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The King of Queens Major Disturbance (TV-PG) Deacon changes the ending of a story, leaving him too scared to spend the weekend with the Heffermans; Arthur figures out a way to make money in carpooling.
The Goldbergs The Greatest Musical Ever Written (TV-PG) Barry starts to make fun of Adam for wanting to join theater until he finds out that Adam and Lainey have been cast in roles that require them to kiss.
Mike & Molly Mike's New Boots (TV-14) Molly is possessed by the green-eyed monster when Mike introduces her as his "friend" to another woman who is clearly flirting with him.
Mike & Molly Open Mike Night (TV-14) Molly's growing confidence leads her to offer advice to Samuel, who wants to pursue a career in standup comedy; Molly causes Harry to stand up to his mother.
The Goldbergs I Drank the Mold (TV-PG) During Adam's birthday sleepover, his friend Garry gets everyone sick by giving them his dad's home brewed beer, which most of the kids' parents blame on Adam.
Last Man Standing Elfie (TV-PG) Mandy arranges a surprise for the housekeeper; Ryan tries to demystify a gift Boyd received from Vanessa; sailor Raymond McKnight reunites with his family.
« Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (PG-13, ***+) A revered martial-arts master and his beautiful partner encounter a talented young warrior and an old nemesis while trying to recover a valuable stolen sword.
Pawn Stars Lord of the Ring (TV-PG) The collectibles examined include a ring once owned by a Catholic cardinal, four 1800s pistols and the high school yearbook of legendary actor John Wayne.
Mike & Molly Dennis's Birthday (TV-14) Mike's mother, Peggy, is not prepared for the type of surprise she experiences when she decides that she wants to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday.
The Goldbergs La Biblioteca Es Libros (TV-PG) Beverly finds out Adam is failing Spanish class, so Beverly pays his teacher to tutor him; Barry takes on a job delivering pizzas to impress Murray.
The King of Queens Brace Yourself (TV-PG) Doug has Deacon's son draw a stick figure of Carrie in hopes that it will make her want to purchase an enhancement that the two of them could benefit from.
Rules of Engagement Catering (HD, TV-14) Audrey tries to impress the attendees of an event that Brenda asked help catering for, only to find out that they are more impressed with Jeff's bartending.
Rules of Engagement Role Play (HD, TV-14) Jeff schemes up a plan to get into a popular restaurant with a long waiting list that he promised to take Audrey to; Liz & Russell go to a Sex Addicts meeting.
The King of Queens Moxie Moron (TV-PG) When O'Boyle checks into rehab, Doug and Deacon are asked to fill in; however, Doug thinks that he may not be right for the job once the office loses control.
Mike & Molly Mike in the House (TV-14) When Mike decides to move in with Molly and her family, he has to adjust from his life living by himself in a bachelor pad to a house full of women.
The Goldbergs Just Say No (TV-PG) As the presidential election nears, Erica discovers Beverly always picks who Murray tells her to; Barry hopes to be on a game show to prove his skills.
The King of Queens Ruff Goin (TV-PG) Doug makes an appearance at a neighborhood party to which he and Carrie were not invited, and to prove that they are good people, he adopts a dog.
The Goldbergs Globetrotters (TV-PG) Adam becomes fascinated after attending a Globetrotters game and tries to make up his own tricks on the court; Adam cuts a video that looks like he won.
Mike & Molly Carl Gets a Girl (TV-14) Mike lets Carl borrow his apartment for a date; Mike ends up spending more time at Molly's house and ends up bonding with her mother and sister.
Mike & Molly Rich Man, Poor Girl (TV-14) When Victoria suddenly brings home a new boyfriend to meet the family, this causes the entire clan to question whether she has finally found her true love.
The Goldbergs As You Wish (TV-PG) Murray is dismayed when Adam joins the fencing team, but then Adam reveals what he really wants to do is re-enact a scene from "The Princess Bride."
Last Man Standing Breaking Boyd (TV-PG) Boyd has been something of a problem at school, but when Kristin says the school recommends that he be treated for ADHD, Ryan and Mike strongly disagree.
The King of Queens Mama Cast (TV-PG) While buying some ice cream from the ice cream man, Doug notices a "for sale" sign and buys the truck, and in turn, gets harassed by another ice cream man.
The Goldbergs O Captain! My Captain! (TV-PG) Beverly decides to substitute for Barry's chemistry class and wants to make an impact on the students much like Mr. Keating from "Dead Poets Society."
Mike & Molly Mike Goes to the Opera (TV-14) Mike unexpectedly falls ill during a night out at the opera with Molly; Mike's mom and Molly clash over who can take better care of a sickly Mike.
Mike & Molly Three Girls and an Urn (TV-14) When Peggy's childhood friend arrives in town, Molly starts to grow fond of her despite Peggy's reservations against the two of them forming a relationship.
