Molly decides to stop by Victoria's job at a funeral home for research on her novel; Mike secretly peeks at Molly's work while she's out.
The Goldbergs Recipe for Death II: Kiss the Cook (TV-PG) Adam uses Murray's revelation of love for action movies to ask him for money to film his own action film; the film is put in jeopardy when Barry goes missing.
Last Man Standing Putting a Hit on Christmas (TV-PG) Vanessa misses the no-fuss Christmases when it was just her and Mike, so he decides a family-free Christmas is the perfect gift.
The King of Queens Screwed Driver (TV-PG) Doug relives his youth while his parents are visiting and Carrie is out of town, then fails a test at work and is demoted to "truck loader".
The Goldbergs Stop Arguing and Start Thanking (TV-PG) Murray is preparing for Marvin to arrive for Thanksgiving and make it difficult for the rest of the family, despite Beverly's suggestion to take it easy.
Mike & Molly Baby Bump (TV-14) When Mike and Molly discover that Frannie has no plans in store for the baby, they become determined to help Frannie reconnect with her estranged sister.
Mike & Molly Poker in the Front, Looker in the Back (TV-14) When Molly believes that her neighbor is acting suspicious, she gets Joyce to help her spy on him; the guys treat their poker game as a confessional.
The Goldbergs Ho-ly K.I.T.T. (TV-PG) Murray and Uncle Marvin begin to bond over their fascination with "Knight Rider" and attend the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade to see K.I.T.T. in person.
Last Man Standing Attractive Architect (TV-PG) Mike tells the architect that has worked for Outdoor Man for years that the job may be going to a young, beautiful female architect.
The King of Queens Lush Life (TV-PG) Doug likes the new, "laid back Carrie" when she starts getting drinks after work with the girls and doesn't pester him about his diet when she gets home.
The Goldbergs Shopping (TV-PG) Erica lands a job at a local department store and suddenly Beverly's dream comes true to keep shopping for bargains despite protests from the family.
Mike & Molly The Adoption Option (TV-14) Mike and Molly's friends and family must put on a good front for the caseworker from the adoption agency when they schedule a visit to their house.
Mike & Molly Shoeless Molly Flynn (TV-14) When Molly becomes aware that her excessive spending is causing a strain on her relationship, she looks for a job to support her addiction to shoes.
The Goldbergs The Greatest Musical Ever Written (TV-PG) Barry starts to make fun of Adam for wanting to join theater until he finds out that Adam and Lainey have been cast in roles that require them to kiss.
Last Man Standing Mike's Pole (TV-PG) Eve gets inspired when Mike decides to hang his U.S. flag in the yard, leading her to announce that she plans on joining the Junior ROTC program.
« Secret Window (TV-14, PG-13, ***) While trying to take his mind off of his troubles, an author's difficult life becomes more troubling when he encounters a man who accuses him of plagiarism.
Pawn Stars Wise Guys (TV-PG) The items are a WWII 1941 M3 Armored Scout Truck, a check signed by notorious mobster Carlo Gambino and a classic Apple II GS computer from 1987.
Pawn Stars Pony Up (TV-PG) The staff views classified information from a former attorney general, a 1960s U.S. Marines "Mighty Mite" ATV, and a 1970s electronic horse-race analyzer.
Mike & Molly Victoria Can't Drive (TV-14) Molly and Joyce ask Mike to help spring Victoria out of jail when she gets arrested for various driving violations that were on her record.
The Goldbergs Globetrotters (TV-PG) Adam becomes fascinated after attending a Globetrotters game and tries to make up his own tricks on the court; Adam cuts a video that looks like he won.
The King of Queens Patrons Ain't (TV-PG) Carrie and Doug make a $500 donation to Deacon's son's school, but when there is a mixup with the donation amount, they try to keep the good recognition.
Rules of Engagement Optimal Male (HD, TV-14) Jeff tries to lose 10 pounds so he can be classified as an "optimal male" on his life insurance physical exam; Jennifer gets jealous of Adam's old girlfriend.
Rules of Engagement Russell's Father's Son (HD, TV-14) Adam worries that Russell will be upset when he learns that his father asked him to pose as his son in a promotional video for his company.
