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Ellen Salad Days (TV-PG) Ellen becomes inspired to throw an extravagant dinner party after meeting Martha Stewart, and her guest list leads to the event being a truly unique one.
Ellen The Movie Show (TV-PG) Ellen's excitement about having a movie filmed in her bookstore is quickly lost when she is shocked by Paige's obnoxious show-biz personality.
Ellen What's Up, Ex-Doc? (TV-PG) Ellen steps in when a communication error finally brings peace between Spence and his estranged father; a new movie causes problems for the store.
Ellen Ellen's Choice (TV-PG) A highly intellectual talk-show host asks Ellen to select three members of her five-person book club to appear on television; Audrey makes coffee.
Ellen Do You Fear What I Fear? (TV-PG) Ellen is filled with a number of emotions when her parents present her with the gift of a burial plot; Joe and Audrey deal with an eccentric employee.
Ellen Horschak's Law (TV-PG) Ellen is invited to an exclusive birthday party for a celebrity; a limo driver takes the group to the wrong place; Audrey meets the man of her dreams.
Ellen Morgan, P.I. (TV-PG) Ellen decides to help authorities capture the culprit of a series of robberies but problems arise when she is required to wear a hidden microphone.
Ellen Oh, Sweet Rapture (TV-PG) Ellen tries to convince Audrey to buy a new car for herself; Paige begins dating a father but struggles to get along with his daughter.
Ellen Witness (TV-PG) When Spence needs a witness for a mock trial he's staging at his law school, he's forced to use Ellen at the last minute, and his worst fears become a reality.
Ellen Ellen: With Child (TV-PG) Paige and her boyfriend decide to go camping and leave Ellen in charge of watching his nine-year-old daughter while they are away.
Ellen Lobster Diary (TV-PG) Ellen is unable to allow a lobster suffer an unfair death in captivity so she decides to steal it from the tank it is held in; Ellen is praised as a hero.
Ellen Two Ring Circus (TV-PG) Ellen unfortunately gets Paige's ring stuck on her finger and ends up getting stuck in the middle of Paige and Matt's relationship.
Ellen A Penney Saved... (TV-PG) Ellen begins to consider firing Audrey when she realizes that the bookstore is in financial trouble; Ellen regrets taking a loan from Audrey's parents.
Ellen Too Hip for the Room (TV-PG) Ellen decides to hire a lounge act in the hopes of bringing in new customers to the bookstore; Spence lies to two potential tenants.
Ellen Two Mammograms and a Wedding (TV-PG) Ellen grows concerned that her friendship with Paige will soon come to an end with her wedding, so she decides to make an effort to make a new friend.
Ellen Go Girlz (TV-PG) Ellen and Audrey throw a bachelorette party for Paige; a psychic's card reading on Paige results in predictions that seem to be coming true, causing anxiety.
Ellen When the Vow Breaks, Part 1 (TV-PG) Paige's wedding day goes as wrong as a day can go, with missing cake and flowers and Ellen getting arrested by the FBI after delivering a bag to the wrong room.
Ellen When the Vow Breaks, Part 2 (TV-PG) Paige and Matt's wedding turns even worse when Ellen catches Paige and Spence kissing just before the bridal march; Ellen tries to get Paige to call things off.
Ellen Give Me Equity or Give Me Death (TV-PG) Ellen gets an offer for the bookstore and is offended by the proposition, but her thoughts on the matter quickly changes when she comes across a home she wants.
Ellen A Deer Head for Joe (TV-PG) Ellen meets her new boss and begins to develop a rivalry with him, which leads to a showdown between her and the new man in charge.
Ellen Splitsville, Man (TV-PG) Ellen excitedly prepares for her father's retirement party, but her joyful optimism is crushed when her parents give her some shocking news.
Ellen The Parent Trap (TV-PG) In an attempt to get her parents back together, Ellen attempts to recreate their Cuban honeymoon in her apartment; Paige regrets hiring Spence.
Ellen Looking Out for Number One (TV-PG) In an attempt to cope with the trauma of her parents breaking up, Ellen decides to see a therapist but is unsure if she should take the professional's advice.
Ellen The Bubble Gum Incident (TV-PG) Paige and Ellen attend a reunion, where Paige is determined to get revenge on a girl she believes put gum in her hair 25 years ago.
Ellen Harold and Ellen (TV-PG) Ellen's father decides to move into the second floor after separating from her mother, which leads to the two quarrelling about his freedom as a bachelor.
