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Empty Nest The Courtship of Carol's Father (TV-PG) Harry's wish of encouragement to an ex-girlfriend about her new marriage inadvertently reignites her passion for him; Carol sets her father up with a singer.
Empty Nest The Tinker Grant (TV-PG) A man comes to the clinic to evaluate their proposal for a grant, and accidentally leaves his notebook behind; Sophia teaches Charley how to speak Italian.
Night Court Welcome Back, Mama (TV-14) Harry lays down his judgment on the untrustworthy woman who runs a beauty contest; a woman arrives in the court who says she is Harry's mother.
Night Court The Eye of the Beholder (TV-14) A volunteer organization refuses to allow Bull to join them because of what he looks like, which pushes him into a depressed mood about his appearance.
Night Court Death Threat (TV-14) The courtroom immediately turns into complete turmoil when a rock thrown through the window holds a note threatening Harry's life and a bomb is uncovered.
Night Court Once in Love with Harry (TV-14) Dan thinks he has the advantage when he runs for a spot on the city council, but his opponent puts up an unexpected fight; a prostitute falls for Harry.
Empty Nest Grandma, What Big Eyes You Have (TV-PG) As he visits the park with Scotty, Harry falls hard for a woman he encounters who is there with her granddaughter; Laverne brings a found parrot to the office.
Empty Nest Feelings, Whoa Whoa Whoa, Feelings... (TV-PG) A very handsome childhood friend of Laverne's from her hometown comes by for a visit, leaving her nervous about revealing her true feelings.
Night Court Quadrangle of Love (TV-14) A beautiful new attorney begins working in the courtroom, and the court men, especially Harry, Bull and Dan, end up in a battle to win her affections.
Night Court Wonder Drugs (TV-14) The courtroom gets more than it bargained for when Lana takes some powerful cold medicine, which leads to a series of strange actions and occurrences.
Night Court Some Like It Hot (TV-14) A Russian is brought into the court to face judgment for stealing, but in an attempt to keep from going to jail, he tries to burn down the court.
Night Court Harry and the Rock Star (TV-14) Harry finds his court completely turned upside down when he begins seeing a rock star and fans and news crews show up; a new clerk begins work.
Empty Nest My Pal Valy-Val (TV-PG) While searching for her friend, Carol encounters a woman who is about to commit suicide and tries to help her; Charley butts in on Harry's solo camping trip.
Empty Nest Remembrance of Clips Past (TV-PG) The gang reminisces about old memories at Laverne's gowing-away party while she gets ready to move back to Hickory after her wedding.
Night Court Bull's Baby (TV-14) Bull finds his hands full when he suddenly ends up caring for the neighbor's baby, but the rest of the court tries to help Bull watch the child.
Night Court Hi Honey, I'm Home (TV-14) A woman and her two husbands come to the court for Harry's help after she married her second husband believing her first husband was dead.
Night Court The Nun (TV-14) A young nun visits the courtroom, and she suddenly decides to abandon her vows when she falls for Harry, who doesn't know what to do with the admiration.
Night Court Daddy for the Defense (TV-14) A new defense attorney tries her first case in court, but when her father insults Harry, he is thrown out of court.
« A Smile Like Yours (TV-14, R, **) A happy, young couple with everything except a child of their own decides to try having a baby, but they find obstacles on the rocky path to parenthood.
A Very Brady Sequel (TV-14, PG-13, **+) The Bradys receive a surprise visit when a man claiming to be Carol's long-lost first husband shows up at their residence, the family question his motives.
« There Goes the Neighborhood (TV-PG, PG-13, **) Greedy treasure hunters create chaos in suburbia when a dying prisoner leaves clues as to the whereabouts of a stolen fortune.
Air America (TV-14, R, **+) Two pilots join a team that flies supplies into Vietnam and become entangled into the contraband smuggling plans of a double-crossing Laotian general.
