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The Californians Death by Proxy (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days The Saint's Portrait (TV-PG) A member of a Native American tribe steals a venerated portrait from neighboring braves.
Death Valley Days Eleven Thousand Miners Can't Be Wrong (TV-PG) A politician tries to make Columbia the capital city of California.
Death Valley Days Black Bart (TV-PG) A teacher stages a holdup as a practical joke, but when the holdup is shockingly successful, he decides to make a career out of it.
Zane Grey Theater Threat of Violence (TV-PG) A lawyer doesn't get the job he hoped to obtain, in which he would've worked with the mining company, after they learned he was once a violent gunfighter.
Zane Grey Theater Utopia, Wyoming (TV-PG) Two government surveyors come across an old ghost town occupied by former Confederates; the residents wish to not make their presence known to outsiders.
The Californians The Street (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Lola Montez (TV-PG) The story of Lola Montez, a 19th-century Irish dancer, actress and courtesan who became the mistress of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, is told.
Death Valley Days To Big Charlie from Little Charlie (TV-PG) Two mining partners, both named Charlie, strike it rich, but while one Charlie finds success, the other Charlie runs into failure.
Death Valley Days Halfway Girl (TV-PG) Family rivalries threaten two young lovers' romance.
Zane Grey Theater The Homecoming (TV-PG) After years of struggling to make a living from his land, a down-on-his-luck man robs a bank, and his wife convinces him to give the money back.
Zane Grey Theater The Accuser (TV-PG) A man discovers the body of a murdered rancher neighbor and attempts to provide comfort for the grieving widow; her son doesn't trust the man and resents him.
The Californians J. Jimmerson Jones, Inc. (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days The Light on the Mountain (TV-PG) Two men try to overthrow the corrupt judicial system in Virginia City, Nev.
Death Valley Days Sequoia (TV-PG) As a Cherokee named Sequoia attempts to painstakingly develop a written alphabet for his people, he becomes the object of ridicule.
Death Valley Days Death and Taxes (TV-PG) A deputy goes through some strange experiences while collecting taxes.
Zane Grey Theater A Thread of Respect (TV-PG) An immigrant and his son face prejudice and cruelty from the locals when they open a tailor shop in their new hometown; he refuses to defend himself.
Zane Grey Theater To Sit in Judgment (TV-PG) A lawman carries out a hanging sentence on a murderer, and the mans son promises to avenge his fathers death; divide on how to treat the boy.
The Californians Skeleton in the Closet (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Million Dollar Wedding (TV-PG) As part of a cruel joke, two prospectors offer their friend some shares in their mine if he'll marry a homely woman named Aggie Filene.
Death Valley Days Riggs and Riggs (TV-PG) While on a trip to San Francisco to deposit his gold, a prospector falls victim to the temptations of the big city.
Death Valley Days Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (TV-PG) When a prospector finally strikes it rich, he decides to marry the girl he left behind, but unfortunately, the girl has stopped waiting for his hand.
Zane Grey Theater The Tall Shadow (TV-PG) A man dreams of achieving something his father had not, despite his reputation as the most successful man in the town; his father is murdered.
Zane Grey Theater Bury Him Dead (TV-PG) A man and wife find two injured people on their property, one being an outlaw and the other a sheriff; the outlaw demands that the sheriff be killed.
The Californians Pipeline (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days I Am Joaquin (TV-PG) As a ship transports gold, bandits force their way on board, murder almost all of the passengers and crew, and kidnap the captain's child.
Death Valley Days The Seventh Day (TV-PG) Wagon train members object to their leader's desire to observe the Sabbath.
Death Valley Days The Crystal Gazer (TV-PG) When she sees her fortune in a crystal ball, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter heads into the West to retrieve her riches.
Zane Grey Theater Living Is a Lonesome Thing (TV-PG) A wealthy rancher is trying to monopolize the cattle drives that are leaving the state of Texas; smaller ranchers are put their own competing drive together.
Zane Grey Theater Hang the Heart High (TV-PG) A ranchers wife wants to leave him and thinks a newly hired hand could be her ticket out of town; she falls in love with the new help.
Apache Uprising (TV-PG, NR, **) Outlaws and stage coach passengers who are traveling through an Indian controlled area of Arizona must band together to fight off the attacks of the Apaches.
Ten Wanted Men (TV-14, NR, **) An Arizona cattleman offers protection to his rival rancher's abused mistress, leading to the hiring of outlaws to drive everyone out of the territory by force.
Walker, Texas Ranger The Bachelor Party (TV-14) Walker's bachelor retreat quickly turns deadly when the Rangers are pursued by a bloodthirsty bear and a money launderer bent on revenge.
