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The Californians An Act of Faith (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Jimmy Dayton's Treasure (TV-PG) A man buys a toupee and a new set of teeth to win the affections of a dancer.
Death Valley Days Yaller (TV-PG) A young miner struggles to work the mines due to claustrophobia.
Death Valley Days Husband Pro Tem (TV-PG) A mining engineer tries to negotiate with a tribe of Native Americans who won't allow him to construct a railroad across their lands.
Zane Grey Theater Interrogation (TV-PG) An army captain and corporal are captured by the Mexican army and are put through interrogation in order to obtain some important information.
Zane Grey Theater Hand on the Latch (TV-PG) A man is shot for trying to escape from an army prison camp during the Civil War; he finds a small farm house where two women live alone.
Beyond Glory (TV-PG, NR, ***) A former soldier blacked out under fire in Tunisa and is unsure whether he is the reason his commanding officer died, but then falls in love with his widow.
Santa Fe (TV-PG, NR, **+) Two estranged brothers make an attempt at reconciling their differences after they have been fighting on opposing sides of the Civil War.
The Trial of Billy Jack (TV-14, PG, *+) While Billy Jack is in prison, his students rebuild the Freedom School, start a newspaper and TV station, and stir up trouble by exposing local corruption.
The Californians The Vigilantes Begin (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days The Kickapoo Run (TV-PG) A marshal patrols the New Mexico land rush of 1895.
Death Valley Days Rainbow Chaser (TV-PG) When an irresponsible husband forces his family to survive without him, the family survives a bit too well.
Death Valley Days Sixth Sense (TV-PG) A blind girl plays a pivotal role in a search for robbers.
Zane Grey Theater The Lonely Gun (TV-PG) An outlaw returns to his home town to see his brother, and he finds out that his brother is dead; not only that, but his nephew has sold the ranch.
Zane Grey Theater Shadows (TV-PG) The most powerful figure in town has a huge political and economic influence; a young man tries to impress the man and agrees to stand trial for a murder.
The Californians All That Glitters (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Mr. Godiva (TV-PG) A reporter tries to amass a great fortune within only three days in order to win the hand of a business magnate's daughter.
Death Valley Days Death Valley Scotty (TV-PG) The true story of Walter Scott, a man who became a Western legend and who was at the center of a mystery that baffled the nation for decades, is told.
Death Valley Days The Saint's Portrait (TV-PG) A member of a Native American tribe steals a venerated portrait from neighboring braves.
Zane Grey Theater Lonesome Road (TV-PG) A Marshal goes too far in his efforts in keeping order in his town; the townspeople decide they want him out of their town, but he doesn't want to go quietly.
Zane Grey Theater Miss Jenny (TV-PG) A woman accompanies her meek and drunken husband on a journey to the West, and they stop at an outpost where they are immediately threatened by a stranger.
The Californians The Noose (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Eleven Thousand Miners Can't Be Wrong (TV-PG) A politician tries to make Columbia the capital city of California.
Death Valley Days Black Bart (TV-PG) A teacher stages a holdup as a practical joke, but when the holdup is shockingly successful, he decides to make a career out of it.
Death Valley Days Lola Montez (TV-PG) The story of Lola Montez, a 19th-century Irish dancer, actress and courtesan who became the mistress of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, is told.
Zane Grey Theater The Reckoning (TV-PG) Two cattle ranching brothers want a sheep herder to move out from their valley; the young brothers attitudes, however, start to change after an encounter.
Zane Grey Theater Wayfarers (TV-PG) A young pregnant woman comes to a town looking to reunite with her husband; she learns that he has passed away and finds herself alone in a new town.
The Californians The Avenger (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days To Big Charlie from Little Charlie (TV-PG) Two mining partners, both named Charlie, strike it rich, but while one Charlie finds success, the other Charlie runs into failure.
Death Valley Days Halfway Girl (TV-PG) Family rivalries threaten two young lovers' romance.
Death Valley Days The Light on the Mountain (TV-PG) Two men try to overthrow the corrupt judicial system in Virginia City, Nev.
Zane Grey Theater The Man in the Middle (TV-PG) A native agent has to fulfill two tasks; he must convince the townspeople that one of their young men deserves punishment for killing one of his own.
Zane Grey Theater Never Too Late (TV-PG) A woman hires a gunman to help her take over more land, as she can never have enough.
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The Californians The Search for Lucy Manning (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Sequoia (TV-PG) As a Cherokee named Sequoia attempts to painstakingly develop a written alphabet for his people, he becomes the object of ridicule.