Empty Nest Tinker to Evers to Tucson (TV-PG) Laverne's husband is traded from his baseball team and she has to move away with him, but Harry tries to get her stay; Charley tries to get over his flu bug.
Empty Nest What's a Father to Do? (TV-PG) Harry must decide which of his daughter's big events he will attend when they are both scheduled to receive awards on the same night.
Night Court Billie and the Cat (TV-14) Public defender Billie Young refuses to reveal where her client is hiding a kidnapped cat, so Harry decides to send her to jail until she's ready to speak.
Night Court Pick a Number (TV-14) A simple man chooses Harry to decide which fortunate person will receive his lottery winnings, causing the courtroom to go wild as each asks to be chosen.
Night Court The Computer Kid (TV-14) A pint-sized computer whiz barricades himself in Harry's office and threatens to erase all his school's records, forcing Harry and the others to intervene.
Night Court Bull Gets a Kid (TV-14) A volunteer father's organization finally allows Bull to take care of a foster son, but an unexpected change leads to everyone's surprises.
Empty Nest Tears of a Clown (TV-PG) Harry Weston suggests his daughter Carol for an open position at the hospital, but regrets his decision quickly when she aggravates the hospital's clown.
Empty Nest Blame it on the Moon (TV-PG) Barbara calls on a familiar acquaintance to help her share in a romantic night under the stars; Harry has trouble getting along with a colleague at work.
Night Court Harry on Trial (TV-14) A nervous Harry finds himself on the other side of the bench when his unorthodox courtroom tactics are under investigation by a disciplinary board.
Night Court Harry and the Madam (TV-14) Harry finds himself faced with a great deal of political pressure when an infamous madam with an incriminating diary enters his courtroom.
Night Court Inside Harry Stone (TV-14) In spite of suffering from terrible pains and discomfort, a stubborn Harry is hesitant about having surgery performed to correct his ulcer symptoms.
Night Court The Blizzard (TV-14) A fierce blizzard causes everyone to become stranded in the courthouse while Dan is stuck in an elevator with a man who is attracted to him.
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Empty Nest Settling (TV-PG) Carol's new man has her concerned with his troubling lack of intimacy; Harry has a problem trying to give Laverne a raise at work.
Empty Nest Harry Snubs Laverne (TV-PG) Laverne airs a grievance against Harry; two lovesick patients disagree with the treatment they're receiving; Charley makes a burial request.
Night Court Take My Wife, Please (TV-14) Harry continues courtroom duties despite suffering from a temporary blindness; Mac marries a girl he knew in Vietnam so she can stay in the country.
Night Court The Birthday Visitor (TV-14) Billie organizes a festive dinner to celebrate Harry's birthday, but the party is interrupted by an unexpected visitor who is insecure.
Night Court Dan's Parents (TV-14) To everyone's surprise, Dan's parents are not dead; the truth comes out when they come over for a visit to see their son whom they think is successful.
Night Court Nuts About Harry (TV-14) Mental hospital patients stage a strike to convince the court that they are the victims of mistreatment, as one locks herself in a closet with a gun.
Empty Nest Green Eggs and Harry (TV-PG) Harry asks Carol to help him finish writing his children's book, but Barbara manages to get the credit of being co-author as the book nears completion.
Empty Nest Overdue for a Job (TV-PG) Carol tries to break her streak of quitting jobs, but her college library stint is put in jeopardy by having to deal with an obnoxious professor.
Night Court An Old Flame (TV-14) The court brings in a judge to substitute but he only seems to wreak havoc amongst the cases; an old boyfriend of Selma's returns for her.
Night Court The Gypsy (TV-14) Bull believes he has been cursed by a vengeful gypsy, so Harry uses some "magic" of his own to convince him that the curse has been lifted.
Night Court The Battling Bailiff (TV-14) Bull quits his job as court bailiff in order to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler.
Night Court Billie's Valentine (TV-14) On Valentine's Day Billie learns her new boyfriend may not be the best choice in her line of work when she discovers his storied past.