The King of Queens Bun Dummy (TV-PG) Doug doesn't want Carrie to wear her hair in bun, her new favorite style, at his high school reunion; He wants everyone to be jealous that he married a hottie.
Mike & Molly Joyce's Choices (TV-14) Joyce starts to drive Vince crazy with jealousy when she takes up an old ex-boyfriend on his offer for a dinner date; Mike and Molly continue wedding planning.
The Goldbergs Han Ukkah Solo (TV-PG) Beverly convinces Erica to make the perfect song to add some excitement to the holidays after she finds out there is only one Hanukkah song in the pageant.
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The King of Queens Shrink Wrap (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie decide to put an end to Carrie and Arthur's constant fights and send Arthur to a psychotherapist, but maybe it's not Arthur who needs therapy.
The Goldbergs Kara-te (TV-PG) Beverly shows off her own moves on a teacher when Barry is denied entry into a talent show because karate is not a recognized talent.
Mike & Molly Curse of the Bambino (TV-14) A reluctant Mike agrees to go with Carl to see his psychic and learn what the future may hold for him; Peggy forces Molly to attend church with her.
Mike & Molly They Shoot Asses, Don't They? (TV-14) After being shot while attempting to stop a robbery, Mike decides to live his life to the fullest and gives notice of his intent to quit the police force.
The Goldbergs O Captain! My Captain! (TV-PG) Beverly decides to substitute for Barry's chemistry class and wants to make an impact on the students much like Mr. Keating from "Dead Poets Society."
Last Man Standing What's in a Name? (TV-PG) Mike discovers that Ryan wants Boyd to use his last name; Kristin, Mandy and Eve hope to create a viral Valentine's Day music video.
The King of Queens Eddie Money (TV-PG) Doug takes $100 from the "emergency funds jar" to make a bet and when he wins $5,000, he can't let Carrie find out so he sets out to spend it all one day.
The Goldbergs You're Under Foot (TV-PG) Pops has gotten bored with his lifestyle and Beverly helps by asking Murray to take him to the store, but then Pops begins to criticize Murray's business model.
Mike & Molly I See Love (TV-14) While Mike, Molly and their loved ones gather together at the hospital to await the birth of Mike and Molly's adopted child, they reflect on memorable moments.
Mike & Molly What Molly Hath Wrought (TV-14) After becoming frustrated with the first draft of her novel, Molly takes a hiatus from writing and accepts a job as a forklift driver for Vince's warehouse.
The Goldbergs Snow Day (TV-PG) Adam and Barry learn about Murray's fear of snow when a snow day cancels school, and the boys decide to exploit Murray's weakness for their own ends.
Last Man Standing Breaking Curfew (TV-PG) Mike wages his own psychological warfare on Mandy and Kyle to prevent Mandy from sneaking into the house late at night again after she breaks curfew.
The King of Queens Two Thirty (TV-PG) Doug thinks his new dentist, who used to have crush on Carrie, is inflicting pain on him for marrying her; Arthur is forced to see a psychotherapist.
The Goldbergs The Other Smother (TV-PG) Beverly is networking for Barry and Erica at a college fair when her nemesis Besty Rubenstone shows up and leads to Beverly using Barry to get to her.
Mike & Molly Pilot (TV-PG) When a teacher hears a police officer "share" at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, she's smitten with him and wants him to speak to her class.
Mike & Molly Mike & Molly's Excellent Adventure (TV-14) Molly encourages Mike to do anything he wants, but their fun comes to an end when it's time for them to pay for all of their indulgences.
The Goldbergs Agassi (TV-PG) Adam feels his friend Chad is slipping away and decides to join the tennis team, but Chad picks Dave Kim as his partner, causing Adam to vow to take him down.
Last Man Standing The Fight (TV-PG) Mike and Ryan run into a man who has hit hard times at a baseball game; Mandy discovers Mike's old ham radio after being grounded.
The King of Queens Fatty McButterpants (TV-PG) Doug becomes outraged when he finds out Carrie has been buying his clothes at the "Big and Tall" shop, but soon realizes he may have a problem with his weight.