Death Valley Days Death and Taxes (TV-PG) A deputy goes through some strange experiences while collecting taxes.
Death Valley Days Million Dollar Wedding (TV-PG) As part of a cruel joke, two prospectors offer their friend some shares in their mine if he'll marry a homely woman named Aggie Filene.
Zane Grey Theater Set-Up (TV-PG) A young man is forced to marry a woman at gun point and then turn his property over to the womans guardian; years later, he returns home to take back his land.
Zane Grey Theater Sundown Smith (TV-PG) A man crosses path with a murderer who steals his horse, forcing him to change the horse shoes first; a man finds his mother murdered by an outlaw.
Border River (TV-14, NR, **) A Confederate Army officer attempts to purchase weapons from Mexico during the Civil War, but he soon falls for a woman that spells trouble for him.
Chief Crazy Horse (TV-PG, NR, **) A young Native American must fulfill his destiny to lead his people in a battle against outsiders trying to mine gold from his tribe's sacred burial grounds.
Ride Beyond Vengeance (TV-PG, **+) A poor man falls in love with a woman who must pretend to be pregnant so that her upper-class aunt will allow them to marry but soon tires of his easy life.
Billy Jack (TV-14, PG, *+) A former Green Beret with one Native American parent has renounced violence, but he can't escape it as he defends the students of a peace-loving arts school.
The Californians The Lost Queue (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Riggs and Riggs (TV-PG) While on a trip to San Francisco to deposit his gold, a prospector falls victim to the temptations of the big city.
Death Valley Days Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (TV-PG) When a prospector finally strikes it rich, he decides to marry the girl he left behind, but unfortunately, the girl has stopped waiting for his hand.
Death Valley Days I Am Joaquin (TV-PG) As a ship transports gold, bandits force their way on board, murder almost all of the passengers and crew, and kidnap the captain's child.
Zane Grey Theater Calico Bait (TV-PG) A deputy is following a bandit and is using his girlfriend as bait to get his attention; as they wait for him to arrive, he and the woman instantly connect.
Zane Grey Theater Seed of Evil (TV-PG) A man vows revenge on the man who killed his son, and wants to see justice be served; he learns that the killer is coming back to town to start a business.
The Californians The Regulators (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days The Seventh Day (TV-PG) Wagon train members object to their leader's desire to observe the Sabbath.
Death Valley Days The Crystal Gazer (TV-PG) When she sees her fortune in a crystal ball, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter heads into the West to retrieve her riches.
Death Valley Days The Mormon's Grindstone (TV-PG) When a group of miners suspect an assayer of cheating them, they become hostile.
Zane Grey Theater Cry Hope! Cry Hate! (TV-PG) A young woman looks for a place to raise her son and goes to her father for help; she less a reputation in town but she wants to prove she changed.
Zane Grey Theater So Young the Savage Land (TV-PG) A couple struggles to keep their ranch afloat due to the greed of a neighboring rancher trying to claim their land.
The Californians The Man From Boston (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Valencia Cake (TV-PG) A Spanish family claims ownership over piece of land, but they're unable to find their deed.
Death Valley Days Reno (TV-PG) The story of Lt. Jessie Lee Reno, the man after whom the city of Reno, Nev., was named, is told.
Death Valley Days Homeliest Man in Nevada (TV-PG) A homely miner tries to win the affections of a beautiful girl.
Zane Grey Theater Desert Flight (TV-PG) A wily bank robber attempts to lose a posse, and leads his cohorts into the desert; they didn't depend on one of the cohorts itchy trigger finger.
Zane Grey Theater A Gun for Willie (TV-PG) A down on his luck man kills the man who tried to steal his horse, which catches the attention of everyone else in town; he receives a reward for the killing.
The Californians The Barber's Boy (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days California's First Ice Man (TV-PG) A Bostonian encounters a business enemy from back home, and the two quickly resume their rivalry by selling a precious commodity to the community.
Death Valley Days The Hangman Waits (TV-PG) A respectable, but aging lawyer and a young associate who's defending a man accused of murder get into a conflict.
Death Valley Days A Killing in Diamonds (TV-PG) Two prospectors claim to have found an incredible diamond mine that they must unfortunately sell.
Zane Grey Theater The Last Bugle (TV-PG) Geronimo and his band of renegades are once again on the warpath; an Army officer heads for the Mexican Sierras with two Apache prisoners.
Zane Grey Theater The Mormons (TV-PG) A group of members of the Mormon church come to a small town, but are accused of carrying a bacterial disease that could spread to the water supply.
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