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Last Man Standing Helen Potts (TV-PG) Mike clashes with his new neighbor for waking the whole block up with loud projects, but when Vanessa and the neighbor bond, Mike decides it needs to end.
The Goldbergs I Caddyshacked the Pool (TV-PG) Adam tries to get out of swim class, but Coach Mellor threatens to fail him for not participating; Erica forms her own club, but Barry winds up joining.
Mike & Molly Gone Cheatin' (TV-14) Mike's plans to have a gentlemen-only fishing trip are ruined after Carl extends an invitation to Victoria, which prompts Mike and Vince to invite their women.
Mike & Molly Peggy Goes To Branson (TV-14) When Peggy decides to leave town, she leaves her dog, Jim, with Mike and Molly claiming that it will be good practice for when they have kids of their own.
The Goldbergs Family Takes Care of Beverly (TV-PG) Beverly invites Pops to move in after he accidentally sets a fire in his apartment, but his hectic lifestyle puts a strain on the family.
Last Man Standing Wedding Planning (TV-PG) As Kristin and Ryan try to plan their wedding with low cash funds, Mike offers to help them out, but they're not sure they want a gift with strings attached.
« Necessary Roughness (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) A disgraced Texas college football team tries to rebuild with a group of misfit students led by a legendary coach and a 34-year-old quarterback.
Just for Laughs Gags Supergags! (TV-PG) "Parallel Pranking, Cream of Prank Soup and Bring Your Gorilla to Work Day."
Just for Laughs Gags High Octane Gags (TV-PG) "Lotto Laughs, Getting an Earful and Wheel Funny."
Mike & Molly School Recital (TV-14) Molly becomes so focused on directing a school recital that she fails to recognize a special admirer in a fellow teacher who is hitting on her.
The Goldbergs Big Baby Ball (TV-PG) Beverly gets Mr. Meller fired for calling Adam out during a game of Dodgeball; Barry gets upset that Erica is better at Trivial Pursuit than he is.
The King of Queens Doug Out (TV-PG) Doug and Carrie take Arthur to a Mets game to make up for calling him a demented circus monkey but wind up in the stadium jail.
Rules of Engagement Liz Moves In (HD, TV-14) Audrey lets Liz temporarily move in with her and Jeff, but that plan quickly irritates Audrey when Liz takes Jeff's side on everything he says.
Rules of Engagement Catering (HD, TV-14) Audrey tries to impress the attendees of an event that Brenda asked help catering for, only to find out that they are more impressed with Jeff's bartending.
The King of Queens Tube Stakes (TV-PG) Carrie feels so bad for leaving the garage door open, which led to Doug's big screen TV being stolen, that she goes out to buy him another one.
Mike & Molly Windy City (TV-14) Mike and Carl unfortunately receive orders to work the Renaissance Faire after Mike's mother dumps Patrick; a tornado makes its way towards Chicago.
The Goldbergs A Goldberg Thanksgiving (TV-PG) After Erica takes a bet from Beverly to enter a Jazzercise competition and wins, she decides not to take part in Thanksgiving; uncle Marvin comes to town.
Last Man Standing Eve's Breakup (TV-PG) After Eve and her first high school flame call it quits, Mike attempts to cheer her up by taking her to view Ed's fancy new 120-inch television set.
The Goldbergs Boy Barry (TV-PG) Lainey asks Erica to teach Barry how to be less insecure, but her plan doesn't turn out the way she wanted it to; Beverly tries to shave off Murray's mustache.
Mike & Molly Molly's Neverending Story (TV-14) Much to everyone's relief, Molly finally announces she has completed her novel, but a last-second decision to revise her story frustrates everyone.
Mike & Molly The Dress (TV-14) Molly has a meltdown over her extreme dieting plans as she tries to lose weight in order to fit into her wedding dress three weeks before the big day.
The Goldbergs I Rode a Hoverboard (TV-PG) Adam tells everyone at school he broke his arm in a hoverboard accident like in "Back to the Future," but his lie puts a friendship on the line.
Last Man Standing Mike Hires Chuck (TV-PG) After an Outdoor Man billboard is vandalized, Mike decides to hire Chuck's security company to keep it safe; Eve takes credit for the chores Mandy does.
Last Man Standing Three Sundays (TV-PG) Mike tries to motivate Ryan and Kyle into standing up for things they believe in, and he comes to realize how essential it is they have a father figure in life.
The Goldbergs Couples Costume (TV-PG) Adam chooses to spend Halloween with Dana instead of Beverly; Adam visits a haunted house with Dana, but he must go back when Dana loses her ring inside.
Mike & Molly The Last Temptation of Mike (TV-14) When Mike's innocent flirting with a newly-recruited cop escalate into the policewoman making a move, Mike becomes consumed with guilt about his marriage.
Mike & Molly Bachelor/Bachelorette (TV-14) Mike gets surprised when his dad comes to town early to attend his bachelor party; Peggy decides that she's going to attend Molly's bachelorette party.