The Goldbergs You Opened the Door (TV-PG) Beverly gets a little too involved when Adam and Dana want to go to a school dance together, including giving Adam advice he regrets asking for.
Mike & Molly First Date (TV-14) Molly comes down with a cold before the first date with Mike and decides to take some cold medication to help her feel better, but the results are unfortunate.
Mike & Molly Weekend at Peggy's (TV-14) After a fight about a broken window turns into a dramatic argument over money, Mike and Molly decide to leave Joyce and move into Peggy's house.
The Goldbergs The Spencer's Gift (TV-14) Barry and Erica both get hired at Spencer's Gifts, but Erica becomes jealous at how good of an employee Barry is; Murray insists Adam find a job as well.
Last Man Standing Back To School (TV-PG) Mike finds that Kyle's interest in philosophy is beginning to distract him from his work at the store; Mike is dubious of Boyd attending a bilingual school.
The King of Queens Roast Chicken (TV-PG) Carrie forces Doug to give a card to his boss for twenty years of service and Doug's boss is so impressed that he wants Doug to roast him at a banquet.
The Goldbergs Muscles Mirsky (TV-PG) Erica plays a prank with Beverly regarding a false entry in her diary and they agree to trust one another, but Erica may need Beverly's smothering help.
Mike & Molly First Kiss (TV-14) Mike hopes to score some major points with Molly, so he takes her out for a night of bowling, but his ego is in danger when Molly manages to win in bowling.
Mike & Molly Dips & Salsa (TV-14) Mike asks Carl to take his place as her dance partner at a salsa dancing class but grows jealous when he realizes she is having more fun without him.
The Goldbergs So Swayze It's Crazy (TV-PG) Adam gets jealous about seeing his friend on television and asks Beverly to help him become an actor; Beverly asks a child talent agent for help.
Last Man Standing Pledging (TV-PG) Mandy is caught between her boyfriend and her social life when Vanessa urges her to join her old sorority out of fear that her boyfriend is holding her back.
« Johnny Handsome (R, **+) A deformed henchman receives plastic surgery and uses his newfound anonymity to get even with those who had ridiculed him
Pawn Stars Phoning It In (TV-PG) The items include personal letters from John, Bobby and Teddy Kennedy, a collection of original 80s Transformer toys and vintage Mickey Mouse telephones.
Pawn Stars Cannons and Klingons (TV-PG) Staff views an antique cannon from "Magnum P.I.," a lighter and photos from a classified 1950s atomic bomb test program, and signed "Star Trek" memorabilia.
Mike & Molly Peggy Goes To Branson (TV-14) When Peggy decides to leave town, she leaves her dog, Jim, with Mike and Molly claiming that it will be good practice for when they have kids of their own.
The Goldbergs The Kara-te Kid (TV-PG) Adam and the other Adam Goldberg are inspired to settle their long-running feud with a karate match inspired by "The Karate Kid"; Uncle Marvin helps Adam.
The King of Queens Do Rico (TV-14) Carrie gets turned on when Doug imitates the accent of the sexy foreign guy at work, then Doug becomes jealous and thinks plain old Doug doesn't do it for her.
Rules of Engagement Indian Giver (HD, TV-14) Audrey is surprised by Jeff's interest in her favorite show until she discovers the reason why; Timmy has second thoughts about his arranged marriage.
Rules of Engagement 3rd Wheel (HD, TV-14) Unbeknownst to Jeff, Audrey lies to Liz by telling her that she is on Jeff's list of women he would sleep with if Audrey were no longer around.
The King of Queens Class Struggle (TV-PG) Doug feels neglected when Carrie decides to go back to college after spending an evening out with the female lawyers from her firm.
Mike & Molly Molly Can't Lie (TV-14) Mike and Molly meet up with the priest at Peggy's church, but Molly's outspoken nature ends up costing them their wedding chapel after their meeting.
The Goldbergs Deadheads (TV-PG) Barry feels threatened by school deadhead Matt when he starts to hang out with the JTP and winds up getting kicked out of the group.
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