Ellen Not So Great Expectations (TV-PG) Ellen's mother decides to join a video-dating service in order to take advantage of her new status as a single woman, but her actions only cause Ellen to worry.
Ellen The Pregnancy Test (TV-PG) The girls have a night of passion with handsome gentlemen but are concerned about possibility being pregnant, so they each decide to take pregnancy tests.
Ellen Kiss My Bum (TV-PG) Ellen joins Ed at the soup kitchen as a volunteer, where she meets a charming man that she decides to invite to her Thanksgiving dinner.
Ellen Bowl, Baby, Bowl (TV-PG) Ellen and Ed enter into a fierce competition after she manages to beat him in a game of bowling; Paige and Spence have conflicting schedules.
Ellen Fleas Navidad (TV-PG) Ellen declines a trip to Mexico when she comes across a stray dog that no one wants to take care of, so she decides to send Joe in her place.
Cybill Cybill Sheridan's Day Off (TV-14) An evil prank by the despicable Dr. Dick goes wrong when an unsuspecting Cybill is mistaken as the target of a kidnapping instead of Maryann.
Cybill Fine is Not a Feeling (TV-14) Maryann is shocked and a little upset when her son, Justin, tells her that he has accepted a new job in San Francisco and will be moving out of town.
Cybill Oh Brother! (TV-14) Cybill forgets Ira's birthday, so she plans to kidnap and surprise him with basketball game tickets, but a last minute revelation shows how things went wrong.
Cybill Whose Wife Am I, Anyway? (TV-14) Jeff, Cybill's ex-husband, convinces her to pretend they're still married and about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary for his grandmother.
Ellen The Houseguest (TV-PG) Ellen gets a visit from her cousin and tries to plan a fun vacation, but she is forced to embark on a frantic search for her when she runs off with a gang.
Ellen The Refrigerator (TV-PG) Anita offers her employee discount to Ellen and Adam so that they can get a new refrigerator but the act of generosity becomes a major burden.
Bubble Boy (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A youth born without an immune system travels cross-country to Niagara Falls on a romantic quest to win the heart of his one true love.
Flubber (TV-PG, PG, **) A bumbling professor accidentally creates a substance that could help save the financially embattled college where he and his fiancée teach.
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Ellen Alone Again... Naturally (TV-PG) Ellen makes the New Years Resolution to go out more, so she decides to have a night out at an extravagant restaurant but quickly becomes discouraged.
Ellen Joe's Kept Secret (TV-PG) Joe asks his girlfriend to get a permit for Ellen so she can add on a breakfast nook in her new home; Joe jeopardizes Ellen's plans.
Ellen Makin' Whoopie (TV-PG) Ellen and Spence attend a wine-tasting party, but Ellen gets carried away and makes a fool of herself in front of Spence's superiors.
Ellen Ellen Unplugged (TV-PG) Ellen convinces the gang to join her in a trip to the rock 'n' roll music camp in Hollywood, Calif., but she becomes star struck by the music legends there.
Ellen Ellen Unplugged (TV-PG) Ellen convinces the gang to join her in a trip to the rock 'n' roll music camp in Hollywood, Calif., but she becomes star struck by the music legends there.
Ellen Ellen's Deaf Comedy Jam (TV-PG) Ellen helps Peter prepare for a production of Romeo and Juliet that stars deaf actors, and she finds herself being attracted to the leading man.
Ellen Secrets & Ellen (TV-PG) Ellen's grandmother decides to stop by for a visit, which leads to Ellen making a series of confessions; Spence injures himself on a trip to Las Vegas.
Ellen Reversal of Misfortune (TV-PG) Ellen tries to introduce her parents to the joys of being single, which involves taking Harold to sports bars and Lois to self-defense classes.
Ellen The Clip Show Patient (TV-PG) Ellen decides to take Spence's advice by volunteering at a hospital, and she finds herself entering into a conversation with a badly burned man.
Ellen The Puppy Episode, Part 1 (TV-PG) Ellen's best friend from college, Richard, comes to town on business; an old friend's boss makes a pass at Ellen, thinking she is also gay.
Ellen The Puppy Episode, Part 2 (TV-PG) Ellen decides that she wants to break the news about her repressed sexuality to her friends all at once; Ellen tries to form a new relationship.
Ellen Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah (TV-PG) Ellen comes up with an elaborate plan to tell her parents about her sexual revelation but her parents react negatively to the news.