The Goldbergs The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet (TV-PG) Barry is offered a modeling deal, which leads him to believe he'll be a celebrity, but Erica is convinced it's a scam to get their money.
Last Man Standing Big Brother (TV-PG) Mike gets upset about the lack of privacy in the neighborhood when someone's security camera records Vanessa shooting a neighborhood cat with a hose.
Last Man Standing Mandy's Party (TV-PG) When Mike and Vanessa return home early, they are shocked to find Mandy was putting together a party; Kristin gets the jitters about her upcoming nuptials.
The Goldbergs Lucky (TV-PG) Murray finally caves and allow Barry to get a dog, but Barry becomes upset when he finds out that the dog likes Murray more; Erica and Lainey plan a sleepover.
Mike & Molly Support Your Local Samuel (TV-14) When Samuel receives a somber letter from his parents detailing their financial troubles, he considers packing up and moving back to Africa.
Mike & Molly The Rehearsal (TV-14) Mike and Molly are getting closer to their wedding, and with only two days left before the big day, the wedding rehearsal takes place.
The Goldbergs DannyDonnieJoeJonJordan (TV-PG) After Manny gets stuck in the garage from falling boxes, he makes Beverly throw everything out; Adam and Berry tease Erica about her obsession with a band.
Last Man Standing Kyle's Friend (TV-PG) A homeless man that Kyle has become close to goes missing, and Mike uses his video blog to find him; Mandy helps a mother that lives at the women's shelter.
Last Man Standing Restaurant Opening (TV-PG) When Outdoor Man Grill opens, Kristin is frustrated with Ed for acting like she can't run the place; Eve tries to cut ties with a friend who has a crush on her.
The Goldbergs In Conclusion, Thanskgiving (TV-PG) Beverly tries to get everybody together at her house to celebrate Thanksgiving, but Marvin convinces Pop-Pop that they are celebrating the holiday at his house.
Mike & Molly Mike Check (TV-14) After Molly discovers that Mike has not received a health check-up in over 10 years, she urgently pushes for him to schedule an appointment with a doctor.
Mike & Molly The Wedding (TV-14) Mike and Molly encounter chaos, speed bumps and setbacks before the two can finally make the long-awaited trip down the aisle on their wedding day.
The Goldbergs The Darryl Dawkins Dance (TV-PG) Beverly and Erica look for a girl to take Barry to the Sadie Hawkins dance so that he will stay away from Lainey, and Beverly finds someone surprising.
Last Man Standing Summer Internship (TV-PG) After Mandy decides to take a summer internship, and then quickly states she can no longer go, Mike and Vanessa set out to discover why she changed her mind.
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Last Man Standing Daddy Dearest (TV-PG) Mike and Ed take Ryan and his sick dad, Victor, on a hunting trip; Vanessa attempts to find more family who will come to see Ryan and Kristin's wedding.
The Goldbergs Wingmom (TV-PG) Barry decides to become a member of the ROTC after watching "Top Gun"; Murray thinks that Barry needs more discipline in his life; Pops regains his swag.
Mike & Molly Hack to the Future (TV-14) After Molly meets her publisher, she faces a crisis of conscience when he requests that she make changes to her book; Mike decides to go on a shopping spree.
Mike & Molly The Honeymoon is Over (TV-14) Mike becomes inspired by their honeymoon trip to Paris and decides that he wants to change his life; Molly worries about how their friends & family fared.
The Goldbergs Cowboy Country (TV-PG) Beverly worries Adam is growing up too fast when he gives a ring to his girlfriend; Lainey and Barry get Murray to watch football with Lainey's dad.
Last Man Standing Vanessa Fixes Up Eve (TV-PG) Vanessa attempts to set Eve up for a date with a student in one of her classes; Mike and Chuck think Eve may be dating Chuck's son, Brandon, in secret.
« Alexander (TV-14, R, **+) A young ruler of Macedonia discovers that rich and mysterious lands lay beyond his domain and he begins a quest to conquer Greek and Persian civilizations.
Mike & Molly Mike & Molly's Excellent Adventure (TV-14) Molly encourages Mike to do anything he wants, but their fun comes to an end when it's time for them to pay for all of their indulgences.
The Goldbergs Van People (TV-PG) When Murray grounds Erica from her car, she and Barry fight back by purchasing a used van, and then living in it; Adam is voted "nicest guy" in the yearbook.
The King of Queens Block Buster (TV-PG) At a high school football reunion, Doug is robbed of his winning block in a game when a another guy, who's now in a wheelchair, is given the accolades.
Rules of Engagement A Wee Problem (HD, TV-14) Jeff tries everything possible to make Brenda laugh when he discovers that she has a "wee" problem due to her pregnancy; Timmy surprised with his new boss.
Rules of Engagement Unpleasant Surprises (HD, TV-14) Jen forces the guys to put together a surprise bachelor party for Adam; Jen decides to paint a mural for Audrey and Jeff's nursery that turns out to be graphic.