Empty Nest Timing (TV-PG) Harry gets excited about reigniting a romance with an old flame he always regretted flaking out on, but this time she's the one with second thoughts.
Empty Nest It Happened Two Nights... Four Costume Changes (TV-PG) Laverne is distraught upon hearing the news that Nick is having an affair, and makes up a fib that she is dating Harry to get back at him.
Night Court Married Alive (TV-14) Everyone thinks that Dan has finally gone too far when he starts dating an unattractive woman who is heir to a $40 million fortune.
Night Court Mac and Quon Le: Together Again (TV-14) Accused of prostitution, Quon Le must appear before the court; for the mayoral commission, Harry has to decide between Billie and Dan.
Night Court World War III (TV-14) Harry tries to track down Yakov's brother who is a Russian circus rebel; negotiations are in place for an arms agreement between Soviet and American agents.
Night Court Walk, Don't Wheel (TV-14) Harry is asked out to prom by a disabled law student, but when he declines her offer, she believes it is because of her handicap.
« Almost an Angel (TV-PG, PG, **) An inveterate thief becomes convinced he is an angel and was visited by God, who told him to change his wicked ways and begin doing good things.
Elizabethtown (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) A sneaker designer gets fired by his boss and dumped by his girlfriend but he meets an optimistic flight attendant on the way to his father's funeral.
Turner & Hooch (TV-PG, PG, **+) A picky police investigator decides to shelter a lone murder witness, a huge, slobbering dog who wreaks havoc before his nose finds the killer.
The Drew Carey Show At Your Cervix (TV-14) Drew hopes to make a commitment to Kellie after they learn that she is pregnant; Kellie's parents aren't thrilled with the idea of having Drew as a son-in-law.
The Drew Carey Show Sealed in a Kiss (TV-14) Drew recalls his father's death and the funeral mishap which ultimately resulted in his dad being buried in a casket featuring the logo for the band Kiss.
Empty Nest A Flaw is Born (TV-PG) Harry begins dating a successful brain surgeon, but soon realizes how inadequate she makes him feel; Carol seeks revenge on a man who didn't call her.
Empty Nest Harry's Excellent Adventure (TV-PG) Harry decides to spice up his life by joining his thrill-seeking friend on an expedition to Pamplona, Spain, in order to run with the bulls.
Night Court Hello, Goodbye (TV-14) As Harry interviews possible replacements, everyone else deals with Selma's death in their own way, including binge drinking.
Night Court The Hostage (TV-14) Dan is taken hostage by a man, who is accused of stealing electronic parts, as he requires to speak with his home planet of Saturn; Dan's date goes downhill.
Night Court Dad's First Date (TV-14) When Christine's father tries dating again, he ends his evening of romance in front of Harry with a group of nudists.
Night Court Mac and Quon Le: No Reservations (TV-14) Fearing that he will enganger his chances of inheriting millions of dollars, Mac tries to hide Quon Le from his prejudiced grandfather.
Empty Nest A Family Affair (TV-PG) Harry feels like Barbara's new boyfriend might be secretly married, but his advice falls on deaf ears, because of Barbara's staunch resistance.
Empty Nest Someone to Watch Over Me (TV-PG) Charley's stay in the hospital leads to him making some curiously infantile requests for his mother and father; Dreyfuss is accused of being a father.
Night Court Halloween II: The Return of Leon (TV-14) With Halloween quickly approaching, the court looks forward to their boss's Halloween party, and Dan will do anything to get invited; Harry and Leon meet again.
Night Court Best of Friends (TV-14) When his good friend from high school comes to town for a visit, Dan is shocked after discovering that he is a changed man.
Night Court Dan's Boss (TV-14) Dan attempts to suck up to his new, diminutive, boss, but finds that he is a much nastier person than he expected.
Night Court Up on the Roof (TV-14) A popular rock star finds himself imprisoned by his over-protective entourage, and Harry must find a way to free him after getting involved.
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