The Goldbergs Dance Party USA (TV-PG) Adam, believing he has some of Pop's luck, takes a gamble at school, and loses his toys; Erica wishes to dance on a hit television dance show.
Last Man Standing Taser (TV-PG) When a bouquet of roses arrives at the Baxter house on Valentine's Day, Vanessa is confused because she knows Mike isn't that sentimental.
The King of Queens Home Cheapo (TV-PG) After the Williamses purchase a new vacation home with all of the money they have saved up, the Heffernans accuse them of being cheap.
The Goldbergs Snow Day (TV-PG) Adam and Barry learn about Murray's fear of snow when a snow day cancels school, and the boys decide to exploit Murray's weakness for their own ends.
Mike & Molly Molly Makes Soup (TV-14) Molly's isn't too pleased at the fact that her mom's boyfriend, Vince, is trying to strike up a friendship with Mike by inviting him to a big basketball game.
Mike & Molly The Dice Lady Cometh (TV-14) When the girls spend a weekend on a riverboat casino, Molly finds ways to win extra cash; the guys make wagers of their own while watching college basketball.
The Goldbergs Bill/Murray (TV-PG) As Erica works on her application to Julliard, Adam and Beverly convince her to shoot a music video for it; Murray gets close to Lainey's dad, Bill.
Last Man Standing Eve's Boyfriend (TV-PG) Eve has a new boyfriend, but makes it clear she doesn't want to discuss anything about him; Mandy and Kristin become concerned that Eve is making a mistake.
The King of Queens Affair Trade (TV-PG) An obsessed woman who swears that she spent a romantic weekend with Doug keeps calling the house, and Doug tries everything to get her to stop.
The Goldbergs Agassi (TV-PG) Adam feels his friend Chad is slipping away and decides to join the tennis team, but Chad picks Dave Kim as his partner, causing Adam to vow to take him down.
Mike & Molly Jim Won't Eat (TV-14) Mike's mom asks Molly to look after her dog while she's in surgery; Molly is thrown off when Mike starts talking about being buried next to her when he dies.
Mike & Molly McMillan and Mom (TV-14) Mike and Samuel decide to join Carl on his road trip to Memphis to visit Carl's mother; Carl's grandmother explains why she lied to Carl.
The Goldbergs Goldbergs Feel Hard (TV-PG) Beverly plans a going away party for Erica after she is accepted into a summer art school; Barry takes on the job of school mascot to get closer to Lainey.
Last Man Standing (TV-PG) A man's man living in a household of females finds that his world is rapidly changing when his previously stay-at-home wife decides to return to the workforce.
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The King of Queens Offensive Fowl (TV-PG) After Doug almost hits a chicken with his vehicle, he decides to spare the lives of other animals and become a vegetarian, making Carrie very uncomfortable.
The Goldbergs The Spencer's Gift (TV-14) Barry and Erica both get hired at Spencer's Gifts, but Erica becomes jealous at how good of an employee Barry is; Murray insists Adam find a job as well.
Mike & Molly Joyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb (TV-14) Mike decides that he wants to be lazy on the couch and not leave the house, causing Molly to want to go out on the town with her sister, Victoria.
Mike & Molly Mike's Manifold Destiny (TV-14) When Mike's car breaks down, he must decide whether to find other means of transportation or swallow his pride and accept a loan from Carl to get it fixed.
The Goldbergs A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party (TV-PG) Lainey throws a house party, but Beverly has to rescue them when it starts to get out of control; Murray gets upset when Adam spends all his time on the phone.
Last Man Standing (TV-PG) A man's man living in a household of females finds that his world is rapidly changing when his previously stay-at-home wife decides to return to the workforce.
« Ali (R, ***) The life of heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali is covered, from his early career as Cassius Clay to his fights against Joe Frazier and George Foreman.
Mike & Molly Surprise (TV-14) When Molly discovers that Mike hasn't had a proper birthday party since he was 9 years old, she decides to take it upon herself to throw him a surprise party.
The Goldbergs A Chorus Lie (TV-PG) Adam's singing voice starts to crack and Beverly asks Miss Cinoman to let him lip sync when he gets the lead role in a musical; Murray encourages Erica.
The King of Queens Mild Bunch (TV-14) Doug's high school reunion goes from boring to fun after seeing an old friend whom Doug shared mischievous times with as an adolescent.
Rules of Engagement Unpleasant Surprises (HD, TV-14) Jen forces the guys to put together a surprise bachelor party for Adam; Jen decides to paint a mural for Audrey and Jeff's nursery that turns out to be graphic.
Rules of Engagement Timmy Quits (HD, TV-14) Jeff tries to prove to Audrey that Heidi, a former college friend of his, never had feelings for him; Timmy quits after learning about a pet tracking device.