The King of Queens Frozen Pop (TV-G) Arthur moves up to Carrie's office since a cold spell makes his basement room seem like a freezer, but Doug and Carrie can't handle him being upstairs.
Mike & Molly Weekend at Peggy's (TV-14) After a fight about a broken window turns into a dramatic argument over money, Mike and Molly decide to leave Joyce and move into Peggy's house.
The Goldbergs Barry Goldberg's Day Off (TV-PG) Barry pretends to be ill in hopes of having a crazy day off just like in the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," but the day soon spirals out of control.
Last Man Standing Free Range Parents (TV-PG) Mike tries to get Ryan to agree to let Boyd walk home alone, because it's hard enough picking up Ryan from school; Ed and Kyle host "Doomsday Preppers" meeting.
The Goldbergs A Christmas Story (TV-PG) Beverly tries to create a new holiday called "Super Hanukkah" when her family shows a less-than-enthusiastic attitude towards Christmas.
Mike & Molly Checkpoint Joyce (TV-14) After Mike is forced to arrest Joyce for driving under the influence, the family attempts to confront her about her excessive drinking.
Mike & Molly Vince Takes a Bath (TV-14) When Vince suddenly throws out his back, Joyce is conveniently nowhere to be found, leaving Mike and Molly stuck with having to take care of him.
The Goldbergs Happy Mom, Happy Life (TV-PG) Beverly jeopardizes Dana and Adam's class project of looking after a doll; Erica joins the JTP to get back at Barry for taking up all of Lainey's attention.
Last Man Standing The Wolf Returns (TV-PG) Mike returns home after his two month road trip and finds out that he missed; Outdoor Man and the Baxter home are in the way of an approaching tornado.
Last Man Standing Educating Boyd (TV-PG) Mike suggests that Ryan send Boyd to a private school when he gets suspended from public school; Kristin and Kyle find a raccoon in the Outdoor Man restaurant.
The Goldbergs Tasty Boys (TV-PG) When Murray refuses to help Beverly re-model the kitchen so that it will look like the Kremps' kitchen, she forces him to help her by doing a bad job herself.
Mike & Molly Immaculate Deception (TV-14) Mike and Molly are excited to get the house to themselves for the weekend, but their newfound joy is disrupted when Mike discovers Molly's secret.
Mike & Molly Mike Likes Cake (TV-14) Molly starts to get frustrated when she discovers that her wedding photos didn't turn out as expected; Carl gets jealous when Christina's ex-boyfriend returns.
The Goldbergs The Lost Boy (TV-PG) Adam gets lost in the stadium at a Phillies game; Beverly annoys Barry and Erica so much on an outing that they leave her on the side of the road.
Last Man Standing Ping-Pong (TV-PG) Vanessa tries to convince Eve to be excited about having a woman president; Ed's comment forces Mike and Mandy to consider their shared interests.
Last Man Standing Halloween (TV-PG) When Mike and Chuck decide that they would rather watch football than help their wives with the trick-or-treaters, the woman set out to prank them.
The Goldbergs Baio and Switch (TV-PG) Beverly tries to get closer to Barry and Erica by volunteering for Hands Across America; Adam promises his best friend and his girlfriend a date for the dance.
Mike & Molly The World According to Peggy (TV-14) Molly throws a party together after learning that Peggy has decided to retire unexpectedly, but tension brews when Peggy refuses to explain her sudden decision.
Mike & Molly Molly in the Middle (TV-14) Mike and Molly decide it is the right time to start trying for a baby; Carl becomes upset when he realizes that Molly is still hanging out with Christina.
The Goldbergs The Adam Bomb (TV-PG) Erica considers putting off college to go after a singing career; Adam and Barry get into a fight that begins with an April Fool's joke.
Last Man Standing The Road Less Driven (TV-PG) Mike is excited about getting to work on his birthday present, a 1967 Impala, but he gets frustrated when the previous owner of the car keeps offering advice.
Last Man Standing The Big Sleepover (TV-PG) Mike does not want Eve's friend Cammy to stay with them, so he tries to pawn her off on the Larabees; Kristin wants Mandy to design uniforms for the Grill.
The Goldbergs Double Dare (TV-PG) Adam and Emmy ask different people to audition with them for their favorite game show; Barry believes Beverly is the key to breaking the Eagles' losing streak.
Mike & Molly Buy the Book (TV-14) Molly is thrilled that her book will finally be released, but she soon becomes obsessed with reloading her book's website to see if anyone is buying it.
Mike & Molly Mike's Boss (TV-14) Mike is put into an uncomfortable situation when he is forced to play matchmaker and set up his lonely mother with his boss, despite his many reservations.
The Goldbergs I Drank the Mold (TV-PG) During Adam's birthday sleepover, his friend Garry gets everyone sick by giving them his dad's home brewed beer, which most of the kids' parents blame on Adam.
Last Man Standing The Dad Hat (TV-PG) When Kristin tells Mike that she wants to be in charge of the opening of the next Outdoor Man Grill restaurant, he starts acting like a dad instead of her boss.
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