Arizona Raiders (TV-PG, NR, **) In exchange for a prison sentence, two ex-raiders must betray their old gang when a Union officer desires their help to find and bring the gang to justice.
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The Californians The Foundling (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days The Mormon's Grindstone (TV-PG) When a group of miners suspect an assayer of cheating them, they become hostile.
Death Valley Days Valencia Cake (TV-PG) A Spanish family claims ownership over piece of land, but they're unable to find their deed.
Death Valley Days Reno (TV-PG) The story of Lt. Jessie Lee Reno, the man after whom the city of Reno, Nev., was named, is told.
Zane Grey Theater Make It Look Good (TV-PG) A man refuses to accept a share of a large sum of money that has been stolen from a bank, which places his wifes life in danger; outlaws think there is a rat.
Zane Grey Theater The Last Raid (TV-PG) A man and his gang are attempting to escape with several thousand pesos in gold; when he is betrayed by one of his men, who steals the gold.
The Californians Second Trial (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Homeliest Man in Nevada (TV-PG) A homely miner tries to win the affections of a beautiful girl.
Death Valley Days California's First Ice Man (TV-PG) A Bostonian encounters a business enemy from back home, and the two quickly resume their rivalry by selling a precious commodity to the community.
Death Valley Days The Hangman Waits (TV-PG) A respectable, but aging lawyer and a young associate who's defending a man accused of murder get into a conflict.
Zane Grey Theater Hanging Fever (TV-PG) A town leader looks to bring justice to a small town where a murder has taken place; the townspeople are not willing to wait for a trial and the suspect flees.
Zane Grey Theater Trouble at Tres Cruces (TV-PG) A drifter is asked by his uncle to visit and take a look at his new gun; he arrives to find that his uncle has been killed and the new gun is missing.
The Californians The Inner Circle (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days A Killing in Diamonds (TV-PG) Two prospectors claim to have found an incredible diamond mine that they must unfortunately sell.
Death Valley Days Miracle of the Sea Gulls (TV-PG) A counterfeiter trying to escape from the law joins a wagon train of Mormons who are heading to Salt Lake City.
Death Valley Days Nevada's Plymouth Rock (TV-PG) When a New England family start a new life in a Nevada gold camp, they find their new life harder than they expected.
Zane Grey Theater Checkmate (TV-PG) A bank is robbed and a teller is suspected of being involved; a detective comes to town and is asked to investigate the crime, and uncover the truth.
Zane Grey Theater Mission to Marathon (TV-PG) After being dishonorably discharged from the Army, an ex-soldier is asked by the government to locate an Army major; in return, he will have his record cleared.
The Californians The Golden Bride (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Wildcat's First Piano (TV-PG) The delivery of a piano means the arrival of culture to a small mining town, but to their dismay, the townspeople find that no one knows how to play it.
Death Valley Days The Baron of Arizona (TV-PG) A zealous reporter investigates a land baron in Arizona.
Death Valley Days The Man Who'd Bet on Anything (TV-PG) A man who would bet on anything makes a bet that Carson City, Nev., will one day become the state capital.
Zane Grey Theater Interrogation (TV-PG) An army captain and corporal are captured by the Mexican army and are put through interrogation in order to obtain some important information.
Zane Grey Theater Hand on the Latch (TV-PG) A man is shot for trying to escape from an army prison camp during the Civil War; he finds a small farm house where two women live alone.
The Californians Murietta (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days The Hoodoo Mine (TV-PG) When a prospector's partner double-crosses him and leaves him in the desert to die, a Native American girl saves him from certain death.
Death Valley Days Gold Is Where You Find it (TV-PG) A detective disguises himself as a Mexican in order to clear himself of a crime.
Death Valley Days Mr. Bigfoot (TV-PG) An archeologist helps show a man, who has been teased and overlooked because of his height, that bravery comes in a variety of different sizes.
Zane Grey Theater The Lonely Gun (TV-PG) An outlaw returns to his home town to see his brother, and he finds out that his brother is dead; not only that, but his nephew has sold the ranch.
Zane Grey Theater Shadows (TV-PG) The most powerful figure in town has a huge political and economic influence; a young man tries to impress the man and agrees to stand trial for a murder.
Texas Part 1 (TV-14) The unforgettable story of early settlers as they discover their dreams and hardships on the American Frontier that would become the Lone Star State.
Texas Part 2 (TV-14) The unforgettable story of early settlers as they discover their dreams and hardships on the American Frontier that would become the Lone Star State.
The Violent Men (TV-PG, NR, **+) An ex-Union officer uses his military training to contend with a murderous land baron who is seeking control of his valley through various scare tactics.
McLintock! (TV-PG, NR, ***) The estranged wife of a hard-drinking cattle baron returns home seeking a divorce, but a visit from the couple's daughter complicates matters.
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