The King of Queens Manhattan Project (TV-PG) Carrie and Doug disagree over staying in Queens or moving into the city and the talk makes them realize they have different ideas about their future.
Mike & Molly Mike Likes Lasagna (TV-14) Mike gets nervous when Molly suggests that they both write their own wedding vows, until Carl tells him just to write about how much he loves lasagna.
The Goldbergs Jimmy 5 is Alive (TV-PG) Murray tries to assist Adam in his transition into manhood by building a robot with him, but their different ideas put a strain on their relationship.
The King of Queens Single Spaced (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie arrange a visit with their priest for counseling concerning their marriage and run into friends who recently made an addition to their family.
The Goldbergs So Swayze It's Crazy (TV-PG) Adam gets jealous about seeing his friend on television and asks Beverly to help him become an actor; Beverly asks a child talent agent for help.
Mike & Molly Mike's Feet (TV-PG) Mike and Carl's friendship is in danger of coming to an end after they are forced to spend too much time working double shifts together during a snowstorm.
Mike & Molly Who's Afraid of J.C. Small? (TV-14) Molly gets the chance to help her literary icon, J.C. Small, after Mike and Carl take J.C. into custody for driving under the influence.
The Goldbergs I Caddyshacked the Pool (TV-PG) Adam tries to get out of swim class, but Coach Mellor threatens to fail him for not participating; Erica forms her own club, but Barry winds up joining.
Last Man Standing Last Halloween Standing (TV-PG) Ed gets a Halloween treat when Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, comes to town; Mike goes to the extreme over the holiday, but his daughters let him down.
The King of Queens China Syndrome, Part 1 (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie's marriage remains on the rocks after Doug learns that they still own the apartment in the city, but both will have to set differences aside.
The Goldbergs The Kara-te Kid (TV-PG) Adam and the other Adam Goldberg are inspired to settle their long-running feud with a karate match inspired by "The Karate Kid"; Uncle Marvin helps Adam.
Mike & Molly Happy Halloween (TV-14) Molly somehow persuades Mike to attend her boss's Halloween party after they were personally invited, but Mike does not enjoy the holiday.
Mike & Molly Sex, Lies and Helicopters (TV-14) When Molly discovers Carl leaving Victoria's room in the dead of the night, the three of them are left to ponder whether they should tell Mike.
The Goldbergs Boy Barry (TV-PG) Lainey asks Erica to teach Barry how to be less insecure, but her plan doesn't turn out the way she wanted it to; Beverly tries to shave off Murray's mustache.
Last Man Standing Halloween (TV-PG) When Mike and Chuck decide that they would rather watch football than help their wives with the trick-or-treaters, the woman set out to prank them.
The King of Queens China Syndrome, Part 2 (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie's marriage remains on the rocks after Doug learns that they still own the apartment in the city, but both will have to set differences aside.
The Goldbergs Deadheads (TV-PG) Barry feels threatened by school deadhead Matt when he starts to hang out with the JTP and winds up getting kicked out of the group.
Mike & Molly Peggy Shaves Her Legs (TV-14) Mike starts to get suspicious when Peggy decides to ask Molly out for lunch, and he's worried that she may share some unflattering stories from his childhood.
Mike & Molly This Old Peggy (TV-14) When Peggy's forgetfulness leads to her bathtub collapsing through the ceiling, Mike attempts to push her to go see a doctor for medical treatment.
The Goldbergs Couples Costume (TV-PG) Adam chooses to spend Halloween with Dana instead of Beverly; Adam visits a haunted house with Dana, but he must go back when Dana loses her ring inside.
Last Man Standing (TV-PG) A man's man living in a household of females finds that his world is rapidly changing when his previously stay-at-home wife decides to return to the workforce.
The King of Queens Vocal Discord (TV-PG) Carrie's argument with Doug becomes so heated that she ends up recording the spat in order to analyze it, and the two of them realize that they need counseling.
The Goldbergs Baré (TV-PG) While Erica receives her college acceptance letters, Barry decides to become a doctor and looks at schools with good medical programs.
Mike & Molly Samuel Gets Fired (TV-14) After Samuel gets fired from his job and loses his apartment in the aftermath, Mike extends an olive branch by offering to let him stay his place.
Mike & Molly Eight Is Enough (TV-14) Molly is accepted into an eight-week workshop for top-notch writers in Iowa, but Mike pleads for her not to abandon him for an entire summer.
The Goldbergs Lucky (TV-PG) Murray finally caves and allow Barry to get a dog, but Barry becomes upset when he finds out that the dog likes Murray more; Erica and Lainey plan a sleepover.
Last Man Standing (TV-PG) A man's man living in a household of females finds that his world is rapidly changing when his previously stay-at-home wife decides to return to the workforce.
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