Ellen Moving On (TV-PG) Ellen begins to suspect that Ed is homophobic when he demands that a feminist display in the bookstore is taken down; Ellen moves into her new home.
Ellen Guys or Dolls (TV-PG) Ellen runs into an ex-boyfriend during a double date and is surprised to find that she still has feelings for a man she had nearly forgotten about.
Ellen Social Climber (TV-PG) Ellen takes an aerobics class with Spence and Paige and finds herself drawn to the instructor; Ellen attends a mountain-climbing trip.
Ellen Roommates (TV-PG) Ellen is forced to consider looking for a new roommate since Spence is planning to move out on his own; Ellen is introduced to a woman.
Ellen Public Display of Affection (TV-PG) Ellen is introduced to Laurie's 12-year-old daughter and finds that she is offending the young woman by not holding her mother's hand in public.
Ellen Emma (TV-PG) Ellen jumps at the chance to be Emma Thompson's assistant while she stars in Paige's movie, and they are excited to discover that the other is gay.
Ellen Like a Virgin (TV-PG) Ellen is nervous about having sex for the first time with Laurie, after Laurie makes a big deal about their first night alone together.
Ellen All Ellen, All the Time (TV-PG) Ellen takes a job at a radio station, and her refusal to accept the advances of the obnoxious on-air talent leads to her hosting a show by herself.
Ellen Break Up (TV-PG) Ellen and Laurie decide to exchange gifts in celebration of their one-month anniversary together; Harold tries to bond with Laurie's daughter.
Ellen Womyn Fest (TV-PG) Ellen, Paige and Audrey attend a weekend festival for females that leaves her questioning her relationship with Laurie; Paige considers breaking up with Spence.
Ellen The Funeral (TV-PG) Ellen tries to convince Laurie to attend the event in the hopes that she will forgive the family that disowned her for her life choices.
Ellen Escape from L.A. (TV-PG) Lauren and Ellen decide to go to San Diego, Calif., for the weekend which leads to their conflicting personalities damaging their relationship.
Ellen Ellen in Focus (TV-PG) Paige is stressed about the upcoming focus-group meeting for the new show she developed, so she recruits Ellen and Joe to sabotage the group.
Ellen Neighbors (TV-PG) Ellen accidentally sends an inflatable doll to her neighbor's home and has to deal with their ridicule when she is locked outside of her house in a costume.
Ellen It's a Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay World! (TV-PG) During a seemingly routine visit to the hardware store, Spence is exposed to an experimental bug spray that causes him to dream of a new world.
Ellen Hospital (TV-PG) Ellen rushes to the hospital after learning that Laurie has been in a car accident; Ellen is unable to resist arguing with Laurie's ex-girlfriend.
Ellen Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute, Part 1 (TV-PG) A special presentation honors the 75-year-long career of Ellen, as a special look back features clips from her earliest performances in show business.
Ellen Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute, Part 2 (TV-PG) A look back is taken at the career of Ellen DeGeneres with clips from her earliest days in show business and her relationships with industry stars.
Cybill Dream Date (TV-14) Maryann convinces an apprehensive Cybill to go on a blind date with a man who proves to be rather odious, but during a storm saves Ira's mom from death.
Cybill Farewell, My Sweet (TV-14) Cybill and Mary get a huge shock when they learn that Cybill is allergic to chocolate; Maryann's parents, in town for a bowling tournament, stop by for a visit.
Cybill Daddy (TV-14) Cybill's father, who didn't show up for Christmas, comes to town for a visit, and announces that he got her a spot on a television series about Southern women.
Cybill Don Gianni (TV-14) When Zoey's first love visits from Italy, he recaptures her heart and rekindles her love for him, but things go awry when he makes a pass at Cybill.
Ellen The Soft Touch (TV-PG) Ellen gets some bargaining tips from Adam, but she misuses the newly acquired skills and accidentally gets a car salesman fired from his job.
Ellen The Boyfriend Stealer (TV-PG) Ellen tries to convince everyone that Holly's new boyfriend is hitting on her; Ellen struggles to get along with a new employee at a coffee shop.
Life with Mikey (TV-PG, PG, **+) A former child actor who outgrew his popularity and became a children's talent agent meets a 9-year-old pickpocket and sets out to make her a star.
Dear God (TV-PG, PG, **) A con man is forced to get a real job at the post office, where he begins to find redemption through replying to desperate letters that are addressed to God.
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